O4 Pricing Update
We have restructured the way we classify and bill our O4 customers. The new O4 pricing will reflect the current O4 development status. Some key changes are listed below:

  • We will now have new user types that will replace Sales Access Users & Full Access Users
  • Instead of O4 Packages (Essentials, Premium, Enterprise), we will now have tiers
  • Sync & Disaster Recovery (Backup) will now be add-ons

Customers have the option to purchase different types of user licenses based on the functions that the user requires. There are 4 types of users: Legacy, O4, Hybrid, and API.
The O4 service is billed based on the tier that the company falls into. Tiers are based on the number of O4, Hybrid, and API users that a company has, or the size of the database, whichever limit is reached first. For example, if a company has 9 users, but the DB size is 150 GB, the company would fall into tier II.
There are four O4 add-ons available for purchase: Customer Web Portal, Disaster Recovery, Sync, and Legacy Connection.

While our goal is to call our O4 customers over the next few weeks to discuss the pricing update, please don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions regarding this information!


What is O4? - This help guide goes over the updates
O4 Development Status - This help guide will show the current O4 development status