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John Madott

The John Madott Fine Arts Scholarship established by the artist's family at OCAD University in celebration of his life and work.

John Madott was born on May 5, 1918. His parents emigrated from Calabria, Italy in 1906. He is the ninth of eleven children, was married in 1943 during WW2 and served in the Canadian Army. Stationed on Vancouver Island, B.C. and throughout Canada, this experience served to further his appetite for landscape and seascape painting.

John’s childhood desire to become an artist was given early validation, when interested educators in the public school system recognized his natural talent in a wide variety of art forms, and submitted his name for an art scholarship at the Ontario College of Art. This program, run by Arthur Lismer, gave the 10-year-old John the opportunity and encouragement that, as a depression era kid, he would otherwise have missed.

Under the helpful instructions of Lismer, John decided to pursue a career in commercial art, working for a variety of advertising firms and ultimately establishing his own company in Toronto.�For fifty years, John Madott served the Toronto community with his advertising company, “United Signs Ltd.”

While his trade as a commercial artist grew and prospered, John remained always active in joining group sessions in the fine arts. He studied in his spare time with a variety of seasoned artists, including William Blackwood and Dorothy Swan. John also became a mature student, again, at the Ontario College of Art in life drawing, landscapes, oils and water colors, under the instruction of Chin Kok Tan and Phoebe Gilman. In the summer of 1990, John went to Italy on a University of Toronto art history course, to study 13th and 14th century fresco painters.

John Madott spent his retirement (after the age of 72) and until his death in his 93rd year, committed to oil painting. In his travels throughout Canada and abroad, he created an art collection that depicts a multitude of scenes and images identifiable to Canadians and those of European background. Some of his Tuscany paintings were used for the cover and inside pages of an anthology published by the Iacabucci Centre, University of Toronto, AICW conference proceedings, 2010. His last art show occurred at York Central Hospital, June, 2011, at Italian Heritage Day, with over 600 persons viewing his paintings, and John Madott proudly handing out his promotional flyer from his wheel chair. His last pen and ink drawing “Horses”, accomplished from his hospital bed, was published posthumously in a creative anthology on Canadian Italian Internment during World War II, (Behind Barbed Wire: Creative Works on the Internment of Italian Canadians, Guernica, 2012).

(Both of these published works will be available at the launch of the John Madott Scholarship Foundation, OCAD U, August 15, 2012, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.).

To make a donation to the John Madott Fine Arts Scholarship Fund please visit the giving page.

New Affinity Partnership: Artists' Health Centre Foundation


ahcf logo

The department of Alumni Relations is proud to announce their new partnership with the Artists' Health Centre Foundation.

The Centre’s inter-professional team offers both medical and complementary care to professional creative and performing artists, and to students and staff at post-secondary arts institutions. The Centre’s mandate includes research, education, and outreach to the arts community.

The specialized expertise of their practitioners focuses on the specific health care issues and needs of artists, providing a holistic approach to health within an evidence-based framework. The knowledge acquired through the Artists’ Health Centre will benefit not only artists in the Toronto area, but also those across Canada and internationally through e-health communications and research.

To launch our partnership, the AHCF is providing health and wellness workshops exclusively for OCAD U alumni this October and November (please see listing on this page).

Focus on Finance

Focus on Finance

Issue #5: Letting the Cash Flow

By Diana Bahr, financial aid & Awards

Read more at CREATiveFund$

As an artist or designer, odds are your income does not come in in a way you can bank on (pun intended). Some months you are drowning in projects and cash, and others you are facing a drought because a client isn’t paying you in the 30 days you requested.
When an amazing (but expensive) opportunity arises to participate in an exhibition, how will you know you can afford it? How do you track your cash flow when the flow is so unpredictable?
Here are some things you can do to stay afloat:

Track it. This is one of the most important steps. Use software such as Quicken or a tracksheet such as OCAD U’s Cash Flow Worksheet for Artists & Designers to record where your money goes. You can also enter expected revenue and expenditures so you can see how much money you will have in the future. Set aside one hour a week to enter all income and expenses (using receipts and/or comparing to your bank account statement).

Keep your personal and business accounts separate. It will be easier to track your money if you have two accounts. Star Company, a company offering business support for creative people, suggests if you use your personal account to buy something for your business, pay yourself back (and record the money coming out of your business cash flow).

Centralize your money management. Keep physical documents such as receipts and statements in one file folder, and electronic documents like tracksheets and tax files in another on your computer. Stay organized and stay sane.

Save for the tight times. The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money author Ilise Benun recommends saving up a couple months of fixed expenses to cover the times you’re making less. Make two budgets: one for when the cash is flowing abundently, and another for tighter times when you only make the bare-bones payments.

Reach out. While it’s important to know the ins and outs of your own business (the business of being a creative professional!), recognize when you are in too deep. If tax time has you breaking out in hives or you just can’t seem to find the money to save for your next project, get help from an accountant, �financial advisor or a friend who is brilliant with their money.

