The health and well-being of Orange County Government employees is a top priority. YOU matter. And we want you to know, we're in this together.

As a result, we developed an initiative specifically for employees and their families. The goal is to build resilience and, most importantly, support each other through our individual journeys towards optimal mental health.

Podcast Recording:

Selfcare During the Holidays with a Focus on Grief and Loss
Listen to the podcast as Cathedra Winston shares some selfcare tips and strategies for dealing with grief and loss.
Stress Busting
We are all living through an incredibly difficult time. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought change, loss grief and stress.

While this stress may feel overwhelming, there are things we can do to calm our bodies and brains.

Stress Busting Tips:
Connect with a Professional
Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employees and their family members (spouse and children) have access to six free counseling sessions for every six month period. Virtual or in-person counseling is available.

In order to utilize counseling services through the EAP, you must call 1-855-221-8925. You will be asked for our Web ID (ORANGECOUNTY).

A representative will connect you with a professional that fits your needs so you can schedule a free appointment.
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