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The Ties that Bind


Alumni Day

150 alumni on campus for Alumni Day

OCAD U welcomed back 150 alumni for Alumni Day on May. Alumni in attendance represented 7 decades of OCA/OCAD/OCAD U graduates, ranging from 1940 to 2012!

Alumni Day took place during the Saturday of the annual Graduate Exhibition and provided a welcoming alumni-only space for graduates and their guests to enjoy a delicious BBQ, take part in a silk-screening demo, paint some masks, and hear some inspiring words from OCAD U president Sara Diamond and the Alumni Association President, Maggie Broda (AOCA, 1972).

Our special thanks to the OCAD U Alumni Association, OCAD U 135 Committee, and TD Insurance for their generous support of Alumni Day

Alumni Merchandise


Alumni Rings

Purchasing alumni merchandise is a great way to show your pride in OCAD U. Proceeds from this merchandise directly support Alumni Association initiatives, including socials, events, and financial support to the University.�

The Alumni Association is currently offering beautiful Alumni Rings to wear with pride, and sharp-looking Diploma Frames in which to hang your degree or diploma with pride.

Other affinity items are being considered for sale to alumni, and will be highlighted on this site once they become available.

Financial Planning

Focus on Finance

Issue #4: Getting Organized

By Diana Bahr, financial aid & Awards

Was one of your goals from last month to get your art/design practice a little more organized? For example, if you have saleable work such as paintings, pottery or photography, are you keeping track of what you have in your inventory, what you spend to make the work and what you earn from it? Do you know what all your pieces are called and who owns them? If you offer a service, do you keep track of the hours it takes to complete a project?

The benefits of getting and staying organized are many: tracking what you spend on making work and how many hours you put in can help you determine your prices. Jotting down the name of those who’ve bought your art or services means you can follow up with an invite to your studio or request testimonials. Updating your website with recent work is easier when you can look up the client, title, medium, and dimensions. So what are some methods you can use?

Create a spreadsheet to track your inventory details including costs and sales. You can include an image of the work (if applicable) along with the following headings: �Title, Medium, Dimensions, Edition, Year, Location, Price and a column to check off when it’s sold. You could also track the cost of the materials that went into the work and details about your process. Check out the example in Art/Work by Heather Bhandari and Jonathan.

Use a notebook or binder with dividers, or accordion files to store contracts for gallery representation, loans, commissions and consignments. Reserve a To-Record section for expense and sales receipts to record in your spreadsheet (and another section for those that have been recorded and need to be kept).

Programs such as ArtBase, ArtSystems (for galleries), and ArtWorks allow you to record and track your inventory, store images, produce invoices and process your finances all in one place. Check out these management systems on ArtBizBlog as well. The quality of these programs vary, but can give you an idea of what is out there and possible.

If you’re an emerging artist or designer, prepare your spreadsheets and binders in advance of the sales to come! Not only will this keep you organized, it will be incredibly motivating. As you progress throughout your career, adapt your methods to suit you. Be sure to ask others what they’re doing and also visit Cultural Careers Council of Ontario for more information on the business of art and design. Being organized means focusing on finance while doing what you love.

What are your strategies to staying organized? Send us your tips/suggestions and questions and we’ll make sure they’re included in future articles.

The Focus on Finance archive

Alumni Honours Reception

Alumni Honours 2012

On May 5 in Lambert Lounge at 100 McCaul, with over 50 alumni in attendance, the Alumni Association hosted a lovely reception to present Emeritus Alumni and Honorary Alumni certificates in recognition of outstanding volunteers who have dedicated their service to the Association and to the University.

Recipients of the Alumni Emeritus honour:

David Blackwood (AOCA, 1963)
Sally Cumming (AOCA, 1969)
Dawn Dougall (AOCA, 1955)
John Inglis (AOCA, 1952)
Sarah Mulholland (BFA, 2008)

Recipients of the Honorary Alumni honour:

Celia Daigle
Dr. Archie Graham

Congratulations to the 2012 honours recipients!


Upcoming Events



Wednesday, May 23

12PM - 1PM or 8pm to 9pm | webinar

Webinar: Leadership Starts with You!

Alan Kearns, Canada's Career Coach and founder of CareerJoy.com, OCAD U alumni career and leadership coaching partner, will lead you through this 1-hour interactive webinar where you will learn to establish concrete goals, plans, and methods to facilitate professional development and ensure leadership success.

Details and registration for 12pm to 1pm session
Details and registration for 8pm to 9pm session

thursday, May 24

2PM - 4PM | Factory theatre, 125 bathurst

Arts Workers Health Insurance Program

Learn more about this exciting health insurance program and how it fits with companies, individuals, and our Canadian medical system. This promises to be an informative interactive style of workshop including time for one on one discussion. RSVP to bcroft@ahcf.ca

Presented by Artists' Health Centre Foundation

Summer Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Interested in drawing a model?

These open sessions are perfect for people looking for life drawing without instruction.

Beginning June 13 and running through August 15, life drawing sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring a board and materials - no reservation is required. Cost: $10 per session. Payment should be made to the monitor on duty.

Click here for the full schedule and location.

Presented by the Alumni Association

Welcome New Alumni!

Graduating Students

At Convocation on June 8 we will be welcoming the 500 graduates of the Class of 2012 as the newest members of the OCAD U Alumni Association.

Find out the lastest career news and accolades from other OCAD U alumni by checking out the Alumni News section of our website. You can also find out who has an exhibition opening on the Alumni On View section.

