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May 27, 2014
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California Supports the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Nutrition Standards

CFPA commends the California Department of Education (CDE) for its strong show of support for the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) nutrition standards! While recent Agriculture Appropriations riders in Congress are threatening the progress of the HHFKA implementation, CDE is standing in support of child nutrition standards that are in alignment with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


In a recent letter sent to California's congressional delegates, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, reiterated California's commitment to supporting schools in meeting any challenges related to implementation of the improved nutrition standards. CDE also voiced opposition to any fiscal policy riders that would delay or roll back the HHFKA standards.


CFPA is extremely thankful to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and the Director of Nutrition Services, Sandip Kaur, for this admirable show of leadership in the interest of child nutrition.


CDE's Letter of Support for HHFKA. PDF 


Questions? Contact Tracey Patterson at 510.433.1122 ext 101

AB 2449 Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee!

An amended AB 2449 (Bocanegra) Adequate Time to Eat passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Friday, May 23. AB 2449 will next be moving to the Assembly Floor for a vote. We would like to thank Assembly Member Bocanegra and all of our partners whose hard work ensured AB 2449's success thus far!


AB 2449 needs your continued support on the Assembly Floor this week. We've prepared an AB 2449 Floor Alert that is ready for you to personalize. Please email or fax a copy to your Assembly Member.


AB 2449 Sample Assembly Floor Alert. doc 

Find your Assembly Member. link 


AB 2449 would ensure that students have enough time to sit down and eat a nutritious lunch at school. It emphasizes the crucial role of nutrition in supporting academic achievement and student health.

Learn more about AB 2449. link 


Questions? Contact Tracey Patterson at 510.433.1122 ext 101

SB 1002 Passes Senate Appropriations Committee!

SB 1002 (De Le�n) Aligning Opportunities for Health passed out of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday, May 23. SB 1002 will next be moving to the Senate Floor for a vote. We would like to thank Senator De Le�n, our co-sponsor, Western Center on Law and Poverty, and all of our partners whose hard work has ensured SB 1002's success thus far!


SB 1002 needs your continued support to move off the Senate Floor. We have prepared a SB 1002 Floor Alert. Please email or fax a copy to your Senator as soon as possible. In addition, you can use the talking points highlighted in the floor alert to make a phone call to your Senator in support of SB 1002.


SB 1002 Floor Alert. PDF 

Find your Senator. link 


SB 1002 aims to strengthen alignment between Medi-Cal and CalFresh reporting periods.


Learn more about SB 1002. link 


Questions? Contact Alexis Fern�ndez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111

SB 1147 Held in Senate Appropriations Committee

SB 1147 (DeSaulnier) CalFresh Performance Goals and Customer Service Standards was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday, May 23. SB 1147 will not be moving to the Senate Floor. In partnership with Senator DeSaulnier and our co-sponsor SF-Marin Food Bank, CFPA put forward its best effort to address the fiscal concerns raised in the committee analysis. Unfortunately, the modifications and compromise identified were insufficient. CFPA is working with our co-sponsor and key partners to determine next steps. We will follow-up with additional details as they emerge.


We thank you for your ongoing support of SB 1147! While this particular legislative strategy may have proved unsuccessful, we will continue our work in this area and are committed to improving CalFresh performance and customer service on a statewide basis.   


SB 1147 proposed the establishment of statewide, CalFresh performance goals and customer service standards. Additionally, SB 1147 would have required the provision of publicly available, county-by-county measures of progress in meeting these goals and standards.


Learn more about SB 1147. link 


Questions? Contact Alexis Fern�ndez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111

Assembly & Senate Release Proposed ECE Budgets
Last week California's Assembly and Senate budget subcommittees held hearings to discuss and vote on items in their proposed budgets for early childhood education (ECE). We applaud the Assembly for including a $10 million investment in nutrition in their proposed budget. While the Senate budget subcommittee also proposed notable ECE investments, their budget did not include any restorations to ECE nutrition. Learn more about what's happening with ECE budget negotiations. link

Act Now! Time is running out - take five minutes to call your local legislators today and share why a state investment in ECE nutrition is important to you. CFPA prepared a sample phone call script for you to use.

ECE Nutrition Investments Sample Script. PDF
Find your local legislators. link
A list of high-priority legislators. PDF

Learn more about ECE Nutrition Investments. link

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