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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jefferson St. Road Construction - IMPORTANT INFO FOR MONDAY
We have been notified from the city that road construction on Jefferson St. is ahead of schedule. Due to the accelerated timeline, beginning on Monday, October 9, our back lot traffic will be impacted as indicated below:

-Back lot will be accessible ONLY via 15th street. 

-Back lot pickup cars will ENTER and EXIT through the north gate next to the playground. Cars will use the south portion of the parking lot for a turnaround in order to exit back through the north gate after dropping off/picking up students.

-The south portion of the gravel parking lot (next to 18th) will not be available for parking, however, the east portion of the gravel parking lot (where cars normally exit, next to Jefferson) will be converted to a parking lot. The gate on Jefferson street will be closed.

- To ease the traffic flow in the back lot, we will shift ALL 6th GRADE STUDENTS & FAMILIES to the front lot for pickup, beginning on Monday the 9th. 

-In further efforts to alleviate traffic, we encourage families with older students to consider having their student(s) walk to the Little Y Market (located on 19th Street between Madison and Jefferson) and have a parent pick up there. The staff at Little Y have welcomed our students for many years and want families to consider their store a safe place to go after school.
If you would like to have your students walk to Little Y, we will need written parent permission; please email Barb to let her know.

Please follow this traffic plan until we notify you of the next change. The map is also on our O'Hara app.

Thank you, O'Hara families for your understanding and cooperation with the adjustments. We appreciate your flexibility!
JAT Incentive Winners Announced
Congratulations to the grades listed below, who all had 100% participation in our JAT Incentive! They have all earned a free dress day for tomorrow, October 9. Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for Free Dress guidelines. 

5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Character Education Assembly on Tuesday
Our kick off assembly for our character education program will be on Tuesday, Oct. 10th @ 1:15pm, in the gym. We will be handing out the awards for Respect for September. Parents are welcome to join us for this assembly! In celebration of our Character Ed kick off, we are inviting all students to wear their Gospel T-Shirt (with uniform bottoms) to school  on Tuesday

If you missed the email on Friday with detailed information about our new program, click HERE

Family Login to the Cloud9 World program info:
CLICK HERE, then follow instructions below:
Click the "login" at the top left
login: oharaschool-parent
password: c9wparent
Blessing of the Animals & Mass at O'Hara this Wednesday
This Wednesday, October 11, will be O'Hara's Blessing of the Animals and St. Francis Mass.  All students are required to wear Uniform Mass dress.  Please read below for more details.
Our Blessing of the Animals will begin at 8:30am.  Students will gather on the playground; parents & visitors should meet their student(s) outside. The west playground gate will be open for parents to walk around if they are bringing an animal for the blessing. Once everyone is assembled, Fr. David Cullings will begin the morning in prayer and then students will line up for their animals to be blessed. (Students are welcome to bring a stuffed animal for a blessing.) Following the blessing, students go directly to the gym for Mass.

We welcome you to bring your pet to school for a blessing, but ask that you please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

-Please have small animals in carriers and large animals on leashes.
-If your child has animal allergies, please take necessary precautions.
-Parents need to bring animals to the back playground where they will meet their students for the Blessing.
-Please do not bring any animals into the school building.
-Following the Blessing, animals must go back to cars or be taken home.

St. Francis Mass will begin at approximately 9am.
We welcome parents and visitors to join us for Mass. If pets are left in cars for Mass, please take care to make sure they are safe & secure inside a vehicle. Pets may not be brought into the school. 

Mass Dress Requirements
All boys must wear a white button down, collared shirt, and a uniform tie, with khaki or navy uniform pants. Shorts are not permitted.

