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Due to the Coronavirus, Nutrition Energy is excited to offer phone and virtual appointments to all our clients!

Working in collaboration with our professional colleagues, including physicians, coaches, and therapists, Nutrition Energy is available to any individuals who may desire/require nutritional counseling or medical nutritional therapy during this difficult time.  

We completely understand how challenging  it can be right now to buy food, plan meals and snacks, cook, and know when we want or need to eat. Some people tend to not be hungry under times of uncertainty or stress, while many others may turn to food during emotional times or when bored. We are here to help you navigate those challenges, and since we are doing phone and virtual video sessions right now, we can do virtual sessions with you right from your own home or even your kitchen. Let us help you listen to and acknowledge your hunger, or create a schedule for shopping, meal planning, cooking and snacking during this unprecedented time. 

If you, your family, or friends need help managing your blood sugar, cholesterol, or just need help figuring out meals in the kitchen please schedule a virtual appointment by contacting our office!

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Issue: #124
June 15, 2020

Nutrition Energy is Excited to Announce -
Cooking with Registered Dietitian, 
Carmine Ingenito!

Are you bored with the foods you are cooking and eating?
Looking for new and easy recipe ideas to get you excited again?
Interested in learning how to cook more beans, whole grains and veggies that will taste great?
Ready to Cook and eat to align with your medical, nutrition, performance and health goals?

       If so, we have exciting news for you!!!
Let Nutrition Energy Registered Dietitian, 
Carmine Ingenito, help your virtually-
right from your kitchen! 

Hello NE Community! We are extremely excited to begin rolling out our new virtual culinary nutrition education sessions called Cooking with Carmine. Carmine Ingenito is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in culinary nutrition, and would love to help you navigate your kitchen, create flavorful meals without the fuss, and help you and your family cook and eat to align with your medical needs and nutrition and performance goals. He has a passion for cooking, and great knowledge of working in the kitchen, and is here to help you with any cooking/culinary challenges you might have.    

Growing up, Carmine's parents owned a restaurant, for which his dad was the the chef, and as such, Carmine spent most of his childhood in the kitchen learning the " tricks of the trade". He then went on to complete his nutrition degree from Columbia University Teachers College. There he gained an education in how to use behavior/lifestyle modifications and food to help prevent, manage, and treat diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol/Cardiovascular Disease. In school, as Carmine also specialized in sports nutrition, he can also help translate the science of fueling an active individual into something practical by using food. Now, as a Registered Dietitian, Carmine is thrilled to be able to share his passion for food and cooking with you and your family. He can't wait to show you that making tasty, nutritious, and balanced meals, can be fun - without having to be complicated.

At present, Carmine's Services as a Registered Dietitian are being offered virtually, and may even be covered by insurance. Please email or call us, and Brandy will be happy to check your health insurance benefits. Never worked with a Dietitian before? Now just might be the time to start! Currently seeing another one of our dietitians? No worries! These culinary nutrition sessions can be booked in addition to or conjunction with your regular nutrition appointments, and help you learn how to shop and cook in order to fully support your medical nutrition, health and performance goals. By working with you to customize your favorite dishes, or add new healthy recipes to your usual repertoire, Cooking with Registered Dietitian Carmine just might be the missing piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for. In the meantime, take a look at this FREE one day recipe guide created by Carmine himself. He truly looks forward to meeting you and helping to share his joy of cooking with you!

Reasons to give Cooking with Registered Dietitian Carmine a try:
  1. Introduce yourself to new recipes that include your favorite foods.
  2. Learn to cook new foods you have never dared to cook (specific ingredients or types of cuisine).
  3. Improve your culinary skills (proper knife skills, baking, broiling, sautéing, building flavors, culinary hacks). 
  4. Learn how to marinade meats (or tofu) and create dressings to keep meals interesting and healthy. 
  5. Learn how to cook to please an entire family (even picky eaters!).
  6. Cooking with limited time can still yield a delicious meal - Carmine will show you how it is done.
  7. Learn about food safety and avoiding cross contamination in the kitchen.
  8. Create tasty meals with whatever you have in your pantry .
  9. Re-purposing  leftovers into something flavorful while promoting cost efficiency.  
  10. Shopping on a budget for yourself and your family.
  11. Finding ingredient substitutions without compromising flavor. 
  12. Discover how you can add more nutritional balance to your meals.
  13. Learn how to use spices and herbs to turn the mundane into flavorful meals/snacks .   
  14. Cooking to balance or control Diabetes.
  15. Cooking for management of High blood pressure/HTN.
  16. Cooking to lower your high cholesterol/ for management of cardiovascular disease.
  17. Smart fueling for active individuals (from casual exercisers to elite athletes).   
  18. Help understand confusing nutrition labels and learn tips to navigate shopping for groceries.
  19. Create flavorful and filling snacks. 
  20. Help make cooking fun!

