March 2018  Edition

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to our March Newsletter. We hope you are doing very well.

Arrangements are in top gear for our 2018 Kingdom Empowerment Conference. There is such an excitement for all Father God is going to do at the conference.

We would like to encourage you to register by going to our website and click on Register Now (for Abuja or Lagos).

Or send a text with name( surname first), gender, email, mobile no, church, and state to the following numbers; (ABUJA - 09063901916  or 08163510857 ) OR (LAGOS - 07034371401 or 08097167491).

This will enable you avoid long queues, and get you to your seats quickly. If you have attended any of our conferences before, please pray in your loved ones. Above all, please join us in prayer as we seek an open heaven for all that Father God wants to give to us all.

Help us advertise the conference. Like us on facebook and share the flyers and adverts to all on your contact list.

Kingdom Empowerment Conference 2018 - ABUJA & LAGOS
Kingdom Empowerment Conference 2018 - ABUJA & LAGOS

Register Now (Abuja)

Register Now  (Lagos)
We would like you to diarize the dates for our 2018 Kingdom Conference on the flyer. We will be celebra ting the 5th (fifth) anniversary of Lapis Lazuli Ministries and the work the Lord set us up to do.

We urge you to be like the friends of the paralytic man who did everything in their power to see him get before the Lord and get healed (Mark 2 v 2-10). 

Please invite and pray in all your contacts from far and wide. The Lord promises to do abundantly more than we have ever seen.

The conference is free, but bringing guest speakers, ministry teams, venues etc, costs a lot of money. Please get in touch with our office or send us an email if you would like to know how you can help us. 

If you have been blessed in any way by these  Kingdom Conferences, and would like to support us as we seek to bless so many more, please  click here to donate. Thank you.

Registration portal is now open, please register now.


The importance of obedience is often under-estimated. It's a big deal in the Kingdom of God, and one of the keys that releases God's mighty favour.

Jesus tried to help His disciples understand this. In Mark 3:31-35, we read about Jesus' mother and brothers coming to visit Him, and they sent word to call Him. He had a crowd sitting around Him, so they also prompted Him about His family waiting for Him. In answer, Jesus told the crowd that whoever did the things God wills, is His brother, sister and mother.

In other words, He was implying that it's not only about physical connection but also spiritual connection too. He was implying that because He only does what He sees the Father doing, that means He does His Father's will (John 5:19). Therefore, whoever does His Father's will is related to Him as brother, sister or mother. 

The advice Father God gave in Mark 9:7 was to affirm Jesus as His Beloved Son, and to instruct us to listen to and obey Him. Mary, the mother of Jesus, gave the same advice, asking the servants at the wedding in Cana to obey Jesus.

Jesus connected obedience and love beautifully in these chapters below. He taught that if we love Him, we would keep His commandments. (John 14:15, 21-24, 31; 15:10-12). We are being told here that our ability to obey Jesus is a reflection of our love for Him. As we spend time in His Presence and learn to love Jesus more, our ability to obey will grow.

Discipline does not ensure obedience, and only goes some of the way, but devotion ensures obedience and goes all the way.

The greatest example of obedience from a place of love is seen in Jesus's journey to the Cross. He knew about the betrayal, shame, pain, flogging, and other inhuman treatment that was coming for Him, but He chose to obey His Father's will and die for us who He loved. He aligned with Father God's way of reconciling us back to Him.

Do we often struggle with God's method of doing things? Are we slow to obey because we don't really like God's method? Slow obedience really is disobedience. Let's throw off procrastination and all those tactics the enemy uses to slow the expansion of the Kingdom.

To show how important this is, Father God has given us a new heart in the new covenant to obey Him. (Ezekiel 37:27). Our new hearts war against the flesh. As we surrender our lives to Him, over time we begin to change, and our character begins to form, conforming to His likeness. Soon our will merges with His and our behaviour begins to match our new heart. God gives us His Spirit to live within us, and we find that obeying God becomes a delight. The Holy Spirit empowers us and we are strengthened to do the will of God. 

It's important that we don't obey Father God from a place of fear of punishment, or to make our Pastor pleased with us. The type of obedience that pleases Father God is one done out of a place of desiring to bring pleasure to Him.

Simple joyful, eager, unquestioning obedience is what our Lord desires. This only comes from a heart yielded completely to Him. What great pleasure we would give Father God if, like the Psalmist, we say, "I delight to do your will, O my God".

(Psalm 40:8).

  • Ask Father God what is holding you back from obeying Him fully. Please give a word or a picture.
  • Ask who you need to forgive for teaching you this.
  • Say a short prayer to repent of your partnership with this lack of obedience.
  • As you hand this over to Father God, ask what gift He has to give to you in exchange.

We would love to receive feedback from you.

Mina x


Good News! Good News!!

Extended Personal Bethel Sozo Sessions will hold in Lagos (30th of April to 5th of May, 2018) and Abuja (Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th of May, 2018).

To book for a personal Sozo session, kindly send a mail to or call Idara on 08167476969. For more information about Bethel Sozo, please visit: or

God Bless,

Bethel Sozo Network Nigeria Team

May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve us all.

God's blessings,

Femi and Mina Bajomo

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  • Thanksgiving for the return of the girls that were kidnapped from Dapchi. We bless God for looking after them and causing them to be returned.
  • Thank God for the safe return of lone Dapchi Christian schoolgirl, Leah Sharibu.
  • Pray for safety and quick return of those still kept. We pray for comfort to parents who have lost children to criminal and vicious attacks. 
  • Pray for God's mighty Presence, anointing, impartation and healing at the 2018 Kingdom Empowerment Conference taking place in Abuja and Lagos. Pray that all the arrangements come together well and all travel is safe.
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34. A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 

35. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."

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