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Sunday, May 6, 2018

We celebrate Saint Philip Neri on May 26

St. Philip grew up in Italy in the 1500's and is the patron saint of happy and joy. He had a special gift of bringing out the best in people.

May Crowning/Living Rosary Time Change
The start time for our May Crowning/Living Rosary Ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, May 9 has been moved to 8:30am. This is a half hour earlier than the previously scheduled time.

May Crowning - Flowers needed!
Flowers are needed to decorate the stage for O'Hara's annual May Crowning & Living Rosary. If you have flowers blooming in your yard and are willing to share, please bring cut flowers of any color or variety to school on Monday, May 7 and Tuesday, May 8 . Buckets of water will be available at the front of the school to drop off your flowers. Thank you!

2018 May Crowning Announcement
Each year, our 8th graders participate in the tradition of May Crowning. An essay contest determines the special roles that students play in the ceremony of crowning Mary.

The student   crowning  our statue of the Holy Virgin Mary this year will be Emma Jones.  The   crowning court is composed of   Emilie Nelson, Kyra Snyder, Jack Conway, and Stefan Schroffner.  Other assistants during the ceremony will be Jennifer Tsai, Ryan Cary, Ellie Hurley, Monroe LaCoste and Jasmine Ochoa-Tolento.

Congratulations to these 8th graders on earning this special honor!

Pertussis in Lane County
A message & reminder from Dr. Katie Crenwelge, O'Hara parent & SAC member:
There have been recent cases of pertussis (whooping cough) in our community and it is important to  update vaccinations for pertussis.  The CDC schedule calls for the pertussis vaccine at ages 2 mo., 4 mo., 6 mos., 15-18 mos., 4-5 years, and 11 years (or adults who have never had TDaP).  

Spring Programs
The spring programs are fast approaching, please be sure to mark your calendars!
  • Wednesday, May 16: Preschool - 4th Grade, 6pm (students report at 5:30pm)
  • Thursday, May 17: 5th - 8th Grade, 6pm (students report at 5:30pm), attendance is mandatory
This year's spring program theme is, "A Better World Through Music." 

The dress code for all grades is Spring Best:
  • Boys: Slacks & dress shirts; ties are optional. No jeans, no shorts. 
  • Girls: Skirts, dresses or nice pants/dressy top only. No jeans, no shorts. (If girls choose to wear a skirt or dress, skirt length should be no more than 3" above the knee; no bare shoulders or midriffs.)
O'Hara's Spelling Competition Results
Congratulations to all of our students that took part in our annual spelling competition - we have some great spellers!

3-5 Division
Sofia Siy: 1st Place
McKenna DeLee: 2nd Place
Both girls spelled 19 out of 25 correct,  Sofia got one extra challenge word correct.

6-8 Division
Anna Watts and Duncan Yozzo tied for 1st Place with 16 words and 2 challenge words correct. This is the second time for these two!

These students will compete at the county competition later this month.

Piano News
O'Hara's Piano Festival (adjudication) was held April 25 and 26 in the chapel.  Over 60 students performed for our judge, Mark Stevens from the Oregon Bach  Festival. He gave a mini master-class after each group of performers and offered  helpful suggestions and positive feedback to all of our students.

The following students will receive their gold cups at the Awards Assembly scheduled for  June 19:

1st Cup
Michael McConaghie
William Pierpont
Rome Schoening

2nd Cup
Stefan Schroffner
Luke Villano

Congratulations to all of our piano students for their participation and poise in performance.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the Festival.

Enchiladas for sale
The 8th graders going to the Steubenville Conference this summer are selling Creamy Chicken enchiladas, with a container of beans and rice on the side for only $20! Order here (by Monday, May 7) and they will be ready for you on  Monday, May 14,  for pick up at O'Hara.

First Communion
Please join us in praying for our students receiving  their First Communion this year.
Sacred heart of Jesus, ever present in our lives, hear our prayer as these children receive their First Holy Communion. Grant them, our Lord, your loving grace and help still their hearts with mindful prayer and worship as they receive at the Table of Our Lord the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit shine a guiding light throughout the course of their lifetimes, always leading these blessed children one step closer to the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Pictures Needed
Work on the 17-18 yearbook is underway and we need your pictures! Please send pictures to  pictures@oharaschool.org. Note: if sending pictures from your smart device, please send them at full/actual size, and please don't send cropped images.

