Where do we go from here? After writing statements of support and solidarity over the summer, many organizations are ready to take the next steps in creating equitable workplaces. But fear of making mistakes and inexperience have become barriers to action. In 2021, OC Human Relations will begin a new initiative to support organizations in taking their next steps to address racial equity.

The focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) over the past six months presents an opportunity and a challenge as more entities look to organizational change, accountability and recruiting and retaining diverse employees.

Orange County Together (OC Together) aims to meet this challenge by mobilizing and empowering local organizations to enhance DEI efforts and supporting them to create and sustain an equitable organizational culture. To meet the call for “what’s next,” OC Human Relations launched the OC Together initiative to address long-term change needed to create practices to address racial equity in places of business/nonprofits, with their employees and with those they serve. [read more on our website]
"Everyone in Orange County deserves to work in a safe and inclusive workplace, when that happens, together we are creating a more equitable county where the people who grew up here can stay and grow and contribute to our communities.” - Alison Edwards, CEO
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