Fight Osteoporosis, Improve Bone Health
with Yoga

Blueberry Gardens' owner and yoga practitioner Deborah Boggs is one of two yoga therapists offering a special workshop,
Yoga for Bone Health and Osteoporosis. The sessions are Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center
and  Saturday, Feb. 24 at
Willow StreetYoga
in downtown Silver Spring.
Osteoporosis is a silent disease that weakens bones, often resulting in fractures. Recent studies indicate that yoga, when practiced the right way, can build bone mass and help prevent fractures. This workshop is designed for anyone who want to build healthier bones and reduce risk of fractures, as well as yoga instructors with students concerned about bone health. Prior yoga experience  is not required.
Deborah and Carol Mermey, a specialist in yoga for seniors, share insights about bone health, osteopenia/osteoporosis, daily movements that are safe and those that are risky. Practice a 12-pose yoga sequence developed to combat osteoporosis, and discover safe ways to strengthen bones.

Edlavitch DCJCC  is the site of the workshop on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 12n to 3pm. The Center is located at 1529 16th St., NW, Washington, DC 20009. The workshop will meet in the Dance Studio. Cosst: $10 for EDCJCC members, $20 for non-members.

  The session at Willow Street Yoga is set  for 2 to 5pm, Saturday, Feb. 24. The studio is located at
8561 Fenton St., 
Silver Spring, MD.  Cost: $45, $40 for seniors 65+.


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Latest News + Updates                                         January 2018
Nurture Yourself during Winter 
with Our Classes, Practitioners
Winter may conjure up many images: snow, cold, wind, ice, darkness. Some of us welcome winter, and some of us dread the season. At Blueberry Gardens Healing Center, we find ourselves less busy as the dark and cold draws us indoors earlier in the day. There's less work in the gardens and greenhouse and fewer outdoor activities in general. We welcome the additional time and space to be quiet and reflective and to nurture ourselves. We invite you to do that as well, as your life permits.  
In the vein of nurturing ourselves, Blueberry Gardens offers opportunities for self-care with our classes or practitioners.
Robert, Jeremy, Katheryn, Virginia and Carol offer various massage and bodywork modalities.These modalities vary and can be individualized depending on the client's needs. While we think of massage as relaxing -- and it certainly can be -- massage offers many other benefits, such as alleviating pain and joint stiffness, improving circulation, releasing tension, treating acute and chronic injuries, relieving emotional stress, and increasing our sense of well-being on an energetic and structural basis. Since the practices vary, feel free to call one of the practitioners to discuss their particular training and focus. Robert recently expanded his practice hours and is now available for daytime and evening appointments during the week.
Nancy and Kate offer Five Element Acupuncture, which treats disease and disharmony, using very thin needles applied to various body points to enhance healing on all levels: physiological, spiritual, and emotional.
Our physical therapist, Janice, uses gentle, hands-on manipulative techniques to promote healing and well being.
Irene offers her education in nutrition, as well as herbal medicine to assist you in your goals for nutrition and wellness.
Our weekly class offerings include Yoga, T'ai Chi, and Biodanza.
In Katheryn's T'ai Chi class, you experience an hour of continuous slow standing movements. These can be adapted to a seated position, if needed. The benefits of T'ai Chi include improvement in physical balance, flexibility, strength, breath awareness, relaxation and a sharper mental focus. T'ai Chi runs from 9:30 to 10:30 am on Thursdays.

In Biodanza  with Michelle, you engage in a a 90-minute, expressive, creative dance experience without choreography that is fun and can boost your physical and mental health. Originated in South America, Biodanza uses music, expressive movement, and authentic connection to create experiences of joy and aliveness. It has gained worldwide notoriety for its promotion of both physical and psychological health when practiced on an ongoing basis. The 10-week winter series runs Jan. 17 through Mar. 28. Register at
Debbie and Deborah's yoga classes are adjusted for the level of experience, ability and interest. Through focus on breathing, body awareness and yoga asanas ( postures) you can experience an increase in your spiritual, physical and mental well being. Deborah also offers individual yoga therapy sessions at Blueberry Gardens for assistance with your personal yoga practice or for physical health, alignment and pain relief.
Stacie has offered several mediation classes at Blueberry Gardens. While we do not have a class scheduled this winter, please let us know if you are interested in a future class.
In addition, please check out our winter workshops and special events.

Ongoing Activities
Still Water's Popular Morning and Evening Practices  
Morning Meditation with the guidance of Still Water Mindfulness Practice Center continue from 7 to 8:10am, Tuesdays and Thursdays. The sessions include sitting and walking meditation, mindfulness reading and Dharma sharing -- an inspiring and enlightening way to start the day!     

Evening Practice from 7 to 9pm, Fridays, brings a busy week to a serene conclusion. The session includes sitting and walking meditation, a mindfulness reading, Dharma sharing and reflections on our practices and lives.

New and seasoned practitioners are welcome. For more information or an orientation before attending a practice, contact Gene Klinger at .  

Special Events
Our schedule of special wintertime events continues to grow. Please check our website for updates:

Enhance your body's healing with energy from Reiki. Reiki Level I Training, a two-day class for those interested in Reiki for self care or for becoming a practitioner, is set for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 2 and 3. The small group workshop first covers the history, facts and practice of Reiki, including fundamental Principles and Precepts, and a self-treatment session. The second day explores hands-on practice, creating healing environments and identifying individual sensitivities to energy. Instructors include Reiki Master Teacher Rani George and advanced students. Cost: $200 Info: or

Winter challenges us to reach to find inner warmth and light. This half-day retreat, The Lessons of Winter: Yoga for Resiliency offers a morning of self-care, reflection and community. Activities include iRest yoga nidra for sress reduction, gentle yoga, and discussion on what sustains us during stressful times. The retreat is scheduled for 9 am to 12n on Saturday, Feb. 17. Cost: $50 Info: 410-720-4340 or
Join NiMasTe Yoga for a full-day Pranayama Yoga Retreat to learn about creating a better connection with your breath and the different types of breath. The concepts will be explored through yoga poses, meditation, mantra and a mandala art project. This retreat is set for 9am-4pm, Saturday, March 3. Cost: $150 before Feb. 24, $170 after. Info: 240-242-9654 or

Verbal Fulcrums in Zero Balancing uses the practice's principles and skills to look at how words are used to strengthen its effects. Zero Balancing is a hands-on body-mind system to enhance health and well-being by balancing body energy through touch. Feeling comfortable using verbal fulcrums improves the practitioner's ability to enhance complete healing. Verbal Fulcrums in ZB is a four-day course for experienced Zero Balancers to expand their individual personal growth; to learn how to use words safely respectfully and effectively; and to establish deeper rapport with clients. The course is set for March 16-19. Cost: $595 if registered 60 days in advance, $695 30-60 days in advance; and $795 after. Info: 617-354-8360 or 571-330-1805 or

A Spring Equinox 2018 Workshop with Mia Luz and Alexandra Pallas offers two different workshops on March 24-25. Experience the magic of birthing your own cedar-framed elk hide medicine drum and mallet, entwined with your love, passion and energy. This one-day class, Shamanic Drumbirthing,  presents an opportunity for everyone to connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the spirit world to discover your true self. Basic shamanic traditions and rituals also are covered.
Ostara Temple Immersion  allows women to experience firsthand the lost rituals and rites of ancient priestesses. These include passing through two sacred gateways to enter the temple of the Goddess Ostara, invoking Ostara to rise within, guiding oneself through self-initiations for fertility, creativity and manifestation. Cost: ranges from $87 to $410, depending upon level of participation. Info: or