All girls must wear one of the following:
Uniform skirt & white button down shirt
Uniform dress
Uniform jumper with white shirt underneath
Collars required
No pants or shorts are permitted

Please remember, students will not be permitted to change clothes after Mass. The disruption and delay to our school day caused by the large number of students changing clothes necessitates this rule. (Students that have PE on Wednesday will be permitted to change clothes; and boys are permitted to remove their ties to store them in backpacks.) Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Called to Protect Volunteer Training on Thursday
The next Called to Protect training is scheduled for Thursday morning, October 12, at 8:30am in the library. This training is required for all parents who wish to volunteer at our school. Please plan to attend if you haven't yet attended a session. 
Winter Coaches Meeting on Thursday
On Thursday, October 12, at 5pm, there will be a short meeting for anyone interested in coaching a team that will use the O'Hara gym this Winter (November through February). The meeting will be held in the library. Coaches who came to the coaches meeting in the fall do not need to attend. Please RSVP to  Mr. Milliron. The gym calendar will be updated after the meeting.
STAR Testing Results
O'Hara students in grades K-8 have completed the first of four rounds of STAR testing. Their results from this round will be sent home this week, and you will receive another report after the final testing window is complete at the end of the school year. Teachers will be using the results from these exams to help identify areas of strength and continued areas for growth. If you have any questions about how to interpret the score reports please contact  Mr. Milliron.
Thank you to our wonderful group of P izza Moms for serving our students pizza on Thursday: Shelley Giustina, Megan Helfrich, Christina Hoffstot, Kate Hudson, Jaime Landon & Laura Rossow.
Invitation for O'Hara parents from Marist - Speaker on Thursday, October 12
O'Hara parents are invited to attend a presentation from  Roy Petitfils , an internationally known speaker, who joins his private counseling background with his experience in Catholic youth ministry, teaching and administration, and school counseling. Roy will be addressing parents to help them consider some of the complexities of raising and caring for teenagers in today's world. The event will be held in the Marist Gym, from 7pm - 8:15pm; admission is free.

Please  CLICK HERE   to view the informational flyer. Please visit www.marisths.org for more information
Background Checks: New Procedure
Praesidium will now send you a link to renew your background check when you are due for a new one. You will need to follow the instructions from Praesidium as well as make payment to O'Hara for $15.00. Contact Danielle Hauser with any questions.
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with  all the communities that have been affected by the storms over the past month, including most recently those in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The NCEA has extended the  Stud ent to Student  campaign to provide additional opportunities and time for Catholic school students, their families and their schools to help those in need. 

In response to the continued campaign, O'Hara will hold another $1 Jeans Day Fundraiser. We invite all students to participate on Thursday, October 26.   Students that bring at least $1 to school on that day can wear jeans with their uniform top. Donations should be sent with each student and turned into homeroom teachers on Friday, October 26.

*Please note: this is a Jeans Day, not a free dress day. Blue jeans only, no rips, tears, holes or frayed hems. No jeggings. Boots are permitted.
Veterans Day Assembly - PLEASE SEND PICTURES!
As part of our Veterans Day Assembly again this year, we would like to collect photos of O'Hara parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that have served our country to make a slide show. We would prefer photos of veterans pictured in uniform. 

If you would like to participate, please email your photo(s) to  pictures@oharaschool.org and include the following information: Name, Branch of Service, Rank, Dates served and also the connection to O'Hara (for example, John Smith's grandfather ). Thank you!

*If you sent pictures last year, no need to send them again, we will include all the pictures from last year. If you'd like to send updated information, or a new picture, please feel free to do so.*
¿ Preguntas?
Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cualquier artículo en el boletín, estamos para ayudarlos! Por favor póngase en contacto con madre de familia de O'Hara, Judy De Leon-Chavez. Ella pude ayudarles con traducciones o cualquier otra pregunta. 
O'Hara's Pumpkin Carnival is a fun filled night of carnival games and candy prizes for the whole family.  

Dare to walk thought the 8th grade Haunted House. Try your luck at winning live gold fish. Spend time creating your own Halloween decorations! Walk the cake walk to win a yummy baked good item. VOTE! for a free dress day for your grade.
Admission to the pumpkin Carnival is $1.00 per person and 1 pair of socks. Socks will be collected as part of Catholic Community Services of Lane County's Socktober sock drive 

Dinner   will be sold   in the cafeteria. Food for sale includes: Papa John's Pizza ($2), Hot Dogs & Chips ($2), Apples, Carrots and Drinks (50 cents each).

