August 2018 E-News
CE Hours, Trade Show, Networking, and more at the OAR 2018 Fall Convention!
TODAY is the last day to get the special EARLY BIRD registration rate of $180! Don't fret: you'll still be able to register later, but why delay securing your seat on this can't-miss event? The event will have high-value CE, knowledgeable speakers, and outstanding networking opportunities. We hope you'll join us in Eugene!
Flood Insurance Funding Protected

It was down to the wire, but both the House and Senate of Congress just  passed an extension for funding of the National Flood Insurance Program . The extension buys four more months of funding but a compromise will need to be reached in the long term so the program has greater sustainability. The needs and reasonable premium contributions of homeowners in flood zones must be balanced against the government’s ability to make up the difference. Thank you to everyone who completed the recent call-for-action on this issue. Your participation really does make a difference as the power of numbers in the Realtor® family is very real when it comes to policy influence.
WARNING: Sophisticated Spoofing

There is a growing national problem of cyber-criminals who have  tried to divert nearly $1 billion  from real estate transactions during the last fiscal year through fraudulent wire transfers, up from just $19 million the prior year. They appear to have become more sophisticated at targeting the mortgage process and homebuyers should definitely be aware of the risk and take precautions. Essentially a hacker gets into an email account and just waits, lurking quietly, scanning the conversations for an opportune time to impersonate the broker and redirect the clients’ money to a fraudulent account. These cases have become increasingly common, a large one most recently in Oregon, and the hackers are going after professionals from all parts of the transaction. To learn more about this situation and how to look for clues to warn and protect your clients, not to mention yourself,  click here to read more .
We’re headed to the ballot!
Last month, the Oregon Secretary of State certified the “A Tax is a Tax” measure for the ballot. This measure will ensure that any efforts to alter the mortgage interest deduction or eliminate property tax deductions in Oregon require a three-fifths supermajority in the legislature. As you may remember, Oregon legislators considered proposals during the 2017 legislative session that would have ended or greatly restricted both of these important deductions. The A Tax is a Tax measure protects these important tools for homeownership.
Thank you to all of the members and local associations who helped us qualify for the ballot. Ultimately, over 174,000 Oregonians signed the petition. Now we’re focused on assembling a winning campaign to educate Oregon voters. Any day now, we will receive our official measure number, and launch the campaign’s website. Watch for more on that soon and please remember to vote in November.
Upcoming Classes
August 2 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. | At Home With Diversity
6 CE Hours | Salem, OR
At Home With Diversity is an educational experience designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry. More importantly, the class teaches how real estate professionals can increase their sensitivity and adaptability to future market trends. Additionally, you will learn to thrive as an effective service provider and community leader. The course addresses issues of diversity, fair housing, and cultural differences. All three subjects are closely related and have value for real estate professionals who must serve diverse local markets.
August 6 | 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. | Oregon Real Estate Agency (OREA) Board Meeting
3 CE Hours | Pendleton, OR
Do you know what the Oregon Real Estate Agency is or why it's important to you? The Oregon Real Estate Agency is administered by the Real Estate Commissioner, who is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Agency oversees the education, examination, licensure and regulation of Oregon's real estate professionals. And now you can see how they run! Joint he Agency for their bi-monthly Board Meeting. Gain and in depth look at how the OREA works and earn 3 hours of CE in the process. includes lunch!
August 6 | 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Attention: Violation Prevention!
3 CE Hours | Pendleton, OR
Selina Barnes, OREA Regulations Division Manager, will provide the class with an exceptional overview on best practices to prevent potential violations in your everyday work. This course will help keep you in compliance with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.
August 16 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Sellers
6 CE Hours | Pendleton, OR
"Working with Sellers" is a comprehensive look at acquiring and maintaining positive seller relationships. This course will give you the tools needed to uncover sellers, market your strengths, price the property, win the listing, and be competent in your abilities to maintain a working rapport with your sellers during and after the transaction. The goal is to have clients for life who will refer your services.
August 23 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. | Transactions
6 CE Hours | Salem, OR
This course will cover various aspects of "The Transaction" including risk management, records retention, contracts, timelines, and more. You will learn ways to use popular transaction management systems and platforms to reduce risk and create strategies to manage your business, contracts, and contacts by using the tools that are discussed.
Oregon REALTORS ® Online Learning
After member feedback and requests for a way to access online content AND receive Oregon CE credit, we launched an online platform for that to happen. Oregon REALTORS ® Online Learning is your one-stop shop for high-value information that allows you to learn at your convenience and earn CE credit!
For a nominal price of $10/course on a wide diversity
of topics, there are currently 25+ webinars adding up
to 30+ CE hours available for you to take! Using your computer, tablet, or phone - earning CE has never
been easier!
Legal Hotline Q&A
You asked: Following the closing of a home sale, the seller removed a coat rack that was secured to the wall. Buyer believes that the coat rack was part of the home and therefore should have remained upon close. The coat rack was not listed as an excluded fixture in the contract as seller did not believe it to be a fixture. Should it have remained?
2019 Oregon Leadership Academy

Are you established in your career and are now looking to get involved with and rise in association volunteer leadership? Invest in yourself through this program of professional development that will ground you in leadership theory as well as practical application to the REALTOR ® association world.

Save the dates below and find out more through your local association or contact Lori Broncheau at OAR (800-252-9115) / ).

Applications are available now for the 2019 three-part session. 
  • Feb. 6 – 8 (Oregon Garden Resort, Silverton)
  • Apr. 17 – 19 (Five Pines Resort, Sisters)
  • Jun. 5 – 7 (Salishan Resort, Gleneden Beach)
Crush It!
Crush it as you enjoy the wine-themed best industry party of the year! Eat, drink, and network to your heart's content while helping to deliver affordable housing to families across Oregon .
We hope you will join us in supporting this event and the HOME Foundation by donating a gift certificate, basket, weekend getaway, sporting event tickets, or service for the Taste of Portland Silent Auction. Every dollar raised assists others to realize the dream of homeownership! A silent auction donation form can be downloaded by clicking the button below. If you choose to participate, please complete the form and return it via mail, email, or fax by September 13, 2018
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