March: National Nutrition Month And National Problem Gambling Month

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Thank you for reading our HCC monthly newsletter!  In this issue, we will highlight the importance of nutrition concerning substance abuse prevention and recovery for National Nutrition Month.  We also have information on awareness and prevention of problem gambling. Also included in this issue, you will find updates on what HCC has been up to as well as important upcoming initiatives and activities!     SOME EVENTS HAVE BEEN POSTPONED
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HCC Attended the Reality Check Olean Public Library Event!
HCC would like to thank Reality Check of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties and the Olean Public Library for inviting us to the recent movie event on February 20 th .  Not only did the event provide lunch and a movie for local youth and adults, but several agencies and organizations joined in and set up informational tables as well.  It was a fun afternoon and provided HCC the opportunity to discuss youth substance use prevention with the community!
Franklinville Elementary School 1st Annual Wellness Fair
HCC would also like to thank Franklinville Elementary School for providing us with a spot at their 1 st  Annual Wellness evening for parents and students.  The event was a success with well over 100 attendees!  Many attendees stopped by the HCC display which included some of the items often included in the “Mock Bedroom” display. 
HCC To Meet With Boundless Group MEETING POSTPONED
HCC will be meeting with the Boundless group at Gowanda High School on March 19th. We look forward to hearing what these youth have to say about projects we are planning. Watch next month's newsletter for an update of this important meeting.
The importance of Nutrition in Aiding Recovery From Substance Use Disorders - A Review
Nutrition is a prerequisite for health; yet, there is no special nutritional assessment or guidance for drug and alcohol dependent individuals, despite the fact that their food consumption is often very limited, risking malnutrition. Further, the premise is examined that malnutrition may promote drug seeking and impede recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) . Read More  

Substance Use Recovery and Diet
Substance use harms the body in two ways:

The substance itself affects the body.

It causes negative lifestyle changes, such as irregular eating and poor diet.

Proper nutrition can help the healing process. Nutrients supply the body with energy. They provide substances to build and maintain healthy organs and fight off infection.

In Other News:

Parents: Teens Are Still Vaping, Despite Flavor Ban. Here's What They're Using
Efforts to stem the tide of teen vaping seem to be a step behind the market. By the time Juul  pulled most of its flavored pods from the market  in October of 2019, many teens had already moved on to an array of newer, disposable vape products.
"Juul is almost old school ... It's no longer the teen favorite," says  Meredith Berkman , co-founder of the advocacy group PAVE, Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes.

From the Trauma Informed Coalition of Cattaraugus County:

There are three upcoming showings of   “The Resilience Film, The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” .   The film will be shown in Olean, Salamanca, and Gowanda in upcoming weeks.  Please use the links below to register for these events and please also share with others!

HCC Attends the 30th Annual CADCA National Ledership Forum

Next meeting Thursday April 2nd, Zoom Webinar!
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