Read more about money management in OCAD U’s Do What You Love: Financial Planning for Artists & Designers and in Information Resources. Try these and other strategies, and get ready to let your cash flow!
What do you do to organize your finances? We’d love your feedback! Send me your questions or your best financial tip at dbahr@ocadu.ca for inclusion in a future issue of Focus on Finance.

My name is Diana Bahr. I’m the Projects Officer with Financial Aid & Awards and a mature student at OCAD U and I’m as passionate about personal finance as I am about art. I believe artists and designers can create any career they want...with a great plan and some basic financial management skills.

The Focus on Finance archive

Call for Submissions

face2face: Postcard Project 2012

Face 2 Face Call for Submissions Logo

OCAD U alumni are formally invited to join new and first-year students, upper-year volunteer student Peer Mentors and current first-year faculty in creating a self-portrait postcard.

Introduce yourself to new and first-year students through this special O-Days! exhibition. Attend a special evening reception, presented by Alumni Relations and join first-year faculty in welcoming new students to the OCAD U community face-2-face!

Submission Requirements
> Use card stock trimmed to 5" x 7"
> Use the medium of your choice
> Create a self-portrait
> Express your own unique style; how do you see yourself?
> Print your full name and the word "ALUMNI" on the back
> Enclose your postcard in an envelope
> Mail it or drop it off by Friday, August 24, 2012
> Attend a special opening/evening reception on September 6 during O-Days!, to
connect with new students, and see your postcard displayed in a special alumni section!
We look forward to receiving your postcard!

How to Submit

By Mail:
OCAD University
100 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1W1
Attn: Campus Life (Postcard Project 2012)

In Person:
OCAD U Student Centre
51 McCaul Street, Level 1
Attn: Campus Life (Postcard Project 2012)

The Exhibition
"Face2Face: Postcard Project 2012" will be exhibited on campus in Transit Space (Level 2, 100 McCaul Street), from September 4 to 14, 2012.

All postcards submitted become the property of Campus Life and OCAD University, which reserve the right to use them for promotional purposes on OCAD U's website and/or printed materials.

Logo Design Competition:

Artists' Health Centre Foundation

ahcf Image

This September the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation will become the Artists’ Health Alliance. Just as sports medicine treats athletes, the Artists’ Health Centre provides specialized treatment to nurture and protect our artists, and support them to keep creating art. We are the Alliance of artists, donors, and cultural advocates who connect artists to the holistic and specialized treatment at the Artists’ Health Centre.

We are not changing our mission or our focus; we’re just changing our look. We’re evolving, growing and getting better at what we do. We want more artists to know about us, and we want the wider world to know about what we do and how they can help us support the arts community.

That’s where we need your help. We are requesting proposals for a new logo to represent the Artists’ Health Alliance and the vibrate arts community that we are so fortunate to work with. The winner of the logo contest will be acknowledged at our tenth anniversary celebration, online, in our newsletter, and with a small monetary reward.

Logo proposals are due August 15th. Please send your samples as a .pdf file to info@ahcf.ca

Follow this link for more about ahcf.

Presented by the Artists' Health Centre Foundation

Looking for the latest in Alumni News?

Harrison Studio Image

Find out the lastest career news and accolades from other OCAD U alumni by checking out the Alumni News section of our website. You can also find out who has an exhibition opening on the Alumni On View section.

Want to share an update of your own? Tell us your news now!

Looking for more events at OCAD U? Check the Alumni Events page often for details on our upcoming socials, workshops, and guest speakers.





Financial planning events

Tuesday, September 11

6:30 - 8:30 | central hall (room 230) 100 mccaul | lecture |Free

Moolala: Why smart artists and designers do dumb things with their money (and what you can do about it)

A presentation for OCAD U alumni!

Moolala is an optimistic and fun session that focuses on inspiring people to get a handle on their money so they can live the life they want. The presentation answers two simple and equally important questions: Why do smart people do dumb things with their money? And what can we do about it? Through research and extensive practical experience leading the Moolala Method to thousands of people, speaker Bruce Sellery has come up with answers to both questions.

To register for the event please visit the event registration page. The first 10 people to register for the event will receive a free copy of Bruce Sellery's book!

presented by OCAD U Alumni Relations in partnership with OCAD U Financial Aid & Awards

Tuesday, august 14

7:00 - 8:00 | bayview country club| 25 fairway heights drive, thornhill, north ballroom | Workshop |Free

Get on the fast track to financial freedom!

