Everyday we are inspired by the big, joyous hearts and minds of children with the promise to better their communities, their countries, and our world. Together with you, it is our privilege and honor to help them realize their potential. In the spirit of Easter and Passover, I'd like to share the story of a special young woman who has faced tremendous hardship and loss, and is now giving back and realizing her own bright future.


Manouchca was orphaned in Haiti at the age of three when both of her parents passed away. Since then she has lived in multiple orphanages and grown into an extraordinary young woman who is flourishing in her second year of nursing school. She continues to reside in a loving orphanage as she finishes her studies - making time to serve as a substitute teacher for the younger children, participate in the church choir, and help with cooking. Her vibrant spirit, strong commitment to learn, and desire to make a difference is truly inspiring.


During this special week, I ask you to pledge your support of our work to nurture more success stories for children like Manouchca. 




Rachel Zelon

Executive Director

"Good education tends to be the most reliable escalator out of poverty."
~Nicholas Kristof

It is estimated that there are 480,000 orphans in Haiti.
(Source: UNICEF, 2012)
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