Every Mind Matters Newsletter September Edition
September 2020

Our Breakfast for Champions is our single biggest campaign to ensure children and youth across Canada benefit from our much needed proven programs. This year, we are breaking with tradition and taking our Breakfast online and we are hosting in three different time zones:

Eastern Standard Time: 8:00-9:00 a.m.
Central Daylight Time: 8:30-9:30 a.m. 
Pacific Standard Time: 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Please join us on November 5 th where Amanda Lang, BNN Bloomberg Anchor, will host the event. READ MORE

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Leanne and George Lewis
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Back to school transition 2020 
The back-to- school transition is always an important one for working parents and families. But this year’s return to classes, amid the safety questions and uncertainties related to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be like no other in recent memory. The specific concerns and decisions facing individual families across the nation will vary depending on numerous factors. But one factor all parents will be dealing with is the extra stress of uncertainty.
The Psychology Foundation of Canada has been at the forefront of efforts to acknowledge and address the stress of children and families for over 20 years. Here are some words of advice and strategies developed by experts on how to manage the stress of this year’s transition to school.
The impact of anti-black racism on children
and youth in Canada
Dr. Kofi-Len Belfon, clinical child psychologist and member of our Board of Trustees, provides a candid personal and professional perspective of the effects of anti-black racism on our children through this video.
Dr. Kofi - Len Belfon and Nigel Enniss, Anti-Black Racism Practice Integration Lead from Children’s Aid Society Toronto, will also lead and engage in a candid conversation with webinar participants on how we can better support and promote the mental well-being of black youth in Canada through a webinar on September 30th 12:00pm-1:00pm ESTIf you are interested in participating in this webinar HERE
Getting to know Dr. Robin Alter, child psychologist
and member of our Board of Trustees
We are fortunate to have the long-standing support of Dr. Robin Alter who is an accomplished registered clinical psychologist in practice since 1979. She was a Senior Consultant to the Hincks-Dellcrest Children's Centre and Blue Hills Child and Family Centre for almost 40 years. In her consulting capacity, she also consulted with the Indigenous community regarding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and conducts FAS assessments. Her current practice includes both the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults. She is the co-founder of the ADD Institute and a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association. 
In addition to Dr. Alter’s many accomplishments is her leadership and involvement with the growth of our Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons. We are privileged to have Robin’s support and we are delighted to share this interview with her.  READ MORE
Program and Training Evolution
Thank you for your feedback! We have listened to YOU! We have evolved our evidence-based training offerings to better suit your needs.
Make the Connection eLearing course FRENCH: We are very excited to launch our eLearning course in French. Make the Connection 0-3 is primarily for childcare professionals to be delivered in home visits or other existing situations where caregivers and babies get together.

This is an amazing course that gives users a chance to enhance their professional development and receive new certification. READ MORE
Masterclass in Stress Management: Whether you are a parent/caregiver, work within a school environment or another type of child and youth serving organization, the information provided in our Masterclass is the first step towards understanding, recognizing and applying strategies to support the young people in your life manage life’s inevitable ups and downs. READ MORE
Student Resilience Building Courses: Our Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons programs are designed to support the students in your school identify and manage stress while moving to resilience. They have all been evaluated with a demonstrated impact on a student’s ability to recognize stress in themselves. Click each one to see more info:
Wait there is more for you...
Stress Management Program Implementation Tools: In order to ensure you can effectively implement our stress management programs whether you are delivering the program to children and youth in their homes or in the classroom, we have developed handy one-page resources that provide tips and suggestions that will help you bring these valuable activities to the young people you work with. Contact us today to learn more!
Parent & Caregiver Masterclass in Stress Management: This interactive workshop is designed for parents and caregivers. Participants will develop a better understanding of how stress impacts their children and youth and strategies to support them at home.
Join us for a LIVE workshop on September 9th  4:00pm – 5:30pm EST. REGISTER NOW
Taking Care of YOU! Workshop: One of the most important factors in nurturing resilience is the presence of a caring, stable adult in a child and youth’s life. For this, we thank you and have developed a workshop that will help you with your personal mental wellbeing. This hour long participatory workshop will introduce you to a range of evidence-backed strategies and resources you can apply to support your own stress management and self-care.  In addition to the live workshop, you will have full access to our Adult Stress Management Resources, including:
  • Stress Strategies interactive tool
  • Workplace Resiliency booklets
  • Teacher Tips
  • and more!  
Please contact us if you would like to bring this workshop to your school or community organization.
Back To School Resilience Building Package: For school administrators who would like to bring our programs to your schools/boards/districts/divisions, please check out our Back To School Resilience Building Package. We have pulled together all of our incredible stress management content to support you, your students and the parents and caregivers in your community.
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