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Nurturing Yourself and Your Energy for Life and Business
Are you in the middle of a life transition? Struggling to find your balance? Our Feng Shui Experts have insights into how you can create the shift needed to help you come through the other side comfortably and easily.
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Creating Space to Support the New You and Your New Life
by Linda Varone

People often call me for a Feng Shui help when they are going through life transitions. They want to make the most of this opportunity and “do it right.”  Feng Shui is especially helpful when you are going through those transitions. Some life changes you choose and some are thrust upon you.  Find out more from Linda Varone.

The 10 Energy Keys of Business And How To Use Them
by Lynn Scheurell

Everything is energy; quantum physicists are proving that daily, and that includes your business. If your business feels stuck or you know it could be better, this is vital information you can use right away. Knowing these triggers as keys to unlocking your business potential can save you time, resources and money by identifying what you might not even recognize as an issue. Find out more from Lynn Scheurell.
Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Lao Tzu
6th century BC Chinese philosopher, legendary author of the Tao Te Ching, and contributor to Taoism, whose teachings advocated nonviolence, simplicity, and the constant appreciation of Nature, as "the Way" to sustain personal and societal peace.    

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Feng Shui Tip - Feng Shui Energy

There are multiple ways that you can boost the energy in your house or office. The simplest is to do a thorough spring cleaning. ...It is never too late (or too early) to reorganize your house and your life. The simple process of going through your belongings and identifying what is no longer useful or important to you and getting rid of it is highly liberating on a psychological level. It helps you to refocus and clear your slate so that you can then create new goals in your life.

On an energy level, this “spring cleaning” stirs up and activates multiple areas in your house that relate to your personal life ¾ opening up the space and creating room to bring in new opportunities. For each of us, there is an area for health, for friends, romance, and financial success. Because these areas are based primarily on your date of birth, they are different from person to person. Hence, the practice of doing a thorough house cleaning will ensure you hit all of these areas.


If you are feeling out of sorts, grumpy, or stressed while preparing food run your hands under warm water. Running water can pull negativity and stress out the body and release it down the drain. You’ll feel more relaxed and balanced and the entire cooking/dining experience will improve. This will help keep negative energy from being absorbed by the food being preparedClick here to see this pin.

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Feng Shui School Spotlight - Emerald Feng Shui Institute with Gisela Stehr

The EMERALD FENG SHUI INSTITUTE is an intimate resource and training center in Seattle, Washington. We offer Feng Shui Certification Training, as well as workshops and classes in Feng Shui and related fields, engaging local and international teachers and presenters. Our mission is to empower people by sharing and cultivating Feng Shui and advance the knowledge of this ancient Chinese art and science as a mode of designing and living at all levels. Subjects taught at the school include I Ching, 9-Star Ki Astrology, and Sheng Zhen Qigong. The goal is to reach out and work with you in the creation of holistic environments for your benefit and the benefit of your family, your business, and your community.

Final Thoughts - Seeing Your Space through Objective Feng Shui Eyes

It is important to sit in your thoughts and really look at your environment and the people that surround you to determine if they are truly supporting or are they consuming all your energy, leaving you feeling drained? 

Distance yourself and see how it looks and feels.  Just as the flight attendant tells us each time we fly, we must put an oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping anyone else in the event of an emergency.  In order to help others (and we should help others), it is important that we are at our best. 

If our energy level is in good shape, then those that we help will also benefit from that good energy.

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