Volume MMXIX | January, 2019
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O&N 2019 Conference
January 22-23, 2019
The Pink Shell Resort & Marina
Ft. Myers, FL

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What is Glyphosate Free?

Year Three of the O&N Study

Exposure to glyphosate is no longer hypothetical given a court order for Bayer to pay Dewayne Johnson millions of dollars in damages incurred from his work as a school caretaker.

Consumers Want to Know

Does glyphosate lurk everywhere, even in dietary supplements? Our preliminary results indicate it does not. Only with testing can we ascertain consumer risk. Only with testing can you assure your customers you're committed to their interests.

Your participation is vital to a transparent supply chain. HRI Labs reports 86% of their study participants had detectable levels in urine averaging 0.52ppb for men and 0.45ppb for women. Our pets have levels that are 40 times higher .

Costco took it off the Shelves

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