Want to share an update of your own? Tell us your news now!


Alumni Volunteers Wanted

O-Days Logo

We are looking for enthusiastic OCAD U alumni to volunteer for OCAD U orientation, O-Days 2012, running September 4 to 7.

Volunteers will help with set up, meeting and greeting, directions, crowd control, running events, O-Kit stuffing and distribution, leading campus and community tours, food prep/service and more!

We are also looking for volunteers for the first week of classes (September 10 to 13). You
would be needed in the main lobby and Elevator Foyerto help direct new, first-year who need help finding their classrooms.

Volunteers will be provided with refreshments while working (O-Days! only), an O-Volunteer
t-shirt, and will be invited to a special volunteer Pizza Thank-you Lunch in late September.

Get involved, have fun with your peers, and help make O-Days! a success. You should plan to attend an Orientation Volunteer meeting August 27 or 28 (time/location TBA).

Please submit your Orientation Volunteer application before Friday, August 17, 2012!


Career Services

CareerJoy Logo

When to go back to the drawing board in your career: Lessons from Charles Schulz

By Alan Kearns, CareerJoy.com

Do you ever feel like you need go back to the drawing board in career? I finished reading a great biography by David Michaelis, Schulz And Peanuts: A Biography. Even professionals in their field of work such as Charles Schulz, the creator of the famous comic strip Peanuts, can lose track of the basics.

Charles often tells the story of a day when he was 15 years into his comic strip. "I sat down to draw Snoopy, like many other days. The only problem was that I forgot how to draw the typewriter!"

Often times as a leader, or in a job search, we can forget the fundamentals. We start along a path and completely miss out on a key and obvious facts. Some of the biggest mistakes in life are a result of missing a basic elements.

Did Charles know how to draw a typewriter? Absolutely! He was the highest paid comic strip artist of his era. Sometimes in life we need to be reminded of the basics. We call it going "back to the drawing board". Not because we don't know how to do it, but it just needs to be seen from a new angle. A fresh perspective.

For those looking for a fresh perspective on leadership, join my webinar "Leadership Starts With You!" on Wednesday, May 23 12-1 & 8-9 P.M. E.T.

In the Hot Seat: Dave Kang (BDES, Illustration, 2006)

Dave Kang

After graduation from OCAD U, Dave Kang freelanced for a few months and then moved to Colorado to work as a concept artist. He has worked on gaming projects such as "Lego Universe", "Jumpgate Evolution", "Avatar the Last Airbender", and "Marvel Universe Online". Recently he moved back to the GTA and is currently freelancing with multiple game studios all around the world while also being a happy art director at Czyonoft Studios, a video game publisher and developer . The Alumni Newsletter recently asked Dave a few questions about his journey over the past five years.

AN: Who were your most influential instructor(s)?
DK: Renaissance is my favourite period. I appreciate the master craft and discipline of that period. I believe in creative concept and constructive skill sets. I can gather creative concepts anywhere. Constructive skill sets, however, need hours of practice and self-battle. Every single instructor changed my life but, if I have to choose, I will choose Robert Berger who understood, guided, and encouraged my passion for craftsmanship.

AN: What led you to pursue a career in editorial/concept illustration?

DK: I have always wanted to work on video games and films. I love creating characters and environment from scratch so much that it actually hurts me when I try to draw an apple on a table. I'm an honest artist who is fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses. If doing a still life is my biggest fear, imagining a scene and design is my punching force.

AN: Looking back, what was most resonant or pertinent from your OCAD U experience?
DK: I loved my artist friends. I remember sitting around different corners of OCAD U building, talking about arts, and sketching everything we saw and imagined..It was too bad that OCAD U didn't offer beer.

AN: What advice would you give regarding the use of mentors and networking in starting a professional art or design practice?
DK: It doesn't matter if you are a fine artist, one needs to understand the industry and learn the business. Having mentors and right networking can help this process. Everybody talks about how essential it is to have a good networking skills. It is absolutely true. When starting a professional art journey I strongly urge artists to make notes of everybody regardless of their backgrounds. Meet five new people everyday and tell them about your arts!

AN: What do you think of the rising popularity of comics and graphic novels?
DK: I'm actually art directing and illustrating a brand new anime series right now. It's a major challenge. I think the world is more than ready for the attacks of nerds. With all the films and games showing up every month, comics are more popular than ever!I don't think the popularity will go away unless Marvel closes down and Japan suddenly decides to ban anime. Making graphic novels is one of the fastest ways to reach your audiences and let them know who you are. No doubt it is a tough industry to crack, but I believe its potential is rather epic.

AN: Any final comments on your career?
DK: The biggest challenge for a concept artist is to capture the accurate look of the game while keeping things interesting and artistically pleasing. You don’t fight for your philosophy of art or that you can say "I only draw realistic faces". You must deliver the exact version of art that’s needed for the project. If you aren’t ready for doing twenty revisions for a single painting, being a concept artist probably won’t be your dish.


In Memoriam

Lynn Liddle (AOCA, 1962)
Peacefully passed away on Thursday, March 22, 2012 at the Markham Stouffville Hospital in her 72nd year. Loving wife of the late David Liddle. Beloved mother of Jamie Wenger and his partner Sarah and the late Stacey Wenger. Cherished grandmother of Shelby, Matthew, Robin and Connor. Lynn will be sadly missed by her many close friends. Lynn had a lifelong love of beauty which she translated into many fine works of art.

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