August 27, 2020

Dear friends,

Jesus’ ministry began with an invitation to two curious young adults: “Come and see.” Soon, a small circle of men and a few women followed Jesus, leaving behind their old ways of life and learning about and living into the Kingdom of God. Through this small group, lives far beyond its members were healed and transformed and the good and subversive message was spread.  

Jesus’ followers today are also invited to “Come and see.” It is through deep, often challenging relationships that we experience the living Christ, that lives are upended, and the very world we inhabit is made new. Forming bonds of kinship, however, is difficult in normal times, even more so in this age of physical and social distancing. But it is clear that connection and supportive fellowship is more important than ever.  

That’s why Westminster’s Christian Education teams for Adults, Children, and Youth decided that a primary goal for this fall needed to focus on nurturing faith in CommUNITY - together/apart. Key to this effort will be a new initiative that offers the opportunity to join a small group. These groups are for older and newer members of the congregation. They are for those well-connected and those struggling to make connections. In other words, these groups are for anyone willing to go on a new adventure in relationship-building here at WPC.

We are even creating space on Sunday mornings for our new CommUNITY groups to meet once a month! See below for all the details and online sign-up, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. We trust the Spirit of God is at work and will lead us and this endeavor so that we can form bonds even in this together/apart time. 

May God bless you and make you a blessing this week!