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AdventHealth-Winter Park
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Sunday 2:00 P.M
Our September 15 th meeting is just around the corner. Please note that the day and time for our meetings have changed! We will now meet on Sundays (usually the third of the month) at 2:00 P.M. in the AdventHealth-Winter Park Conference Center (second floor). We will meet and greet new guests and members from 2:00 – 2:15 and our regular meeting will begin promptly at 2:15.

In addition to introducing some exciting new projects for the coming year, our September program will include highlights of the UOAA National Conference in Philadelphia. We were fortunate enough to have three of our members attend this year, and they’re anxious to share. There is a lot of wonderful new information out there! We also want to leave plenty of time for everyone to “catch up” with friends (old and new) as we enjoy some tasty refreshments. If you haven’t attended a meeting in a while, we’d really, really, love to see you!

October Meeting (Sunday, October 20th) Guest Speaker, Marcia Ehret, from Coloplast will share the latest information on: the new Convex Flip (the innovated star-shaped barrier made especially for patients with hernias and outward body profiles), the Brava Ostomy Support Belt, and the Coloplast Care program.

Barring any unforeseen "hurricanes" etc., our November Meeting will take place on Sunday,17th and our December meeting (work and play!) will be on December 15th.

Please join all the ostomates and their families in "celebrating the surgery that allowed us to live full productive lives. Help spread the facts and stop the stigma."

What can you do? Copy and paste the “life saver” on to your Facebook page; leave copies of our OAGO pamphlet wherever you can; wear your favorite ostomy T-shirt; join a virtual "run." Click on the life-saver picture for more information.

Show your support for Ostomy Awareness Day on Saturday, October 5, 2019 by purchasing and wearing this limited-edition Ostomy Awareness Day T-Shirt. 100% of shirt proceeds will be donated to the UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America Inc.). So whether you’re living with an ostomy or a loving supporter of persons living with an ostomy, grab your shirt, grab your camera and snap a selfie. Then, share it on social media using the hashtag #OstomyDayUSA. Ostomies are lifesavers! The Ostomy Awareness Day t-shirt is available in limited quantities for a limited time. Get yours while supplies last…just in time to celebrate! Just "click" here to order yours now!
Why "Awareness" is Important. The following link will take you to a recent story, "Student with Stoma Accused of Taking Drugs in Disabled Toilet by Wetherspoons Staff." (Please note, this appeared in a Yahoo feed and has not been officially vetted.)

We are currently making arrangements to get ostomy supplies to the Bahamas.
Please bring in any surplus ostomy supplies to our September Meeting.
Greetings Everyone,

This summer I was incredibly fortunate to attend the UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America) National Conference in Philadelphia. This is an experience that I truly wish every ostomate could have, at least once in his or her lifetime. Over four hundred ostomates and family members, of all ages, races, religions, and of course “ostomy types,” gathered together to learn and to share. It is almost impossible to describe the energy level that permeated virtually every aspect of this event.

The sessions were diverse, informative, and provocative. There was an instant camaraderie, of “strangers” sharing tables in the restaurant. Promises were made (and are already being fulfilled) to share information with other support groups across the country. The social events, from casino night to fashion show, were fun and lively. Multiple vendors displayed new ostomy products and answered questions. Conference goers were able to visit privately with some of the top ostomy and wound care nurses, at no cost (for many a Godsend). Best of all, being in an environment of such incredible positivity, where everyone wanted to help others, was both reassuring and energizing. 

For me, there was one other aspect of the conference that was a true eye-opener. The afternoon before the conference began, I accidentally stumbled into the UOAA National Board Meeting (and was graciously invited to stay). As I listened to the reports of the group’s accomplishments throughout the year, I was truly humbled. Most inspiring was the fact that so few people (less than a dozen), on such a small operating budget, were able to reach out and help so, so many. 

It made me realize how much more we, our own OAGO, can do! Our efforts for outreach have been working; we’re getting more and more calls and E-mails every week. In turn, we are gathering new successful ostomates, who want to do more. We are building an army of volunteers.

Whether you want to make a major commitment and become an officer or whether you want to be a committee member; whether you want to travel the city, or whether you want work from home; you can play a powerful role in reaching our mission. Please join us at our September meeting to find out exactly how!

I cannot wait to see everyone again. Time to march forward!

Erica Michaels
Have you paid your dues? We need your help to continue and grow our programming. If you haven't yet paid your dues, you can bring them to the next meeting, pay right from our website, or mail them to: Patrick Rodgers, Treasurer, 309 E Citrus Street Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Your picture belongs here! Send us a picture and tell us your story. In addition to featuring our ostomates, we would love to highlight our caregivers! If you are interested, please E-mail:
One of the most valuable services the United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA) has to offer, is its Visitor Training program. This program trains volunteers from local support groups (such as OAGO) to visit new ostomy patients, before or immediately after surgery. Visit requests can be made by physicians, hospitals, family, or patients themselves. The goal of the visit is to ease fears, answer questions (non-medical), provide emotional support, and in general, present the face of a positive, successful ostomate (YOU!). 

It is important to have enough trained visitors to meet the needs of our local ostomy community. Ideally, we should have a large enough resource pool to “match” specific needs whenever possible (male/male, colostomy/colostomy, spouse/spouse, mother of a child with ostomy to mother of a child with an ostomy). 

