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Sunday, October 22, 2017

St. Francis of Assisi
Feast Day:  October 4

Did you know that St. Francis was named after the country of France?   His father was fond of France and named him after the country!

Did you know that St. Francis was the first Christian to have the stigmata?  What is that?  The stigmata are wounds which are usually on a person's hands that mimic the wounds of Christ.  A great amount of suffering is paired with the stigmata.

For more information of St. Francis of Assisi or the stigmata visit these links:

Thank you for a great Jog-A-Thon! 
Congratulations to all of our O'Hara kids for their efforts! 

We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors, parents and community - we couldn't do it without you! Extra big thanks to our 2017 JAT chairs, Ashley & Nick Horner for all their time and dedication to our school and this event. We hope you will join us at 8:05am on Monday for the results assembly.

 If you have pictures to share, please send them to pictures@oharaschool.org
School Pictures
School pictures were sent home with students this week. Please check backpacks if you did not already. If your student would like picture retakes, please send the pictures back to school on Tuesday, November 28th for picture re-take day. If your student missed getting their picture taken, flyers will be sent home before picture re-take day for you to fill out and send with your student on November 28th.  Please remember to send your white folder back to school.

If you'd like to order additional pictures, visit  mylifetouch.com . Use your Portrait ID and Access Code found in your portrait envelope.
Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with  all the communities that have been affected by recent storms, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The NCEA has extended the  Stud ent to Student  campaign to provide additional opportunities and time for Catholic school students, their families and their schools to help those in need. 

In response to the continued campaign, O'Hara will hold another $1 Jeans Day Fundraiser. We invite all students to participate on Thursday, October 26.   Students that bring at least $1 to school on that day can wear jeans with their uniform top. Donations should be sent with each student and turned into homeroom teachers on Thursday, October 26.

*Please note: this is a Jeans Day, not a free dress day. Blue jeans only, no rips, tears, holes or frayed hems. No jeggings. Boots are permitted.
Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences
O'Hara's Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on November 2nd & 3rd. Conferences must be scheduled online. If you missed the email on Wednesday, CLICK HERE for instructions to sign up for conferences. The DEADLINE to sign up for conferences is Wednesday, November 1st at noon.

If your family has chosen to take a vacation during our scheduled conference days, there will not be alternate conference times available.  Our conference days are scheduled more than 6 months in advance, giving ample time for our families to mark their calendars. When a family chooses to take a vacation instead of attending conferences, O'Hara does not accept requests for alternate times. Accommodating alternate conference times becomes logistically difficult for our teachers, takes away from their personal and instructional planning time and negates the purpose of taking days specifically for conferences. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Student/Parent Handbook Update
The sections in red below are being added to the Student/Parent Handbook in the "Student Leadership Council" section:
"Students must maintain at least a 3.0 G.P.A., model the mission and philosophy of our school, have 10 or fewer Behavior Log Entries for the yearand have administrative approval in order to run for or be a member of Student Council."
This change will take effect for Spring 2018.  For this year, we will count BLEs from  October 23 until the end of the year to account for the change in rules.
Uniform Shorts Reminder
Students in grades PreSchool - 5th may wear shorts until October 31; beginning on Wednesday, November 1, shorts are not permitted. Students are permitted to wear shorts again when school resumes after Spring Break. Middle School students may wear shorts year round.
November tuition payment will include $150 registration fee for some families
Some O'Hara parents elected the option to pay their $150 (2017-18) registration fee with their November tuition payment. If you elected this option, the $150 will come out on the same date that you have requested your tuition payment to be made: November 1, 2017 or November 15, 2017.  If you do not remember and need to know, you may contact Rebecca Plant at the business office. 
Veterans Day Assembly - PLEASE SEND PICTURES!
As part of our Veterans Day Assembly again this year, we would like to collect photos of O'Hara parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that have served our country to make a slide show. We would prefer photos of veterans pictured in uniform. 

If you would like to participate, please email your photo(s) to  pictures@oharaschool.org and include the following information: Name, Branch of Service, Rank, Dates served and also the connection to O'Hara (for example, John Smith's grandfather.) Thank you!

