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Nutrition Aids Healing

Food nourishes us on many levels. It provides comfort and a welcome return to our routine, which is especially heartening when we are recovering from illness or injury. There is nothing quite like that first meal to make us feel like our old selves again.
Nutrition is key to healing. So how can we ensure that clients who are healing at home are eating foods that further their health and wellness goals?
One benefit of inviting Visiting Angels into the home of elderly clients is that the caregiver can grocery shop and prepare food for them. This helps clients maintain a sound nutritional regiment and routine, which is especially important when they are recovering from an injury or illness.

Foods that heal:
The   Cleveland Clinic staff reports: "Good nutrition is necessary for healing. During the healing process, the body needs increased amounts of calories, protein, vitamins A and C, and sometimes the mineral zinc." This is particularly important when it comes to illness recovery and wound-healing.
The  Wound Care Centers reports: "A poor diet can turn a normal wound into a chronic wound that never seems to be get better."
The Wound Care Centers further explains that protein is the most important part of the diet when it comes to wound healing. Fats are also key, as are carbohydrates. "Taking in plenty of carbohydrates is essential, to prevent the body from using other nutrients and protein for energy."

A care provider's grocery list:
Visiting Angels knows that having access to healthy food is essential for clients' recovery and continued wellness. Many of the recommended items need to be replenished regularly. It helps clients and their families, who already have a lot of outside responsibilities, to be able to count on Visiting Angels to assist in securing and replenishing these essentials.
Foods rich in protein include: egg whites, chicken, turkey, tofu, yogurt, cheese and an assortment of nuts.
Foods rich in vitamin A include: cantaloupe, carrots, kale, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, salmon, butter, king mackerel and hard boiled eggs.
Foods rich in vitamin C include: kiwi, red peppers, oranges, strawberries, cauliflower, collard greens and tomatoes.
Foods that contain zinc include: mushrooms, beef, spinach, nuts, beans, dark chocolate, pork and chicken.
Important fats for healing include: meats, cooking oils and dairy products.
Carbohydrates include: whole grain pasta, brown rice, cereal and bread.

Habits that aid healing:
While clients may feel enthusiastic about getting their appetites back, they are better served to eat small portions throughout the day than to eat three large meals. This way they can absorb the benefits of the healthy food without feeling bogged down or uncomfortable. For many clients, this may be a most realistic option, as they may experience a loss of appetite or be inclined to feel full quickly as they recover.
Our caregivers know it's also a good idea to try and ensure that clients eat a variety of nutritious foods. This approach is about rebuilding beneficial habits, which can continue to benefit clients after they've recovered.
Dehydration can cause fatigue and weakness. Visiting Angels knows it's important to make sure that clients are getting plenty of fluids as they recover. Popsicles, broth and some fruits can help to enliven the hydration regiment.
What we eat and drink significantly impacts our bodies. Visiting Angels knows it's important to choose wisely, especially when the body is in recovery mode. Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, famously remarked: "Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can cure the patient with food."

Can you think of a few patients you serve that could benefit from our caregiving services at home? Call us to talk more about it.
Celebrating our Caregivers

Visiting Angels has been busy the last few weeks celebrating our amazing caregivers! Each of our five offices across Central Wisconsin has recently hosted a Caregiver Appreciation Day. Our caregivers and staff enjoyed a day filled with food, prizes and games! At Visiting Angels we know that our caregivers truly are the HEART of our agencies! We enjoy taking opportunities throughout the year to recognize them and spoil them a bit. Learn more about Visiting Angels and our caregivers here:

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