Commitment by definition; is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause activity. To me this is one of the most important parts of a board member’s role. Bringing passion and commitment to the board table is essential. The form may look different for each board member but to communicate your non-profits message you must have your own ‘why.’

Over the years I have heard many board members say, “I want to sit on the board, but I will not ask for money. I will do anything but ask for money.” Board members don’t understand that when you are committed and passionate about something you are not “asking” for anything you are sharing. You are sharing something you care deeply about; you are being a cheerleader for a cause that you want to see better in the world. You are an advocate because of your ‘why’ in their story. Many people look at this as the heavy part of the board member’s responsibility but really it should be the lightest part. When you are telling others your story; your ‘why’ and they can see and feel your passion, they will be excited too.

The work of the board also involves rolling up your sleeves and putting in the sweat equity for your organization. Non-profits are all in different life cycles, so the needs can vary depending on where in the life cycle the non-profit is. It is not uncommon for board members to step into rolls, that eventually will be the responsibility of a staff person.