Virtual Shabbat Kids Song Session today with Rabbi Yael Buechler and our friends from the Leffell School from 10:00 - 10:15 a.m.
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 You and your family are invited to our homes virtually this Shabbat  Friday Night by Zoom. Share Shabbat Shabbatini with Rabbi Brusso, Rabbi Sacks, Cantor Herman, Morah Gina, and me Friday night from 5 to 5:15 pm on ZOOM

Topic: Young Families Shabbatini
Time: Mar 20, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Topic: Young Family Havdalah  in PJs
Time: Mar 21, 2020   6:30 PM 

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Snack Corner-Easy to make ANYTIME Chocolate Macaroons

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Combine 2 egg whites, 1/2 c sugar, 1 pkg of shredded coconut
                and 4 oz. of mini choc. chips
Form small balls & place on parchment paper on cookie sheet
Bake 15 minutes. Cool (can be frozen)

(the MM version. melt the 4 oz of chips. mix all other items.
Bake as above.  Cool. Dip macaroon bottoms into chocolate. Place upside down on wax paper and refrigerate until set.  B'tay-avon!

Get ready for Havdalah in Pajamas! If you don't already have a Havdalah spice box or you don't have a havdalah spice bag from drive by hi! it's easy to make one out of any container at home.  Use an empty, clean and dry margarine tub, spice bottle, small size wipes box, or wedding/jewelry mesh bag with draw string.  Insert whole cloves, bay leaves, star anise (really Mindy who has that just around the house?) cinnamon sticks and close.  Open during Havdalah and close again for use next week!

Use the collage materials from drive by hi! or use your own to make a collage. Save it for our Stat at Home Play at Home Art Gallery showing upon our return from school. Collage materials can include paper, feathers, sequins, stickers, crepe paper, small objects, pom poms and anything else that appeals to you in the moment.

Dramatic Play
Use scarves, hats, pieces of fabric, shawls, and small blankets to dance with music. Try classical music for calming and slow moving choreography. stop and start the music for "freeze dancing".

Got Mitzvah?
Count the coins in your newly made or existing tzedakah box.
Roll the coins. Have a family discussion of how to spend or donate that money. Our last joint family tzedakah decision and donation included saving the elephants.  sadly, my children have left the nest and my donations  go to less exotic charities like the American Cancer Society, the Mt, Kisco Food Pantry, Mazon, Jewish National Fund, the ASPCA.

Where can you make a difference today? 

Check the art and sensory activities on our Bet Torah Nursery School Facebook page daily.   "Like us" on Facebook to get daily ideas for home stay and play learn and create ideas. 


Trivia Question of the day:  Yesterday's answer to who danced across the Red Sea when it parted, leading the Israelites with timbrels was MIRIAM! we will be making a Miriam cup next week in our crafts corner.  Today's Question of the day is: What is the oldest continuously celebrated Jewish holiday?

New Daily Morning Meeting with Morah Minday Mondays through Fridays from 9 to 9:25

Morning Morah Mindy Nursery School Daily event (also called mom and dad need their coffee)

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Monday to Friday 10-10:25

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Monday-our first session
Tuesday-wear pajamas to our meeting
Wednesday-bring a small stuffed animal as a guest
Thursday-wear a crazy hat
Friday-dress your best for Shabbat

hugs and kisses,
bedtime stories and good night wishes
Morah Mindy

Happy to make a special call to your child from 9:30 to 10 am on your cell or your home phone, email me at and we'll connect.   
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