Polyps (of the colon)

Polyps are small groups of cells that can grow in the mucous membrane of your colon (protruding into the "tube"). There are two kinds - pendunculated (like a little mushroom ... attached by a stalk) or sessile (attached flat against the membrane wall). Most polyps start out benign, but they can, over time, become malignant. Polyps are often found during routine colonoscopies and often removed at the time of the procedure (as a preventative measure). Though polyps usually grow without symptoms, as they get larger, some people might experience rectal bleeding, change in stool color, pain, or iron deficiency anemia. The larger the polyp, the more likely there is to be a problem. (By the way, almost 50% of us will develop polyps as we get older!) Yes, ostomates can still get colonoscopies though the "route" may vary.