*If you sent pictures last year, no need to send them again, we will include all the pictures from last year. If you'd like to send updated information, or a new picture, please feel free to do so.*
Halloween Costume Guidelines for Costume Strut and Pumpkin Carnival
As we near our fun Halloween festivities, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
-No devils, gothic characters, anything immodest, violent or unkind toward others.
-Sleeveless costumes require an undershirt with sleeves.
-No blood or weapons as part of any costume.
-Masks are allowed during the Costume Strut, but must be taken off for the remainder of the day.
-Masks should not be scary or violent.
-No costumes of a political nature. (This means no President, previous Presidential candidates, or former President costumes)
Things to note: 
  -Students who are not in compliance with our guidelines will not be permitted to participate in the costume strut and will be asked to change into uniform.
  -Please note that these guidelines apply to all students, parents and guests who attend our Pumpkin Carnival as well.
Again, we want our Halloween festivities to be a fun celebration for all our students. Thank you for partnering with the school to ensure success.
O'Hara's Pumpkin Carnival is THIS FRIDAY from 4:30pm - 8pm.  We hope you will join us for a fun filled night of carnival games and candy prizes for the whole family.  

Dare to walk thought the 8th grade Haunted House. Try your luck at winning live gold fish. Spend time creating your own Halloween decorations! Walk the cake walk to win a yummy baked good item. VOTE! for a free dress day for your grade.
Admission to the pumpkin Carnival   is $1.00 per person and 1 pair of socks. Socks will be collected as part of  Catholic Community Services of Lane County's Socktober  sock drive

Dinner   will be sold   in the cafeteria. Food for sale includes: Papa John's Pizza ($2), Hot Dogs & Chips ($2), Apples, Carrots and Drinks (50 cents each).

Each game  costs one ticket to play.
Buy your game tickets in the front lobby on the night of the carnival.
10 tickets - $5
20 tickets - $10
30 tickets - $15
40 tickets - $20

Each family is asked to bring a bag of treats or trinkets for the carnival. Please drop your donation off to the front office this week.
Each family is asked to bring a bakery item for the cake walk. Please drop your item off at the front office on Thursday, October 26 or Friday, October 27.

Volunteers are needed, please follow the links below to sign up:

Class Booth Sign-Up for Pumpkin Carnival ( 4:00pm - 8:15pm )

Set Up and Decorate Class Booth  ( 10:00am - 2:00pm )
Help w/Balloon Bouquet Display ( 10:00am - 1:00pm )

If you have any questions (volunteering or participation) please email or call Caryn Kimble:  caryn@kimblekids.com  / 541-915-9761

THANK YOU for making this a fun-filled night for our kids!!

Caryn Kimble & Dana Bernard
Pumpkin Carnival Co-Chairs

¿ Preguntas?
Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cualquier artículo en el boletín, estamos para ayudarlos! Por favor póngase en contacto con madre de familia de O'Hara, Judy De Leon-Chavez. Ella pude ayudarles con traducciones o cualquier otra pregunta. 
THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting our lunch program! This week, we served an average of 148 lunches per day!

We could still use a few volunteers with flexibility on days, and a sub (someone we can call on if we have a volunteer who cannot make it due to being sick, etc.)  Please let Tracy Whalen know if you are able to help.
October Cold Lunch Menu  (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Hot Lunch Contact: Tracy Whalen, Kitchen Manager (541-485-5291 x 303)
OBOB Deadline is October 31
Permission slips for Battle of the Books are due by  October 31st . All teams must have a coach. Each team may have 3-5 members.  For any questions please contact Mrs. Booth or Mrs. Gori in the library (ext. 226.)
Calling All Carpoolers! 
Interested in meeting another family, spending less time in traffic, and saving money on gas? Eighth graders Leah Butler and Ady Nelson are looking to help solve a transportation problem at O'Hara by arranging carpools between two or more families. If you are interested in a carpool, email Leah and Ady.

Here's what to do:
  • Contact Leah and Ady at lbutler@oharaschool.org and anelson@oharaschool.org
  • Include your:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Your kids' names and grades
    • Number of open seats in your car
    • If your children need car seats
    • If you're more flexible to drive in the morning or afternoon.
Leah and Ady will do their best to match you with another family close to you that's interested in carpooling. Thank you!
Coffee Chat on October 25: topic is Auction 2018
Are you new to O'Hara and want to learn more about the Auction? Are you interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities for our 2018 Auction? Come to the coffee chat on October 25, where the auction, O'Hara's largest fundraiser, will be the topic of the morning! The coffee chat will begin at 8:15am.
Jefferson St. Road Construction 
Due to road construction on Jefferson Street, traffic flow for drop off and pick up has been altered as follows:

-Back lot is accessible ONLY via 15th street. 

