Tracy Russell Executive Director Mother and Child Health Coalition
One of our cornerstone programs at Nurture KC is the Mid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC). MAIC is such an important component and vital to the work we do at Nurture KC to implement optimal practices for maternal and infant health that includes vaccination.

In the state houses in Kansas and Missouri, we have witnessed alarming efforts to cast doubt on the efficacy and safety of vaccines, as well as calls to change the authority for the childhood vaccination schedule from the state departments of health to the political arena.

In January 2022, Nurture KC commissioned a poll by Public Opinion Strategies, a national polling group out of Washington, D.C. with Kansas ties, to survey the opinions of Kansans on childhood vaccination. We were thrilled with the results: Kansans overwhelmingly support vaccines. In our first article below, you can find poll highlights and a link to the full findings, which speak volumes. Nurture KC also has received plenty of media coverage about the poll results. This week, on March 3, I will be presenting the findings to:
  • The Kansas Rural Caucus 
  • The Kansas House Health and Human Services Committee 

As loud voices permeate the vaccine conversation, lending a perception of support for reversing existing vaccine policies, this poll serves as a reality re-set, demonstrating the silent majority is still very much in favor of disease prevention through vaccination. 

Tracy Russell
Executive Director, Nurture KC
Poll finds 95% of Kansans support wellness vaccines

Nurture KC commissioned a statewide survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, to see how Kansas residents felt about vaccines.

Key Findings

  • 95% of Kansas voters believe taking vaccines for such diseases as measles, mumps and polio is “extremely” or “very important” to maintaining good health.

  • Across political party lines, Kansas residents strongly believe wellness immunizations are safe, effective and important to stay healthy (94% to 99% depending on party).

  • More than 90% of Kansans support wellness vaccine requirements for children to attend school and childcare, and 85% think the authority to set vaccine policy should be left to the state’s health department, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

Why does this poll matter?

“Like every state, Kansas requires routine vaccinations to keep our infants and children healthy. But there have been efforts to greatly relax immunization requirements, turning back the clock on one of the most important disease prevention tools of the 20th century,” says Tracy Russell, Executive Director of Nurture KC. “Our comprehensive survey results find that these proposals are out of step and do not represent the beliefs of the vast majority of Kansans. In these uncertain times, routine wellness immunizations is actually a topic with overwhelming bipartisan support.”

Call to Action

“These extreme politics are why it’s critical that 95% of Kansans speak-up for what they believe in – routine wellness immunizations,” says Ali Hilton, Director of the Mid America Immunization Coalition (MAIC), a program of Nurture KC. “Contact your state representative or senator to let them know Kansas vaccine requirements should not be altered. These standards keep us safe.”

Sampling of Media Coverage

This Morning Medical Update video replay (hosted by the University of Kansas Health System) on Feb. 25 shows our Executive Director, Tracy Russell, as the guest speaker -- overviewing Nurture KC's poll results.

This article by the Kansas Reflector covers our survey results from appearing on the Morning Medical Update and how Kansans trust vaccines, despite vocal groups in the Statehouse.

This article by The Kansas City Star gives details on immunization politics and how extreme anti-vax legislators may “do their damage quietly … with few hearings or open discussion.”

This article by the Sunflower State Journal covers our poll results. This media outlet is a non-partisan, independent publication reporting on events at the Kansas Capitol and key in reaching our political audience ...
Job Opening at Nurture KC

We are looking for a Community Health Nurse to join our Healthy Start team. This position will work closely with our Community Health Workers to support improved birth outcomes for Healthy Start program participants with high-risk pregnancies. We are looking for candidates who are detail-oriented and compassionate, familiar with the KC metro area and have experience in maternal and infant health. (Bilingual, Spanish-speaking is a plus!) 

Check out the job description and please share with your networks. Applicants can apply via Indeed or send their resumes to Shannon Williams, KC Healthy Start Initiative Program Director, at by March 9.
New addition to Immunization Story Bank

Nurture KC continues to add new pro-immunization personal stories to our IMMUNIZATION page. The latest one comes from Kansas Citian, Crista Bosley, titled: "I got immunized against COVID while pregnant."

"(During COVID) was an intimidating time to be pregnant," Bosley says. "After my doctor’s recommendation and doing fact-based, scientific research, I knew vaccination was the only decision for me. At first I was nervous, but the more research that surfaced showing vaccination was safe for pregnant women, the more reassured I felt. I knew this was a tangible step I could take to keep my baby and myself safe."

Read her full story here where you can learn about her decision-making journey, which also includes links to scientific sources. We did this for community members who may be on the fence about COVID vaccines. This way they can fact check statements through credible, vetted sources.

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In honor of Black History Month
With this year's theme of Black Health and Wellness, we shared staffer Shanice's thoughts on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).
If you missed it, here is her perspective ...

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