August 25, 2021
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The latest Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies is out and 106 OC companies are on it. I dove deep into the data to categorize what kinds of companies these are, what industries they are in, and any other trends I could find.

First and foremost — and not shocking to anyone — there’s a lot of real estate-related financial services companies here. And they have been booming during COVID with all the real estate transactions, so they are some of the fastest growing too.

About 10% of the OC companies are tech and venture-backed. This is a mix of software and hardware companies. We’ll probably see more venture backed D2C and e-commerce on this list by next year too.

The majority of the companies were service-based with marketing, staffing, IT and consulting as the largest represented, which is aligned with what we see with most economies, largely small and medium-sized businesses making up more than 90% of businesses.

Overall, great to see a strong, growing business community, especially during these times. Here’s to helping more of our local companies get on this list by next year.

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Smart Circle International (Newport Beach)

Netskope (Irvine)

HashiCorp (Santa Ana)

PwC (Irvine)
Paychex (Costa Mesa)

Flexfit (Brea)

Hyundai Capital America (Newport Beach)

Hach (Orange)
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Syntr Health Technologies, body contouring devices, $2.2M Seed round with Dane Shackleford and Propel(X)

Electric GT, EV components and Powertrain systems, $250K Seed round with an unknown list of investors

AWM Smart Shelf, virtual in-store experience, $190K Venture round with an unknown list of investors

BlueOne Card, prepaid card solutions, $116K Seed round with an unknown list of investors

Select Interior Concepts, interior selections and merchandising, by Sun Capital Partners for $411M

Bill’s Sweeping Service, construction equipment supplier, by Sweeping Corporations of America for an undisclosed amount

Seal Science, sealing application design engineering, by Integrated Polymer Solutions for an undisclosed amount

Simplext Digital, automotive texting provider, by Fox Dealer for an undisclosed amount
PharmaCyte Biotech, cancer-focused biotechnology, went public (NYSE: PMCB) and raised over $15M in their IPO
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