Each game     costs one ticket to play.
Buy your game tickets in the front lobby on the night of the carnival.
10 tickets - $5
20 tickets - $10
30 tickets - $15
40 tickets - $20

Each family is asked to bring a bag of treats or trinkets for the carnival. Please drop your donation off to the front office any time after October 16th.
Each family is asked to bring a bakery item for the cake walk. Please drop your item off at the front office on Thursday, October 26 or Friday, October 27.

Volunteers are needed, please follow the links below to sign up:

Class Booth Sign-Up for Pumpkin Carnival ( 4:00pm - 8:15pm )

Set Up and Decorate Class Booth  ( 10:00am - 2:00pm )
Help w/Balloon Bouquet Display ( 10:00am - 1:00pm )

If you have any questions (volunteering or participation) please email or call Caryn Kimble:  caryn@kimblekids.com  / 541-915-9761

THANK YOU for making this a fun-filled night for our kids!!

Caryn Kimble & Dana Bernard
Pumpkin Carnival Co-Chairs

This year we will be making a change as to how medals are awarded and will not be handing them out at the wrap up assembly. The top three boy and the top three girl runners in each grade will be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal in their classrooms the Monday following the Jog-A-Thon. 
*After further consideration, we will be separating the top runners of each grade by boy and girl. 
Click HERE to sign up for a volunteer spot.

The Annual Membership (after the trial period) starts with meal service on  Monday, October 16th  and continues through the end of the school year.  The deadline to sign up for this plan has been extended to Monday, October 16.  The cost is as follows:

Preschool - 3rd Grade     $460.00
(per lunch cost $3.36)

4th - 8th Grade     $580.00
(per lunch cost $4.23)

Annual Milk     $58.00
(milk is not included with lunch)

*Annual Membership also includes  2 slices of Pizza and a Drink on Gospel T-Shirt & Pizza Day.

Thank you to our parents and grandparents who have offered to volunteer in the school kitchen, we appreciate your help. 

We could still use a volunteer on Thursday and Friday, and a sub (someone we can call on if we have a volunteer who cannot make it due to being sick, etc.)  Please let Tracy Whalen know if you are able to help.
October Cold Lunch Menu  (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Hot Lunch Contact: Tracy Whalen, Kitchen Manager (541-485-5291 x 303)
Reminder about student illnesses
-Students must be fever free (without medication) for a 24 hour period prior to returning to school.

-Students must wait for a 24 hour period prior to returning to school after an episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

-Students must have 24 hours of antibiotics before returning to school after highly contagious conditions such as strep throat and pink eye. 

-Please do not give your student a fever reducer in order to send them to school. Masking a fever is not the same as not having a fever. 
Presidium will now send you a link to renew your background check when you are due for a new one. You will need to follow the instructions from Presidium as well as make payment to O'Hara for $15.00.

Returning volunteers: 
All returning volunteers are required to complete the  Safe Haven Safety Training . Follow the links for instructions:   ENGLISH   /   SPANISH .

New volunteers:
  All parents (and grandparents) wishing to volunteer at O'Hara must complete 3 requirements before being eligible to volunteer this coming school year.

Click HERE to log your hours.
Pumpkin Carnival Volunteers Needed
Class Booth Sign-Up for Pumpkin Carnival (4:00pm - 8:15pm)  
Set Up and Decorate Class Booth  ( 10:00am - 2:00pm )  
Help w/Balloon Bouquet Display (10:00am - 1:00pm)
Kitchen Volunteers Still Needed
We could still use a volunteer on Thursday and Friday, and a sub (someone we can call on if we have a volunteer who cannot make it due to being sick, etc.).  Please let  Tracy Whalen  know if you are able to help.
2017 Jog-A-Thon Volunteers Needed
Volunteers will be needed for O'Hara's 2017 JAT! Click HERE to sign up. Contact Danielle Hauser with any questions.

Family Involvement Hours: Instructions & Link to Log Hours

Volunteer Requirements: ALL volunteers have requirements each year .

Cloud9 World Character Education
Use  this link and then follow instructions below:
Click the "login" at the top left
login: oharaschool-parent
password: c9wparent

"Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

-Isaiah 60:1