Tracy Russell Executive Director Mother and Child Health Coalition
March madness is upon us and I’m talking about more than the end of the college hoops season. In the Kansas and Missouri state houses, this is the dangerous or rewarding time of the legislative session, depending on your point of view. Through legislative calendars and the process, certain bills move forward while others languish for another year, giving us a glimpse of policies that might become law, often adopted via a frenetic process that is not for the faint of heart.

2022 has all of the hallmarks of this critical time of the session and it is having an impact on Nurture KC’s top priority in both states, postpartum extension of Medicaid benefit to women up to one year. While the measures enjoy broad bipartisan support in both states, both are running into some hurdles. In Missouri, very few bills have been debated on the floor of the Senate as squabbles over unrelated issues have slowed consideration of this and other important issues. In addition, attempts to amend the postpartum extension bill with more controversial issues has been a stumbling block as well. As both the House and Senate are trying to keep this important health issue moving forward, the chances for passage are unknown at this time.

In Kansas, the postpartum extension was included in both the Senate and House versions of the budget. The budget bill has not yet been adopted, so we are waiting to see if this funding is ultimately approved.

Nurture KC believes this policy is vital to improving maternal and infant health outcomes in Kansas and Missouri. As national reports continue to sound the alarm around maternal mortality rates, this policy could tangibly reverse the trend in these states. Please reach out to your local lawmakers to keep postpartum extended coverage front and center, worthy of consideration and passage to save women’s lives.

Tracy Russell
Executive Director, Nurture KC
Advocating to extend postpartum coverage

Earlier this month, our staff was at the Missouri State Capitol to fight for the rights of new moms and extend their Medicaid postpartum coverage to 1 year. Nurture KC partnered with the March of Dimes in this effort at the capitol.

Below, our staff (Shannon Williams, Tracy Russell and Ali Hilton) is pictured meeting with Senator Lauren Arthur (second from right), who says this coverage extension has "earned bipartisan support and near-universal acclaim."
Cheers to getting back to in-person events

Nurture KC is excited to once again be providing education and resources, and attending events in our community. Two such recent outings include:

  • MAIC visiting Banneker Elementary's Parent Resource Fair in Kansas City, KS to provide education about routine immunizations for kids.

  • Healthy Start taking part in Urban Community Connections' community baby shower for new and expecting moms. We let attendees know about our Healthy Start program and all the resources it offers to new families.
Honoring moms in our Healthy Start program

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day and all the women in our Healthy Start program! (A few moms in our program are pictured below.)
All our moms work hard to provide a brighter future for their children. They also have our staff of women dedicated to supporting them every step of the way.

Our Healthy Start program helps families secure health insurance and find a doctor; provides breastfeeding support, food assistance and housing assistance; and much more. See our full range of services at This Healthy Start web page is also where our program application link lives if you want to share with others.
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