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Snack Time
This morning at our 9:00 Zoom meeting, we're reading Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak. If you have the book at home, grab it and read along. Our snack today guessed it...Chicken Soup with Rice.  
Always wash hands first. (do your children remember the hand washing bracha?  "al n'tilat yadayim."

Give them a plastic knife for chopping and a cutting board or plate:
Boil 1 c of chicken bouillon or chicken broth for each serving.
Cut any leftover cooked chicken into small dice 1/4 c of chicken per 
Cut carrots, celery, onions, also into small dice
Put vegetables  and chicken into boiling bouillon
Add 1/8 c. instant rice (for other rice, cook for 25 min.)
Add dash of salt, sash of pepper, dried or chopped fresh parsley
Simmer for 15 minutes until the veggies get soft.

Research has shown the best predictor of children's success in school is reading aloud at home.  Read books aloud or listen to books on tape/iphone/computer. Not screen time. Use puppets or spontaneous costume to act out stories. Pre-readers can paraphrase the books they love and read to pets, dolls, or toy action figures.

Supermarket Shopping lists.  Shopping with your children in markets may be a little far off, but in the mean time, get ready by having your children make their own lists, by cutting and pasting labels of their favorite or family foods on 8/12 x 11 shopping list paper. Cut out the cereal name, paste the clean yogurt top or label, juice, cookie, pasta, etc. You can draw check boxes by each. When your little one accompanies you to the supermarket, grab their lists and go. Re-use or make new ones.  For your older readers, have them write their lists and go on a scavenger hunt with you by their side in the market to get their items as well.

Pine Cone bird feeders.  Have pine cones still on your property or tree beds? Use string to make a hanging loop. Roll the cones in honey or if no allergy, use a plastic knife to coat with peanut butter.
Roll in bird seed (if you have it) or rice, orzo, rice cereal.

The Community Center of Northern Westchester is collecting food for distribution to needy members of the community. Drive up to the back of the building at 84 Bedford Road in Katonah and drop off a bag. Passover is almost here. Why not donate extra cereal, pasta, and other items in a drive by mitzvah!


Here is the link for Morah Jenn, our sign language teacher doing 
5 little ducks.

Remember we'll be starting our day at 9 am with a Zoom morning meeting with Morah Mindy.
Tuesday-wear your pajamas
Wednesday-bring a stuffed animal
Thursday-wear a crazy hat
Friday-dress for Shabbat

Trivia Question of the day:  Last week's trivia question answer:
Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday. What is the name of the book that we use at the seder table to tell the story of Passover?

Miss the recipe from Volume 3? Want to revisit the craft from Vol. 2?
Prior volumes of Stay at Home Play at Home are archived along with other great learning resourc e s o n the Bet Torah web page at   A ll you nee d to click on is the tab at the very top of the homepage called "Remote Learning" in order to access the Nursery School resources and more.  Many thanks for Youth Director Loen Amer and our Assistant Director Amy Portnoy who update this information daily.

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Who's helping with the dishes?
Morah Mindy

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