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The program for our November meeting will an informal "round robin" of sharing, visiting, discussing current issues,and getting to know each other a little better. Originally, the second half of the meeting was slated for the elections of new officers for 2020. Although we will still have our committee signup sheets available (we really need you!), our "formal" elections will take place at our December meeting.
Greetings Everyone,

I recently had an appointment with my new colorectal surgeon. Of course, I always try to promote OAGO, and the doctor and his staff seemed genuinely interested in our program. I shared the few copies of our OAGO pamphlet that I carry in my purse and promised to bring the full physician’s packet (flyers, cards, magnets, etc.) with me, to my next visit.

My next appointment was sooner than I planned and I didn't have everything ready. When I apologized, imagine my surprise (and delight) when I was told that, indeed, the all original materials had been given out. But, here's the best part; because the practice found our flyer so helpful to their patients, they made extra copies - on their own! One of the nurses even expressed interest in attending a meeting.

We are needed! OAGO has so much to offer - we just need to let people know we are here. At our December meeting we will be preparing a whole new set of materials - both packets for our physicians and health care providers and packets for our new members. Together we will fold, stuff, and stamp, while we nibble on appetizers and desserts (that's where you come in!) and just enjoy each other's company.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (Eat well and chew...chew…chew!)

Yours truly,
Erica Michaels

P.S. We don't collect our 2020 dues until January and unfortunately our coffers are running a little low. If anyone would like to make a special donation that will go towards printing costs and/or postage, we would be extremely grateful. Please call: 407-359-1746 for further information.
Have you paid your dues?
Our yearly membership is only $20.00 a year. We are a non-profit organization, so every penny is important. We need your support to continue to grow. If you haven't yet paid your dues, simply bring them to the next meeting or pay them right from our website You can also mail them to: Patrick Rodgers, Treasurer, 309 E Citrus Street Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Your picture belongs here! Send us a picture and tell us your story. In addition to featuring our ostomates, we would love to highlight our caregivers! We'd also love to hear from our new members. If you are interested, please E-mail:
Many manufacturers have excellent patient information resources. These programs not only include articles, videos, and product samples, and in most cases, in-house ostomy or wound care nurses, they also offer special individualized patient programs. It's nice to have readily available access to information, right from your own home. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, just "click" on the links below. These programs are free (and they welcome you even if you don't currently use their products); why not explore all three?

Several times a year, UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America) is kind enough to share a number of interesting and informative articles with their ASGs (Affiliated Support Groups). A new batch of articles will be coming soon. In addition we've put together a group of newsletter editors, from around the country, who have offered to share articles from their members, as well. Upcoming topics will include: traveling with an ostomy, new products on the horizon, famous ostomates (who you may not even know had ostomies), and ostomy issues in the workplace. We are looking for members who would like to be part of our "newsletter staff." If you are interested, please sign up at our November meeting, or E-mail:
Would You Like a Name Tag?
Can we make you a name tag? Please E-mail your first and last name and the correct designation (type of ostomy, family member, care provider, or medical professional) and we’ll try to have it ready for you at the next meeting.   E-mail:
Monthly Fund Raiser!

We are looking for fundraiser ideas! If you know of any companies that will host “online” fundraisers, please let us know. Or, if you have your own business, or work for a company that would like to donate goods or services as a raffle prize, that would be great as well!
"Ostomy Speak"
Adapting to life with an ostomy can a challenge. But what’s with these new words! Appliance? Pancaking? Barbie Butt? Some terms come from medical terminology, but others are “insider” words (slang expressions) used by ostomates who “live” them first hand.
The morpheme “ectomy” refers to the surgical removal of a body part i.e. tonsillectomy, lumpectomy, appendectomy. 

Of course, as colostomates, we will often hear the word, “colectomy.” To be more specific, “-ectomy” is added to the name of the specific part of the intestine being removed. A colectomy refers to the colon; a duodenectomy to the duodenum, jejunectomy to the jejunum, and ileectomy to the ileum. 
A colectomy is the surgical procedure to remove part or all of the large intestine (and when necessary some surrounding tissue). A proctocolectomy is the removal of the entire colon. A subtotal colectomy is when the entire colon is removed, but the rectum remains intact (occasionally called a partial colectomy). 
Bowel resection is another name for a partial colectomy (removal of a section of large intestine or rectum). There can be many reasons for this procedure: cancer; diverticulitis, Crohn’s, endometriosis, etc. Sometimes, it is done as a result of a trauma or injury; sometimes to correct a birth anomaly. It can also be done prophylactically (preventively) for example with certain polyps. The surgery can either immediately connect the remaining sections of the bowel to each other (anastomosis), or a section of the intestine can be “diverted” through the abdomen, resulting in a stoma. 

We have just added three new books to our OAGO Library!  Courage Takes Guts by Lois Fink, Crohn’s In terrupted: Living Life Triumphantly, and Crohn’s Interrupted – 7 Steps to Love Your Ostomy by Makeda Armorer-Wade. Book checkouts and returns are available at the end of each meeting. Plus, you will soon be able to share your thoughts about what you’ve read on our Facebook Page! (Are your our next librarian?)
UOAA United Ostomy Association of America
The UOAA is an amazing resource for ostomy information and advocacy. We, at OAGO, are affiliate support group members (ASG). UOAA provides guidance, training, (conferences), and many of the wonderful articles you’ve read through the years in our newsletters. You can always access UOAA information through their website: However, why not become an individual member?

Online Membership are only $25 annually. This entitles you to a one year online subscription to The Phoenix magazine, an electronic version of the New Ostomy Patient Guide, and a UOAA membership pin. Members will also receive the monthly UOAA e-Newsletter (even better than ours!) and are entitled to vote in UOAA’s national elections.
Member News
We have added a "Member News" section to our newsletter! Please E-mail any important life events: "stomaversaries," new jobs, birth announcements, impending surgeries, etc. to and we'll try to get the information into our next newsletter.
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Thank you sponsors, donors, and advertisers. Your support of OAGO allows us to reach out to fellow ostomates and provide quality information and programs.
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Phoenix Magazine is a fantastic publication for ostomates and their families.
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