Aged Invoice Report Changes
Many of you run this Aged Invoice Report monthly to see all invoices not fully paid.
Due to some required algorithm changes in this reporting tool, the report will now run by Inactive customers as well as Active customers.
The results of the change may cause your report be much larger than before showing invoices from customers that are Inactive (and may have been Inactive since you started using OASIS). We apologize for this change. We understand this data likely has no value

Please let us know, we can help!

Check your Hard Drive Space!
Better late than never! Now is the time to make a resolution to protect your OASIS Data.

MONTHLY - Check your hard drive space on the machine that holds your OASIS Database (oasis.db)
Make sure you have adequate space for the year! We get at least one call a month from a group who ran out of space and OASIS stopped!

Don’t let this happen to you! Make a resolution to check regularly!

Navigating the Calendar

OASIS allows users to view a personal calendar, as well as a public calendar for the entire agency. Users can control how much of the calendar is displayed at one time, and control what is displayed on the calendar.
January Webinar | Problem POs & Disputed Invoices
O4 Development Status Updated
We update our O4 Development Status each quarter. In January the project section has been moved to complete.

Submittals are in Beta Testing!
The Submittal section in O4 is now available for beta testing!

Please provide us with any feedback you might have.