Use this link today at 9 am for our 9:00 Morning with Morah Mindy 
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Be sure to bring your W page

Bayit  -  house
Bet Sefer  -  school
talmeed -  boy student
talmeed-a -  girl student
sefer  - book

Banana Rounds- Peel 4 medium banans and slice them with a plastic knife

Mix 1/2 tbsp honey, 1/8 tsp. nutmeg, 1/8 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup wheat germ. Gently mix in the banana slices. Chill. Serves 8

Take a Safety Walk: In the neighborhood or wherever you take a car trip, practice observing traffic lights with your children and talk about when it's safe to cross the street. Red means Stop. Green means go. Point out special street signs including speed limit, yield, railroad crossing, etc.

Arts and Crafts:  make a stop light from three shoe boxes. Cover each box with black paper and place green, yellow and red circles in the correct order in the box.

Safety Patrol:  Collect a variety of toys in your home that may have been broken or now have sharp edges, or may have missing pieces that might cause injury.  Discuss the danger of these unsafe toys and removed them from your home.

Dramatic Play:  use your old, infant or toddler car seats that are currently not used in your vehicles.  Place them in a circle and have your children put their stuffed animals or dolls in the seats. Talk about and model use of these safety seats to make sure their dolls or special loveys are safe. Just the same way we always use our seat belts or safety seats to keep THEM safe.


Join Kenny Green today for music and mayhem 

m usic with kenny green - all invited 
12:30    Tuesday     Join Zoom Meeting          ID: 765 712 5780
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Our last day of Zoom classes for Bet Torah Nursery School is this Thursday, June 4

Moving Up Day for Kitah Katan and 2s and 3s and Graduation for our 4s will take place on Friday 

Kitah Katan & Twos drive by at 9am      
3s Drive by at 10am            
4s drive by Graduation at 11 am

Twos and Threes will enter the Smith Avenue parking lot and drive around to the building entrance where masked and gloved staff will put your child's bag, including a  yearbook, challah, a certificate, a gift from our school and other items like his/her kippah, extra clothing, and photos and work in  your popped trunk. Please wave to us in the parking lot from your car.

At 11:00 fours families will enter the Smith Avenue lot and drive to the front of the building where your 4s graduate (only) can get out of the car and stand on the sidewalk for a photo. On the upper steps our balloons, school sign, Rabbi Brusso and your child's teachers will be 6 feet apart for a photo.  Families will remain in the car, but your child may stand on the sidewalk. A Driver/photographer may exit on the driver side to take a photo.

This Friday evening join us for Shabbat Shazoom at 5:30 pm

Shabbat Sha-Zooom with Morah Mindy
Time:5:30 pm

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Meeting ID: 765 712 5780
Password: previously shared

This Saturday, June 6 join Morah Diana for our last Gan Shabbat  of the year f rom 10:30 - 11 am.  You are invited to bring your pet or favorite stuffed animal to Gan Shabbat!     

Topic: Gan Shabbat with Morah Diana Binger
Time: Jun 6, 2020 10:30 AM 
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Camp Keshet Zoom begins Mon. June 8 through Friday July 3 for those who signed up.
Camp information will go out every Sunday evening to camper families for the week.

Alphabet Letter W today.  X and Y on Wednesday.

Morah Mindy    

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