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He Has Risen!
It seems like the days move faster and faster each month. We have made it through another Lent and now we celebrate the Easter Season! I hope each of us will take some time to see how the Lord brings new life to our lives.

As we take in this season of Resurrection there is also much for us to anticipate and prepare for in the next few months. Please be sure to pay special attention to the calendar of events and mark down the things you might want to participate in. If you have questions be sure to call Alecia at the office and she can provide direction.

In particular, we call your attention to the scholarships being offered for the Institute for Black Catholic Studies. This is a great opportunity to take courses with some of the leading theologians around the country. As we prepare for the future we have to make sure that we are equipping ourselves with the tools necessary to be effective ministers in the Church.

Also, we call your attention to the Lyke Conference and the Joint Conference. The Lyke Conference is a great opportunity for liturgical ministers to get training to better serve at Mass. This weekend conference gives us the opportunity for the continuing education we all need. Don't miss out when it is in our backyard.

The Joint Conference will also be here this summer. The Joint Conference is the name of the gathering of the Black Sisters, Black Deacons, Black Seminarians and Black Priests. This year both the Black Sisters and Black Clergy Caucus will celebrate 50 years of existence. We have the opportunity to thank these women and men for their service to the Church and encourage them in their vocation. This is also a great chance to expose our children to the opportunities that exist for them to serve the Church.

So, be sure to mark your calendars now for all these great things happening in our community.

Much Love,

Fr. Daniel & Alecia
Upcoming Events

April 20-22, 2018: Habari Gani Retreat
June 19-23, 2018: Archbishop Lyke Conference
June 25-July 13, 2018: Institute for Black Catholic Studies
July 30, 2018: Joint Conference Opening Mass
July 31, 2018: Joint Conference Gospel Fest
August 2, 2018: Joint Conference Closing Liturgy

If you click on the event titles listed in gold they will take you to a flier or website for more information.