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Wednesday, October 19, 2022



Dear Dana Point Boaters,

Agenda Item 14 regarding approving the Ground Lessor’s Estoppel Certificates and Agreements to Bank OZK was actually on the Board’s Consent Calendar and not listed on the Agenda as a Discussion Item.


Consent Calendar matters are approved by one motion unless pulled by a Board Member for discussion or separate action. Any member of the public may ask the Board to be heard on any item on the Consent Calendar.


Supervisor Katrina Foley pulled Agenda Item 14 from the Consent Calendar.  She had questions and requested that the agenda item be tabled until the next Board of Supervisors meeting to ensure her questions could be addressed. This item was unanimously tabled until the next meeting on November 8, 2022, until it wasn’t. Click here (at 9:57) for the first section of the video (click on the First Agenda Item #14 link in the lower scrollbar below the video screen.)

The item was reopened later in the meeting by Supervisor Bartlett for reconsideration because of an urgent text message received by OC Deputy Real Estate Officer Brian Bauer at 10:11 a.m.

Every boater needs to watch both videos! All we can say is WOW! You don’t want to miss this one!

Click here (at1:06:33) for the video on the second deliberation of this topic. (click on the Second Agenda Item #14 link between items 22 and 23 in the lower scrollbar below the video screen.)

To whet your appetite…..

Here’s an interesting quote from County Executive Officer Frank Kim during today’s deliberation: “The County does not have the authority to dictate to the Partners the rate of the various slips or the manner and size of the various slips that exist in the harbor.”

Did Frank Kim really say that? Let that sink in, boaters. By making that statement, Frank Kim is acknowledging that DPHP does not have to comply with the Coastal Development Permit nor the Local Coastal Plan. Is Orange County actually admitting on video that there is no oversight of this $328 million dollar project?

Kudos to Supervisor Foley and Supervisor Do for exercising due diligence and trying to fully understand the ramifications of the Estoppel Agreement.

We won’t spoil the ending, but we bet you can guess what happened. It is Orange County. Be sure to share your comments by filing a BLP (click here).

November 8th is Election Day. Before you vote, consider who on the ballot is willing to challenge the status quo and has the best interests of Orange County citizens and taxpayers at heart.




As always, we encourage you to send your comments to the Board of Supervisors at

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