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February 26, 2014
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CFPA's policy agenda is on the move! We've provided an update below for each of the legislative proposals on our agenda, including links to related materials and next steps that you can take to support each bill. We look forward to building broad support for our 2014 agenda and hope that you will join us in working to improve the health and well-being of low-income Californians.


CFPA's 2014 state policy agenda overview. PDF


CFPA's Policy Agenda Page 

CFPA's 2014 policy agenda page includes information on CFPA-sponsored and co-sponsored bills. This page will also house information about other legislation CFPA is supporting, opposing, and monitoring. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as action is taken. CFPA-sponsored and co-sponsored bills have our highest priority and are included in the shaded boxes. Click on the bill subject for more information, including fact sheets, FAQs, and more. This page will be updated throughout the legislative session.


Take a look at CFPA's 2014 policy agenda page. link


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If you would like to sign-up to receive periodic updates on individual bills sponsored and co-sponsored by CFPA you can subscribe to CFPA's legislative updates.


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AB 2449 (Bocanegra) Adequate Time to Eat: Lunchtime Supports Learning
Assemblymember Bocanegra (Los Angeles) has introduced AB 2449, Adequate Time to Eat: Lunchtime Supports Learning. This CFPA-sponsored bill would ensure that students are given adequate time to eat lunch at school. California has invested significant resources in improving school meals, but many students are missing out on the benefits of  school lunch due to time pressures, such as long lines and wait times, insufficient points of meal service, and scheduling constraints. When students do not have enough time to eat a complete lunch at school, they throw away portions of their meal, buy less nutritious snacks instead, or skip lunch entirely.


AB 2449 aims to improve student nutrition and reduce food waste. When students have enough time to eat a full lunch, they are better able to focus and learn. By ensuring that students have adequate time to eat, California has the opportunity to more effectively spend critical resources that support school lunches.


AB 2449 Sample Support Letter. DOC


Additional information is available on CFPA's AB 2449 page.

Questions? Contact  Tracey Patterson at 510.433.1122 ext. 101

SB 1002 (De Leon) Aligning Opportunities
for Health Act
Senator De Le´┐Żn (Los Angeles) has introduced SB 1002 the Aligning Opportunities for Health Act co-sponsored by CFPA and Western Center on Law and Poverty. SB 1002 would strengthen alignment between Medi-Cal and CalFresh by clarifying that counties may, under certain circumstances, align a household's Medi-Cal redetermination date with the household's CalFresh certification date.


AB 1002 seeks to improve alignment between programs, reduce client churn (i.e. inadvertent loss of CalFresh benefits), streamline benefit delivery, and increase low-income Californians' access to federally funded health and nutrition benefits.


SB 1002 Sample Support Letter. DOC


Additional information is available on CFPA's  SB 1002 page.

Questions? Contact Alexis Fernandez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111

SB 1147 (De Saulnier) CalFresh Performance Goals and Customer Service Standards

Senator De Saulnier (Concord) has introduced SB 1147, CalFresh Performance Goals and Customer Service Standards. Co-sponsored by CFPA and SF-Marin Food Bank, this bill would promote consistent CalFresh access and customer service quality regardless of geographic location by requiring the establishment of statewide performance goals and customer service standards for CalFresh. Additionally, SB 1147 would require the public availability of timely, state and county-level measures of CalFresh performance and service that would be used to regularly monitor progress towards meeting these goals and standards.


AB 1147 supports the development of state-level benchmarks that will guide improvements in CalFresh access and participation and help ensure that progress toward these objectives result in positive statewide impact.


SB 1147 Sample Support Letter. DOC


Additional information is available on CFPA's  SB 1147 page.

Questions? Contact Alexis Fernandez at 510.433.1122 ext. 111

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