Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dear O'Hara community,

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the O'Hara Catholic School campaign assessment . We've had a good response rate, but we are looking for input from all of our families.

Your feedback will help us make meaningful decisions about the future of our school. This campaign assessment will enable us to determine potential support for the projects that make up our master plan. If we, as a community, choose to move forward, the campaign assessment will also provide us with information to identify prospective campaign leaders and to establish a realistic campaign goal.

Every family should have received a survey along with an explanatory letter and detailed campaign assessment sheet in the mail. Completing the survey will take just a few minutes. I encourage each of you to participate in this very important process.

The deadline to return your completed survey is Wednesday, March 20. If you would rather complete the survey online, go to  steiergroup.com/survey , click on O'H ara Catholic School and enter the password: O'Hara.

Again, thank you for participating in this important effort. We are grateful for your ongoing support of O'Hara.

Tammy Conway
O'Hara Catholic School