November 10, 2021
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The biggest news is Rivian going public. A massive IPO at $65 billion and for it to be an Irvine-based company is even better news. Also related to this is the $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill, which includes $384 million for California EV infrastructure build out. The funds would help significantly on adoption, which will benefit the large EV maker ecosystem of OC. Lastly is Tesla testing the charging of non-Tesla cars at their superchargers. This should rapidly increase adoption, as less people should worry about range anxiety.

I’m really excited about the EV space and OC stands to gain tremendously because of it. Onward!

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MERGE (Costa Mesa)

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Rivian (Irvine)

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HyperX Digital Marketing Specialist HP (Fountain Valley, CA)
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TiE - November 11

Tory Burch - November 12

Startup Council - November 16

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Tech Yeah! Free OC Startups Mixer - SlingStir - November 18

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Founders First - November 30 

ENP - November 30th
Spartan Radar, biometric automotive radar solutions, $15M Series A Prime Movers Lab , MaC Venture Capital, 8VC

Huckleberry Labs, family wellness with AI, $12.5M from Morningside Ventures, Burst Capital, and Tamarisc Ventures

Givsum, management and engagement platform, $2M seed from Steelbridge Laboratories

Plant Culture Systems, hydroponic growing chambers, $380.4K 

Abbot’s Butcher, premium plant-based meats, undisclosed amount in Series A from Melitas Ventures
Metagenics,  life sciences company focused on reversing chronic illness, by Gryphon Investors for an undisclosed amount 

Zumasys, IT company providing cloud services, by Rocket Software for an undisclosed amount

Tolemar, aftermarket motorcycle part producer, by BRS for an undisclosed amount

Mirion Technologies, detection, measurement, analysis to nuclear, defense, medical and research end markets, by Charterhouse Capital Partners

Enterprise Automation, reliable, high-quality solutions, by Tetra Tech for an undisclosed amount

Twentytwenty Insurance Services, employee benefits brokerage, by Heffernan Insurance Brokers for an undisclosed amount

HireRight, employment screening services, by USIS for $249M

Pipe Lining Supply, sewer materials, by Waterline Renewal Technologies, for an undisclosed amount
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