December 17, 2021
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It’s the end of the year already! 2021 was a wild one, especially in terms of venture funding, public markets, and exits, which theoretically is returning capital back to the private markets.

So far for 2021, I’m seeing $2.3 billion in private funding in OC compared to 2020’s $1.8 billion. While it’s progress, it might not be at the step function of global VC funding trends we’re seeing, but we’ll do a deeper dive when final numbers come in by early 2022.

Of note, is the amount of IPOs. Five OC companies went public in 2020 and in 2021, 22 companies went public. That’s a lot of liquidity events.

Also a major gain in 2021 — new startup reporter Audrey Kemp took up the beat. Welcome Audrey! Check out the stories she’s been writing for the OC Business Journal, like this one on Pear Sports, if you haven’t. I’m happy to connect you if you want to introduce your company to her.

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Houzz (Irvine)

Salesforce (Irvine) 

Specright (Tustin)
Anuvu, connectivity and content in mobility markets, $50M private equity from Sound Point Capital Management, Arbour Lane, Apollo Capital Management

Veros Credit, auto financing, $39.6M venture capital
Del Taco, mexican fast food, by Jack in the box for $575M

Aussie Pet Mobile, pet grooming, by Home Franchise Concepts for undisclosed amount

Brower Group, smart PR content & marketing, by The Smart Agency for undisclosed amount 

Blue Violet Networks, IP Voice, data, and HD Video Surveillance, by The Cook & Boardman for undisclosed amount 

We Sleeve-It, blank aluminum cans, by Saxco international for undisclosed amoun
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