The 5th annual Ladies Tea & Luncheon is this week!  We are so excited to have Lindy Prickel & Landry Cummings as co-chairs on behalf of the Open Door Foundation !
The event will include a small silent auction, pop-up shops and catered lunch. All funds raised will go directly to the Open Door Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund. We are looking forward to a fun afternoon for a great cause and hope you will join us!
We are excited to have the following pop up shops at our luncheon this year.


Thank you to our generous sponsors who make it possible for all funds raised at the luncheon to go directly to the Open Door Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund.






Volunteers Needed
We are looking for volunteers to help with the Ladies Tea and Luncheon.  We will need help on  Wednesday, May 9  with set up and  Thursday, May 10  during the event and then after with clean up. If you have any questions contact Danielle Hauser  or click  HERE  to sign up.

2018 Grandparents Social
Our Grandparents Social will be held on Friday, May 18 at 10:30am. We hope you will join us!
This year, the social will be held in individual classrooms. Teachers and students will welcome grandparents and/or special guests from 10:30 - 11:30am, with school dismissal times at 11:45am & 12noon. Feel free to visit multiple classrooms if you have more than one student. Student council and middle school students will be available to give tours and specialists will look forward to guests popping in to say hello.
Food Allergy Information:
-Donuts will be coming from Albertson's bakery and will be sugar glazed or cinnamon sugar.
- If your child has a food allergy, please plan accordingly and communicate with your child's teacher.
-The only food items that will be allowed in classrooms other than donuts, will be those that have been pre-arranged with teachers. 
Friday, May 18 is a half day of school.
Students in grades Preschool - 3rd are dismissed at 11:45am
Students in grades 4 - 8 are dismissed at 12noon.

If you plan to take your student(s) prior to the designated dismissal times, you must communicate with your child's teachers and sign them out in the front office. Students will only be released to those designated on their pick-up list.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Danielle Hauser .

Teacher Requests
O'Hara Catholic School teachers are dedicated, faith-filled individuals who are devoted to providing the best education possible for the students of O'Hara. For that reason, we ask that parents do not request teachers for the upcoming year. We also ask that you do not approach your students' current teacher and request a teacher for the next year; that puts our staff in an awkward position. We do understand that unique student situations may arise, however these are rare occasions that are handled with the administration. We do ask parents of twins to let us know if they prefer to have their students in the same homeroom or different homerooms. 


Hot Lunch Contact: Tracy Whalen, Kitchen Manager (541-485-5291 x 303)

Ladies Tea & Luncheon Volunteers Needed
We are looking for volunteers to help with the Ladies Tea and Luncheon.  We will need help on  Wednesday, May 9  with set up and  Thursday, May 10  during the event and then after with clean up. If you have any questions contact Danielle Hauser  or click  HERE  to sign up.

Field Day Volunteers Needed
Mrs. Meyer is looking for parents to volunteer at Field Day. Twenty-five volunteers are needed to make this fun day happen. Field Day falls on the last day of school,  June 19; this is a half day of school. The volunteer time commitment is from  9:00am - 11:30am

Please fill out this form  if you can help.

Kitchen Volunteers Still Needed
Volunteers with flexibility on days are still needed in the kitchen. We are also looking for a sub (someone we can call on if we have a volunteer who cannot make it due to being sick, etc.).  Please let  Tracy Whalen  know if you are able to help.

Living Saints Projects Volunteer Sign-Up
This year we will be celebrating our 20th year of Living Saints Projects! Thanks to the support of a generous group of volunteers, these projects continue to develop and improve every year! If you would like to help from home or at school, there are tasks you can do to support the project. 

Click HERE to sign up.


Family Involvement Hours: Instructions & Link to Log Hours

Volunteer Requirements: ALL volunteers have requirements each year .

Cloud9 World Character Education
Use  this link and then follow instructions below:
Click the "login" at the top left
login: oharaschool-parent
password: c9wparent
¿ Preguntas?
Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cualquier artículo en el boletín, estamos para ayudarlos! Por favor póngase en contacto con madre de familia de O'Hara, Judy De Leon-Chavez. Ella pude ayudarles con traducciones o cualquier otra pregunta. 

"Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

-Isaiah 60:1