Visitor training normally takes one full day. This course consists of both lectures (DVD classes) and role playing exercises (scenarios). There will also be “on the job training” with an experienced Visitor, prior to your first solo visit. The next course will be held on Saturday, October 5th, from 10:00 - 4:00 (lunch will be served). Space is limited. There is no fee for this course, nor is there remuneration for visits. There is of course, immense satisfaction in helping a fellow ostomate! If you are interested, please contact Erica Michaels 407-349-1746.
Last Month's Meeting Notes
What’s on the menu? Our June meeting was held at the Outback Steakhouse. Although there was no official "new business,” one of our goals, as a support group, is to provide a social outlet where ostomates can just meet and have fun, and we did exactly that. Outback did a great job of making us feel welcome and also donated a $50 gift certificate which we raffled off (Kay Cobb was the winner!). In addition, three other members won little cacti plants (I’m so sorry…I can’t remember who; please remind me so I can put it in the next newsletter).
Summer "Pop Up"
To compensate for not having formal meetings during the summer, we’ve tried something new… “pop ups.” These were spur of the moment (well, three days in advance) lunch dates where we met informally, at different types of restaurants, in different parts of the city. Our first date was at Pho Au Lac a Vietnamese restaurant in Winter Springs, and our second date was at Royal Thai in Orlando. On both occasions the food was great and the company was excellent! We had hoped to have another before our September meeting, but we postponed plans due to the hurricane. 

We had such a good time, we've decided to continue theses outings, at least once a month, in addition to our regular meetings. We plan to meet on different days of the week, different times of day, and of course different geographic locations, so everyone, regardless of when they work or where they live, can have an opportunity to just have a good time with fellow ostomates and their families. (Who will be our next social director?)
Would You Like a Name Tag?
Can we make you a name tag? Please E-mail your first and last name and the correct designation (type of ostomy, family member, care provider, or medical professional) and we’ll try to have it ready for you at the next meeting.   E-mail:
Monthly Fund Raiser!

We are looking for fundraiser ideas! If you know of any companies that will host “online” fundraisers, please let us know. Or, if you have your own business, or work for a company that would like to donate goods or services as a raffle prize, that would be great as well!
"Ostomy Speak"
Adapting to life with an ostomy can a challenge. But what’s with these new words! Appliance? Pancaking? Barbie Butt? Some terms come from medical terminology, but others are “insider” words (slang expressions) used by ostomates who “live” them first hand.

Helpful "Blockage" Websites

YouTube Videos

Look for an Ostomy Food Chart in our Print, Clip, or Save section!
Blockage / Bowel Obstruction
A blockage occurs when something blocks the regular flow of output through your stoma. There are several causes (adhesions, hernias, etc.) but a frequent cause (especially for illeostomates) is improperly “chewed” food or foods that don’t easily digest. Blockages can be both painful and in some situations dangerous. Symptoms include cramping, reduced output, pain, and nausea. Sometimes blockages can be self-remedied: warm baths, drinking plenty of water/tea or drinking a cola (acts like a drain cleaner), massaging around the stoma, avoiding solid food (UOAA printout attached). Other times, a hospital visit is required. Always err on the side of caution! Do not be timid about contacting your WCN or physician.
Originally, the word “effluent” was used to describe raw sewage flowing out to the sea. Things haven’t changed all that much. Basically “effluent” is the medical (or delicate) way of saying stool or “poop.” It can also refer to other flowing bodily fluids such as urine.
According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, peristalsis is "The coordinated, rhythmic serial contraction of smooth muscle that forces food through the digestive tract, bile through the bile duct, and urine through the ureters." In other words, peristalsis is a wonderful way of moving “poop” through the intestines by a series of involuntary muscle contractions. These contractions take place on their own, but occasionally don’t work as planned. They can slow down, stop, or even reverse direction! YouTube Video
We have just added three new books to our OAGO Library!  Courage Takes Guts by Lois Fink, Crohn’s In terrupted: Living Life Triumphantly, and Crohn’s Interrupted – 7 Steps to Love Your Ostomy by Makeda Armorer-Wade. Book checkouts and returns are available at the end of each meeting. Plus, you will soon be able to share your thoughts about what you’ve read on our Facebook Page!
UOAA United Ostomy Association of America
The UOAA is an amazing resource for ostomy information and advocacy. We, at OAGO, are affiliate support group members (ASG). UOAA provides guidance, training, (conferences), and many of the wonderful articles you’ve read through the years in our newsletters. You can always access UOAA information through their website: However, why not become an individual member?

Online Membership are only $25 annually. This entitles you to a one year online subscription to The Phoenix magazine, an electronic version of the New Ostomy Patient Guide, and a UOAA membership pin. Members will also receive the monthly UOAA e-Newsletter (even better than ours!) and are entitled to vote in UOAA’s national elections.
Member News
We have added a "Member News" section to our newsletter! Please E-mail any important life events: "stomaversaries," new jobs, birth announcements, impending surgeries, etc. to and we'll try to get the information into our next newsletter.
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Thank you sponsors, donors, and advertisers. Your support of OAGO allows us to reach out to fellow ostomates and provide quality information and programs.
Phoenix Magazine is a fantastic publication for ostomates and their families.
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