Dear Colleagues,
I’m curious if you’re curious. And, if so, are you curious about curiosity? I spent much of my teaching career in early education (PreK and K) and remember how my young students explored, experimented, and endlessly asked “why”. It seemed as though one answer just sparked another question and so on and so on. Our classroom was set up in centers, and I loved to eavesdrop on the conversations, negotiations, and interactions among the kids. They were trying out their ideas, talking about their thinking, and enthusiastically defending their suppositions. Their natural, intrinsic curiosity fueled their learning and they were in the zone. Why does that often fade? 

I believe it is because they learn to play the game of school. I distinctly remember sitting at my desk in Mrs. Pinkerton’s third grade classroom when a light bulb went off above my head! She had just returned our social studies tests and I received an A, correctly filling in every blank she had put before me. It was pretty low level thinking -- basically memorizing facts to complete the test. And, that’s when I cracked the code. I remember thinking that my brain was a file cabinet, and all I had to do was file the facts she wanted me to know in the correct folder, close the drawer for safe keeping, and retrieve them when required. It never occurred to me to think about what I wanted to know. It never, ever, occurred to me to have a voice or some choice. I flew as a straight-A student all through high school, graduating college in three years with mostly As. But, note, I referred to myself as a straight-A student, not a straight-A curious thinker. What a difference! Luckily, grad school and my doctoral studies challenged and reignited my own thinking and curiosity. I loved that third grade teacher and her many colleagues who taught the same way, but I want something different and better for our students today. I want something different for my six grandkids!

What do you observe in your school or classroom? I can tell you from experience that a curious classroom is not a quiet classroom, but it is also not a chaotic classroom. What do you value? When researcher Susan Engel (2011) asked educators to list qualities they thought students should acquire at school, none listed curiosity. Well, THAT makes me curious. Why don’t we value or cultivate curiosity? I believe that in the last decade or so, our nation’s obsession with testing and measuring has impeded this. I am hopeful that we are again embracing curiosity for ourselves, other educators, and our students. 

So, that’s what I think. I’m curious what YOU think! Email me at

Julie Davis, EdD
OAESA Executive Director

Engel, S. (2011). Children’s need to know: Curiosity in school.  Harvard Educational Review, 81(4). 625-645.
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