General Announcements
AdventHealth-Winter Park
Conference Center/ Second Floor
Sunday 2:00 P.M
"Stomany" Questions to Ask; "Stomany" " Things to Learn!

Our featured speaker will be
 Sally Matson, RN, MS, CWOCN

This will be an amazing opportunity to ask those personal questions regarding stoma care and ostomy issues. We have the honor of working with a true expert.
You won't want to miss this meeting!
Greetings Everyone!

We did it; we have a full slate of new OAGO officers! It is with great appreciation that we welcome Krista Johnson as our new president, Norma May as our new vice-president, Kelli-Ann Wallace as our secretary, and Kay Cobb as our new Treasurer. To make for a smooth transition, our former officers with work side-by-side as mentors for the next few weeks.

A special thank you to all those who have stepped up to fill our other important roles.

Ostomy Supply Gift Pantry - Jack Vreeland (Captain extraordinaire), Terry Sneiderman, Kelli-
Ann Wallace.

Refreshment Committee - Shelley Dittmer, Earl Willliams, Augie Carrillo

Welcoming Committee (Greeters) - Helene Feldman, Norma May, Mim Furman

Fundraising - Angela Simmons

Information Distribution (Rack Jobber) - Norma May

Sunshine Committee - Jacqie Simmons

There is an incredible synergy when so many different people share a common goal. Not only will we be doing something "good" for our ostomy community, we will be having a wonderful time along the way. We still need extra hands to work on these committees and other special projects. Several of our members, currently dealing with medical issues, have graciously offered to step up as soon as they are able (we'll be waiting for you). We send them our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery!

Please notice the newsletter is getting shorter and shorter; don't let it disappear! If you are interested in becoming the next editor, please contact me. I promise to take you through the process step by step.

We're off to a great start. You won't believe what we have planned for the coming year. Thank you again to all our out-going officers (a special thanks to Patrick Rodgers) for all the hard work and dedication they have put in over the past years, and congratulations to all of our new officers who have taken up the baton!

Here's to a great new year,

Erica Michaels                                                                                       

2020 DUES ARE DUE! (Say that three times fast!)
January 1st marks the beginning of our fiscal year. It's time to pay our dues! We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving as many ostomates as possible. Our dues are only $20 a year, and every penny is important in helping us fulfill our mission.

This is also the time when we update our membership contact information.
(You can download this form here and bring it, with your cash or check, to the next meeting.)

Next "Pop Up" Luncheon - TooJays
The tally is in! Our next "Popup" luncheon will be at TooJays restaurant.on Colonial. Join us for an informal get together of ostomates and friends. Please check out this delicious menu! The address is: 2400 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL. Everyone is responsible for his or her own check.
We finally held our elections! (See President's Message). We also filled out questionnaires regarding both the highs and lows of our 2019 year. Come hear the results at our February meeting.
An Ostomy Valentine
As adults, when we think of Valentines Day, it's almost impossible to separate it from "sex and intimacy." This can be a difficult topic for ostomates, especially at the beginning of their journey.

Is it possible to have a rich and fulfilling love life? Absolutely! Will it be different? Maybe (maybe not). Each of us is unique. For some, adjustments may need to be made (time, position, etc.); for others, (no longer in pain) it may even be better than before.

Although physical issues must be addressed, this topic also has an incredibly strong emotional component. How will having an ostomy affect a relationship? Was the relationship strong, prior to surgery, or were there weaknesses? Will you still consider yourself desirable; will your significant other?

What if you are not currently in a relationship? Will you ever find someone who loves you and desires you, ostomy and all? (By the way, the answer to this question is a resounding yes!). How will you meet someone, how will you tell someone, when should you tell someone?

Sex and intimacy can be one of the most personal and vulnerable topics. Even in our support group, where there is no judgment, no questions too "taboo," it is difficult for some people to open up. Although sex and intimacy will be a future meeting topic, for now, please check the links below so you can explore this topic on your own. (Please remember, these are link suggestions, not endorsements.)

Articles and YouTube Videos
UOAA Over 30 discussions and articles regarding sex and intimacy.
The Vegan Ostomy Discussion and video interview
American Cancer Society - Intimacy and Sexuality When You Have an Ostomy
Newbie Ostomy - Dating & Sex with an Ostomy
(All major manufacturers have their own links on this topic!)

Romantic Clothing and Lingerie
Vanilla Blush Clothing for men and women
Etsy (Gallery of Individual Artists' ostomy clothing)
Ostomy Secrets Clothing collections for men and women

Online Groups and Facebook Chat Rooms (Dating)

Please have a wonderful Valentines Day and remember ... WE LOVE YOU!

P.S. Any resemblance, of the cupcake hearts to stomas, is entirely coincidental!
We are making progress! Things Change and Things Stay the Same (almost). Although our E-mail address and Website will remain the same, they will be moving to a new home: Constant Contact (this is where our newsletter has been generated). They have been a wonderful resource in the past, and incredibly patient with our "un-tech savvy" staff. We will now be able to combine all of our communication platforms into one simple bundle (saving time and money). There may be up to a two week delay while we transition, but things should be even better than before. We'll keep you posted!
Would You Like a Name Tag?
Can we make you a name tag? Please E-mail your first and last name and the correct designation (type of ostomy, family member, care provider, or medical professional) and we’ll try to have it ready for you at the next meeting.   E-mail: support@oago.org.
"Ostomy Speak"
We'll be back next month!
UOAA United Ostomy Association of America
The UOAA is an amazing resource for ostomy information and advocacy. We, at OAGO, are affiliate support group members (ASG). UOAA provides guidance, training, (conferences), and many of the wonderful articles you’ve read through the years in our newsletters. You can always access UOAA information through their website: www.ostomy.org. However, why not become an individual member?

Online Membership are only $25 annually. This entitles you to a one year online subscription to The Phoenix magazine, an electronic version of the New Ostomy Patient Guide, and a UOAA membership pin. Members will also receive the monthly UOAA e-Newsletter (even better than ours!) and are entitled to vote in UOAA’s national elections.
Member News
We have added a "Member News" section to our newsletter! Please E-mail any important life events: "stomaversaries," new jobs, birth announcements, impending surgeries, etc. to newsletter@oagohome.org. and we'll try to get the information into our next newsletter.
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