Hello, OAXIS family!

It’s so exciting to wake up every morning with a vision so strong and so clear it catapults us out of bed ready for whatever progress we can make daily, weekly, monthly! We don’t take your interest in Oaxis for granted so we want to make sure that we share with you the up-to-date details of everything that’s been going on since July 18, 2018!

Since we received our Kickstarter funding we have not stopped moving forward with getting our new streaming platform set up and organized properly. In order to create and license the high-quality, family content we want to bring to the world of entertainment, we set several things in motion:

  1. We have set up our legal infrastructure for creative submissions. We have to have this in place if we are to make any deals with creative people and acquire content for the platform. We are very happy with our progress.
  2. We’ve started designing the look and function of the official OAXIS platform. Can’t wait to show you all our progress as we move forward.
  3. We’ve begun researching children’s books to acquire the rights for possible content. We are excited to find the ones that fit our family-focused model so we can make movies and series out of them.
  4. We are SO excited to let you know that we’ve also begun our “Mama Bear” program. This involves some amazing stay-at-home moms who have agreed to act as our ‘human filters’. Basically, they are reading all of the children’s books we’ve selected and scanning them closely to see whether or not they are going to be appropriate for our entertainment model. We plan on expanding this program as we move forward and are already very excited with it’s progress. 

In short, we’re doing as much as we possibly can at this point and we are so excited to be moving forward! We are still meeting potential investors and anticipate reaching our full funding goals for 2018. We look forward to sharing even more good news with you very soon. 

Thanks again for all your support!


Butch Hartman
Oaxis Entertainment