May 20, 2021
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The headlines have been full of ransomware hitting major companies, hospitals, and infrastructure. Due to today’s cyber climate, we have become numb to it unfortunately. Yet Southern California has been the epicenter of great cybersecurity technology and therefore is on the front lines of battling some of these recent crippling incidents. 

With that in mind, we’re partnering up with Cox Business, the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, and the CISO Roundtable to bring cybersecurity tech workers together for our first major (virtual) event: Fresh Brewed Tech Live: Cybersecurity Night. We’ll hand-match you with other industry professionals, bring you expert speakers, and have cocktail table-like small discussions to link up over specific areas of interest. 

For readers of this newsletter, get early access to the June 15 event here.

Also, have you seen Newport-based Chipotle and singer/farmer Jason Mraz teamed up to create a sustainable farms/food tech accelerator? Applications are due by May 27.

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Zach Silverman discusses his background and interest in helping more people understand and be inspired to invest in private companies.
He started a group, Educated Investors, and it's quickly grown into a vibrant online community of investors.
Director of Customer Experience
Vanity Planet (Newport Beach)

Customer Success Account Manager
Microsoft (Irvine)

eCommerce Director
Fox Racing (Irvine)

Director, Product Innovation & Category Development
Kinsa Group (San Clemente)
Partnerships Development Manager
Twitch (Irvine)

Senior Product Manager
SAP (Newport Beach)

Channel Marketing Manager
Sellers Hub (Newport Beach)

Customer Success Manager
Interactive Resources (Orange County)
Uncharted & Chipotle Cultivate Foundation
Chipotle Aluminaries Project

Fresh Squeezed Tech Live: Cybersecurity Night
Kajabi, knowledge e-commerce platform, $550M private equity with Tiger Global Management and Owl Rock Capital

MRB Direct, SAAS provider for compliance and banking solutions for cash intensive industries, receives $125M venture fund managed by Austin Capital General

Fuel50, AI-powered opportunity marketplace, secures $36M in Series B with Shearwater Capital and Peak Span Capital

AXON Networks, AI-driven analytics-based orchestration platform, raises $27M Series A

Syxsense, IT management and security solution organization, $6M venture round (series unknown) with Oquirrh Ventures and Origami Capital Partners
TestVonics acquired Newport-based Raptor Scientific

Irvine-based Vuria acquired Vincit California

Irvine-based Trigr Therapeutics acquired Compass for $350M

Irvine-based Lineups acquired Cartena Media for $40M
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