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New Manufacturer Connectivity
JESCO - Downloadable Pricing

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Monthly Maintenance
Ingen Software has monthly planned maintenance windows. These take place on the Saturday after the monthly production release, which is generally the first Tuesday of the month, during the hours of 10:00 AM Central through 8:00 PM Central. During these maintenance windows, operating system updates and patches will be applied to our Windows and Red Hat Linux servers, firewalls, and switches as necessary. Therapeutic reboots of virtualization hosts may also be performed. Temporary outages can be expected during these planned maintenance windows. 

This month's maintenance window was Saturday, July 11, 2020. 

Next planned maintenance windows:
8/8/2020, 9/5/2020, 10/10/2020, 11/7/2020, 12/5/2020.
Navigating the Basics: Find Feature in Projects
The "Find" feature in Oasis allows any user to look up a project they have worked on. This feature allows anybody to search under submittals, specifiers, notes, attachments, search keys, basics, money, internal, or parties.

Advanced Tip: Saving and Applying Project Layouts
Users can set preferences to customize their view of the Projects page. Creating and saving multiple layouts provides users with the ability to utilize different layouts for different tasks. These layouts can be shared by all users in the office. They are not user specific. To create a new layout, users must set preferences for the project.

Disappearing OASIS Window
If your Oasis window does not seem to be on the screen, on the taskbar, hold down shift+right-click, and maximize your window.

Community Forum

 We are always looking for new ways to improve our software. Feel free to share feature requests and new ideas to add to OASIS!

O4 Users
Project Editor Beta
We have been working hard to make OASIS easier to use from home. One of the biggest things we have been working on to add to O4 is the project editor. If this is something you are interested in testing please reach out to us so we can look into getting your company set up on beta.

Please note that your company must be actively using O4 to test this product.
Win/ Loss Tile
The Win/ Loss Tile tracks wins, losses, and unknown quote counts and values by quote statuses for a time period. All quote statuses map to a win, a lost, an unknown, or an ignored state. The Win/ Loss Tile tracks the totals for each status to help track overall hit rate.
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