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Spice coating systemHeinzen (HMI), includes Gorbell monorail crane system, 10 cu. ft. stainless steel paddle mixer, Hapman posiportion feeder/seasoner, HMI 30" vibratory conveyor with associated controls and 36" conveyor MCC deck loading. Monorail crane system includes HD-64 product basket dumper with access deck and 1/2 ton hoist. Also includes 30" wide product discharge conveyor with motor controls, 36" conveyor MCC deck loading. 

Sugar coating systemHeinzen (HMI), includes Gorbell monorail crane system, 10 cubic feet stainless steel paddle mixer, Flexicon screw conveyor, Hapman posiportion feeder/seasoner, HMI 30" vibratory conveyor and associated controls. Product is fed by Portable Flexicon powdered sugar screw conveyor feeder into Hapman Model 321-SV Posiportion feeder/seasoner. Also includes 30" wide product blending and discharge conveyor. 

(2) Paddle mixers, 10 cubic feet, 316 stainless steel construction, manufactured by Heinzen (HMI), Model Paddle Blender-AIM. Driven by 3 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 1730 RPM motor. Complete with modern control panel including Allen Bradley PowerFlex 523 variable frequency drive. Includes controls for start/stop, discharge valve open/close and grate closed indicator light. 
Vibratory feeder, manufactured by Heinzen (HMI) stainless steel construction, 36" wide X 86" long, Model Shaker XB, serial number 37476, 62" discharge height. Includes two (2) 0.41kw (approximately 1/2 Hp), 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 900 RPM shaker motors. Mounted on stainless steel frame with adjustable footpads. Complete with control panel in stainless cabinet. 

Nut Processing & Packaging Items Available:

S741206 Bin, 650 CF, S/st, 5' X 4', Live Bin, Dust Collector,
S741213 Bin, 100 CF, S/st, 4.5' X 4.5' X 6', Dust Collector, Auger,
S740520 Bin, Bin Bottom, 3-Screw, S/st, 8 x 8', 2 HP
S740521 Bin, Bin Bottom, 2-Screw, 5 x 8', S/st, Less motor
S741240 Blower, 75 HP, Centrifugal, Industrial Air Products,
S740584 Blower, 40 HP, Centrifugal, Hoffman, Mdl 38305B1, 6 In/Out
S741463 Coating Drum, 24 x 10', S/st, CMS, Liquid applicator,
S737314 Coating Pan, 24 X 12, S/st, (2)
C742304 Conveyor, Belt, 36 X 130, S/st, HMI, Incline
C742303 Conveyor, Belt, 30 X 128, S/st, HMI, Incline
C742297 Conveyor, Screw, 2 X 10', S/st, Flexicon,
S738701 Detector, Metal, 30 X 4, Fortress Phantom, Drop Thru,
S741276 Detector, Metal, 16 x 7, Fortress, Phantom, Drop Thru,
S741249 Detector, Metal, 6, S/st, Fortress, Phantom, Gravity,
S741235 Dumper, Bin, Tote, FMC, S/st, Hydraulic, 800 lb (2)
S741236 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 350 SF, S/st, HAF Equipment,
S741232 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 300 SF, 1400 CFM, S/st,
S741234 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 160 SF, Flex Kleen, Mdl 18CTB,
S741492 Dust Collector, Baghouse, 10 SF, Airlock, Pulse Jet, (7)
C742296 Dumper, Basket, S/st, Heinzen, Hoist, Monorail (2)
S328643 Feeder, Reciprocating, Plate Type, 7 X 27, S/st, 1/3 HP
C742306 Feeder, Screw, 3-1/2 X 42, Hapman, PosiPortion Mdl 321-SV
C742305 Feeder, Screw, 1-1/2 X 42, Hapman, PosiPortion Mdl 241-SV
C742295 Feeder, Vibratory, 36 X 86, S/st, Heinzen,
S738698 Feeder, Vibratory, 24 X 8', S/st, Meyer, (2) 0.47 HP
S740427 Filler, Bag, S/st, Sugiyasu Corp., Open Mouth, Elec Weigh
C741719 Filler, Box, Weigh, 2-Lane, Weigh Pack, Multi Trix
A740360 Filler, Weigh, Vibratory, Weighpak, Mdl B1 MS
S741230 Hopper, 125 CF, S/st, 70 X 70 X 64, Valve,
S740528 Hopper, 150 CF, S/st, 50 X 36 X 9', Live Bottom Bin
S740524 Hopper, 50 CF, S/st, 60 X 30 X 36, A&D Fabricating, (2)
S740452 Hopper, Bin, 160 CF, S/st, Portable, (3)
S741476 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Gemco, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
C742302 Mixer, Paddle, 10 CF, 316 S/st, HMI, 3 HP, (2)
S741826 Mixer, Ribbon, 100 CF, S/st, No Motor,
S741660 Mixer, Ribbon, 50 CF, 304 S/st, 25 HP, New, HD, 
S741659 Mixer, Ribbon, 25 CF, 304 S/st, 15 HP, New, HD, 
S739489 Mixer, Ribbon, 20 CF, S/st, Single ribbon, 84 x 18 x 22
S741925 Mixer, Ribbon, 10 CF, 304 S/st, 5 HP, New, Std, 
S741896 Mixer, Ribbon, 5 CF, 304 S/st, 3 HP, New, Std, 
S741657 Mixer, Ribbon, 5 CF, 304 S/st, 3 HP, New, Std, 
S741010 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, S/st, JH Day, 1/2 HP, Portable,
S741447 Mixer, V-Type, 50 CF, 304 S/st, PK, 5 HP,
S741446 Mixer, V-Type, 100 CF, 316 S/st, PK, 15 HP,
S741089 Roaster, Drum, Rotary, 30 X 48, C/st,
S741246 Screen, Vibratory, 24 x 26', S/st, Key, Iso-Flo,
S669003 Seasoner, Salter, Maddox, 4' Long Wand, S/st,
S742294 Seasoner, Salter, Spray Dynamics, Mdl 72, S/st, (2)
C742103 Seasoner, Spice Coating, Mixer, S/st, Feeder, Conveyor,
S669005 Seasoner, S/st, Over Belt, Less Drive
C742102  Seasoner, Sugar Coating, Mixer, S/st, Feeder, Conveyor,
L741464 Seasoning Drum, 24 x 10', S/st, CMS, Liquid applicator
S741225 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI, TW-3,
S741224 Separator, Magnetic, 3, S/st, Liquid, MPI,
S741275 Separator, Magnetic, Pneumatic, 6, S/st, Eriez, Pipe
S741273 Separator, Magnetic, Pneumatic, 6, S/st, Round Pipe


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