This morning's Volume #7 contained an error. Our New Daily morning meeting with me  (which starts on Monday is from 9-9:25) not the 10:00 recurring time which also followed the copy.

New Daily Morning Meeting with Morah Mindy Mondays through Fridays from 9 to 9:25

(also called mom and dad need their coffee)

Join Zoom Meeting

Monday-our first session
Tuesday-wear pajamas to our meeting
Wednesday-bring a small stuffed animal as a guest
Thursday-wear a crazy hat
Friday-dress your best for Shabbat

this morning 3 families signed on to meet (but it begins NEXT week)
hope you were able to sign on to the Leffell school singalong. See you tonight at 5 for Shabbat and tomorrow at 6:30 for Havdalah.
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