H.B. 218 Hearing - Healthcare freedom and exemption expansion bill

To:               Members of the General Government Budget Committee

From:           Chris Long, President Ohio Christian Alliance

Re:               Interested Party Testimony on H.B. 218

"The legislation that you are considering today is in some ways too late to help the thousands of Ohioans who have already lost their jobs or have been displaced from their jobs that they loved and to which they were dedicated, simply because their right to choose their own health decision as to whether or not to take the COVID -19 vaccine jeopardized their employment.


Legislation that expands exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio should have been passed months ago. Unfortunately, competing and conflicting interests caused the legislation to stall, and as a result, Ohioans suffered real loss and personal damage.  Many of them cannot take the vaccine for health reasons, religious conscience, or for personal reasons. When mandates were first announced earlier this year by a number of Ohio hospitals and health care systems, thousands of health care workers found themselves in a no-win situation – take the vaccine or lose your job. These same health care workers were our front-line heroes in the face of the pandemic when there was no vaccine, yet they went to work every day helping others at risk to themselves. Many of them actually contracted COVID and recovered and have natural immunity. They have their reasons for why they are not taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, their employers were forcing the issue." CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL TESTIMONY