10 easy recipes Carmine can teach you to make right in your very own kitchen
  1. Fast and Easy Roasted Sheet Pan Veggies 
  2. Pan Seared Codfish in a Light Cherry Tomato Sauce  
  3. Refreshing 3 Bean Salad 
  4. Flavorful Tofu scramble
  5. Satisfying Spinach Salad with Zesty Lemon Vinaigrette 
  6. Juicy Roasted Chicken 
  7. Homemade Fruit Compote 
  8. Hearty Lentil Salad 
  9. Pan Seared Steak to Perfection 
  10. Nutrient dense makeovers of any of your family favorites!

Summer Means Ice Pops!
...And Contests!!

June has us all buzzing in anticipation of summer, and what is summer for? Outdoor eating! Sadly, many of us are unable to gather for a summer barbecue, but that doesn't mean there can't be any fun. We don't know about you, but we love a refreshing ice pop to cool us down on a hot afternoon. Making homemade ice pops from fruit with the family can be a great activity to do together and something you can look forward to enjoying later on once they have frozen. Mix and match your favorite fruits to create yummy and refreshing summer treats for the whole family. You might even consider making it into a family contest and see who comes up with the tastiest concoction! For each ice pop variety, simply blend up the fresh (or frozen) fruits of your choice, add water, yogurt  milk of choice and freeze in molds.  Below are some examples we love to dabble with.
  • Strawberries are in season in the summer, so they're perfectly juicy to puree and make ice pops out of. We love strawberries and vanilla Greek yogurt together. 
  • Watermelon may be the easiest fruit to make ice pops out of because they're mostly water already.  Puree it with cucumber and mint for a refreshing treat.
  • Blueberries are another fruit that scream summer. We love to toss blueberries into a blender with water or seltzer and lime. 
  • Citrus fruits including lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits will give a welcome zing to any ice pop. Try them by themselves or with a pinch of salt for a refreshing post workout treat. 
Your ice pops means you are the boss. Blend Greek yogurt with your fruits for a high protein (post workout) pop, add turmeric, cinnamon and ginger for an immune boosting pop, or add a few mini chocolate chips in with puréed banana for a dessert that will make the entire family scream. Please let us know which ones you make and how they turn our. 

Post your ice pop pics on social media, tag us @nutritionenergy and let us know your favs. 
One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a $25 Amazon gift card from all who post an ice pop picture, follow us on instagram, and tag us between now and July 4th.

We bet many of you will agree that after a great workout, walk in the park or day outside in the sun we all crave salt. A little refreshing summer trick we at Nutrition Energy love is making  pickle juice pops! Pickle juice is high in sodium and for several reasons, has been show to help prevent or recover from muscle cramps. Next time you finish a jar of pickles, do yourself a favor and save the juice. Pour it into ice cube trays or ice pop molds, then look forward to returning home to them after your next sweat session. 

Recipe Corner
For this week's Recipe Corner, we return to Nutrition Energy RD, Vanessa Chalmé for a lunch or dinner option. Vanessa
 has been a Registered Dietitian in NYC since 2009, studying
 nutrition at NYU after moving here from France in 2001.Firmly believing in lifestyle choices and moderation, Vanessa's enthusiasm, French flare and vast nutrition knowledge offer her clients the ideal partner to guide them toward their nutritional goals.

As a mother of 5, Vanessa knows firsthand the challenges parents face on a daily basis. She understands the difficulties families encounter when working to establish healthy eating habits in children from a young age. The family meal still exists in her home, and so it can be in yours! Vanessa is a cancer survivor and her journey has definitely shaped her into who she has become today. She draws from her own inspirational insights and experiences to provide personalized recommendations and she has deep empathy for her clients and their struggles, medical or otherwise.

Contact Nutrition Energy to schedule an appointment with Vanessa!

A Note from Lauren...

Summer is on its way!  The mercury is rising and the humidity will soon settle in - thank goodness for cool breezes! :)

The most important rule to remember is hydration - and not just for athletes!  Everyone needs to increase their fluid intake during the summer months - whether it's through water, other cool beverages, or hydrating fruits and vegetables! Of course, athletes need additional hydration to replenish what they lose in sweat, especially when training for longer periods of time.

Now, don't be using the heat and humidity as an excuse NOT to exercise.  Just because the temperature is high, doesn't mean exercise outside isn't possible.  Exercise is more challenging in these conditions, so plan ahead and stay safe.  Try to exercise in the early morning or early evening when the temperatures are a little lower, drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after exercise, and make sure to listen to your body and not push beyond your limits.  If you are able to exercise outside, please keep your distance from others and wash your hands when you get home!

Please continue to reach out to us via email:, by phone: 646-361-6803, or on social media:   @Nutritionenergy   o n Instagram    @Nutritionenergy on Twitter, and Facebook , to let us know what you need to hear about, and we will include it in our next newsletter.

As always, the Dietitians at Nutrition Energy are here to support you during this difficult time, and  continue to offer telehealth nutrition sessions, (as video and phone sessions), for both existing and new  clients in order to help support you continuing (or beginning) to work towards your health and fitness  goals in the best way possible. If you, a friend, or family member could use some additional and  individualized help creating healthy nutrition, exercise and mindfulness habits right now, we are here to  help!

Lauren Antonucci, Director
Nutrition Energy