-Back lot pickup cars should ENTER and EXIT through the north gate next to the playground. Cars should use the south portion of the parking lot for a turnaround in order to exit back through the north gate after dropping off/picking up students.

-The south portion of the gravel parking lot (next to 18th) is not available for parking, however, the east portion of the gravel parking lot (where cars normally exit, next to Jefferson) will be converted to a parking lot. The gate on Jefferson street will be closed.

- To ease the traffic flow in the back lot, ALL 6th GRADE STUDENTS & FAMILIES have been moved to the front lot for pickup. (This change will stay in effect for the remainder of the school year.)

-In further efforts to alleviate traffic, we encourage families with older students to consider having their student(s) walk to the Little Y Market (located on 19th Street between Madison and Jefferson) and have a parent pick up there. The staff at Little Y have welcomed our students for many years and want families to consider their store a safe place to go after school.
If you would like to have your students walk to Little Y, we will need written parent permission; please email Barb to let her know.

Please follow this traffic plan until we notify you of the next change. The map is also on our O'Hara app.

Thank you, O'Hara families for your understanding and cooperation with the adjustments. We appreciate your flexibility!
Reminder about student illnesses
-Students must be fever free (without medication) for a 24 hour period prior to returning to school.

-Students must wait for a 24 hour period prior to returning to school after an episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

-Students must have 24 hours of antibiotics before returning to school after highly contagious conditions such as strep throat and pink eye. 

-Please do not give your student a fever reducer in order to send them to school. Masking a fever is not the same as not having a fever. 
Praesidium will now send you a link to renew your background check when you are due for a new one. You will need to follow the instructions from Praesidium as well as make payment to O'Hara for $15.00.

Returning volunteers: 
All returning volunteers are required to complete the  Safe Haven Safety Training . Follow the links for instructions:   ENGLISH   /   SPANISH .

New volunteers:
  All parents (and grandparents) wishing to volunteer at O'Hara must complete 3 requirements before being eligible to volunteer this coming school year.

Click HERE to log your hours.

CONTACT: Danielle Hauser with any questions.
Pumpkin Carnival Volunteers Needed
Class Booth Sign-Up for Pumpkin Carnival (4:00pm - 8:15pm)  
Set Up and Decorate Class Booth  ( 10:00am - 2:00pm )  
Help w/Balloon Bouquet Display (10:00am - 1:00pm)
Volunteers Needed on Saturday, October 28
Volunteers are needed to help clean the gym floor cover on Saturday, October 28, from 9am - 1pm. If you are available to help, please email Mr. Leonard.
Kitchen Volunteers Still Needed
Volunteers with flexibility on days are still needed in the kitchen. We are also looking for a sub (someone we can call on if we have a volunteer who cannot make it due to being sick, etc.).  Please let  Tracy Whalen  know if you are able to help.
Scoreboard Operator and Scorekeeper Needed
We are in need of volunteers to run the scoreboard and be the  scorekeeper at home middle school  basketball games.  Time spent volunteering counts for FIP hours, and no prior experience or ties to the team are necessary. Games begin at  4:30pm and usually wrap up by  7:30pm . Contact our athletic director, Mr. Milliron, if you are interested or want to learn more.
2018 Auction Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for O'Hara's 2018 Auction! It takes many volunteers to help with O'Hara's largest fundraiser, and we are grateful for the O'Hara community for the generosity and 

We are currently asking for volunteers to sign up for:
Donation Request Phone Calls: Volunteers are needed to make follow up donation request phone calls to local business donors. If you would like to learn more or sign up to help, please contact  Amy Londahl , Silent Auction Chair (541-514-1369).

Donation Pickup Drivers: Drivers are needed to make local donation pickups. These pickups will primarily take place in January and February, on an as-needed basis. If you would like to learn more or sign up to help, please contact  Amy Londahl , Silent Auction Chair (541-514-1369).

Family Involvement Hours: Instructions & Link to Log Hours

Volunteer Requirements: ALL volunteers have requirements each year .

Cloud9 World Character Education
Use  this link and then follow instructions below:
Click the "login" at the top left
login: oharaschool-parent
password: c9wparent

"Rise up in splendor! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

-Isaiah 60:1