Learn how to:

  • Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster
  • Maximize the Benefits of a Tax Free Savings Account
  • Defer tax on your non-registered investments, like RRSP's
  • Increase your estate with guaranteed investments
  • Create a retirement plan with zero stock market risk

RSVP to Cheryl Bedard with OCAD U in the subject line. Space is limited so register today to avoid disappointment. RSVP's must be received by August. 9th at noon.

presented by Investors group

Alumni Socials

TUESDAY, September 4

6:30 - 9:00PM Room 558, 100 Mccaul | followed by young galLery, ago 317 dundas st. w. | Lecture & social |FREE

Alumni Association - Lecture with Dr. Francis Broun and Social

Join the Alumni Association for this exclusive lecture with Dr. Francis Broun about the captivating world of Renaissance art. Since 1989 Dr. Broun has established himself as a popular freelance lecturer, most regularly at the Ontario College of Art and Design, the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Women’s Art Association. He was twice nominated in TV Ontario’s Best Lecturer competition.

Following the lecture you will be invited to join the Association for a drink at the Young bar at the AGO.

Event space is limited to 40 people so register today by following this link. Your registration will grant you access to both the lecture and social.

Presented by the Alumni Association

OCAD U Lectures

wednesday, october 3

6:00 PM - 8 PM EDT | OCAD U Auditorium

(Room 190) |lecture |Free

President's Speaker Series:
Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison

Harrison Studio Image

For over forty years, the collaborative team of Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison has been internationally respected as visionary pioneers of the eco-art movement.

Register for the lecture by following this link.

Health and Wellness Workshops

thursday, october 11

6pm-8pm | artists' health centre foundation 250 the esplanade suite 500 | workshop |$20.00

Save the date!

Artists' Work and Well-Being: Make your Day Job Work for You

In this clinic, participants will determine the best day job options for their creative time and personal well-being. Through discussion of their daily needs, creative needs, strengths and transferable skills, they will: describe their ideal day job, evaluate recent employment and new job options, and plan for next steps.

Registration for this event will open soon! Please keep an eye on the event page to sign up. Space will be limited to 20 participants. A $20 participation fee will be required at time of registration.

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with the Artists' Health Centre Foundation

thursday, november 22

6pm - 8pm | artists' health centre foundation 250 the esplanade suite 500 | workshop |$20.00

Save the date!

Taking the Strain Out of Art: Injury Prevention for Visual Artists

This interactive workshop combines basic theory, practical tips and exercises designed to assist visual artists with the specific physical challenges of their practice. Participants learn to identify potential ergonomic hazards, how to create healthy workflow environments and improve posture to minimize and prevent injury.

Registration for this event will open soon! Please keep an eye on the event page to sign up. Space will be limited to 20 participants. A $20 participation fee will be required at time of registration.

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with the Artists' Health Centre Foundation

Open Life Drawing Studio

Harrison Studio Image

Interested in drawing a model?

These open sessions are perfect for people looking for life drawing without instruction.

Continuing through August 15, life drawing sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bring a board and materials - no reservation is required. Cost: $10 per session. Payment should be made to the monitor on duty.

Click here for the full schedule and location.

Presented by the Alumni Association

Alumni Volunteers Wanted

O-Days Logo

We are looking for enthusiastic OCAD U alumni to volunteer for OCAD U orientation, O-Days 2012, running September 4 to 7.

Volunteers will help with set up, meeting and greeting, directions, crowd control, running events, O-Kit stuffing and distribution, leading campus and community tours, food prep/service and more!

We are also looking for volunteers for the first week of classes (September 10 to 13). You
would be needed in the main lobby and Elevator Foyerto help direct new, first-year who need help finding their classrooms.

Volunteers will be provided with refreshments while working (O-Days! only), an O-Volunteer
t-shirt, and will be invited to a special volunteer Pizza Thank-you Lunch in late September.

Get involved, have fun with your peers, and help make O-Days! a success. You should plan to attend an Orientation Volunteer meeting August 27 or 28 (time/location TBA).

Please submit your Orientation Volunteer application before Friday, August 17, 2012!

Career Services

What are you afraid of?

By Alan Kearns, CareerJoy.com

CareerJoy Logo

I was reading The National Post & saw an article about a shark chasing a kayaker.

The reason this is interesting to me is I am the new proud owner of a new kayak, provided by one of our clients. Jodi is the founder of PaddleFit. He made a transition from a teacher to writing a book & providing a company that helps with providing coaching & teaching about outdoor sport. He is also a distributor of Think Kayaks...which are a terrific kayak.

I also have fear about Sharks. My fear of sharks, came from seeing Jaws at the Drive-In just before our family went to Hawaii for 3 weeks (I had a rough childhood...) Needless to say, I swam a little closer to the shore, and much more slowly (with a whole lot less thrashing about!). It sounds weird - one day I love swimming in the ocean, then two hours later, thanks to Steven Spielberg, I am not sure I want to put on my bathing suit.

How many people do you think have died due to an incident with a toaster over the past year? The answer: 891 globally. How many people have died over the past year due to a shark attack? The answer: 9 globally. You might want to be careful next time you go to put the peanut butter on your toast!

If so few people die due to shark attacks, why are so many people afraid of the ocean? It is our irrational fear that impacts our beliefs. The stats I presented above came from an ad that ran in a South African paper. The ad was meant to assuage people's fear about swimming in the ocean. When I heard those stats, it gave me a new perspective on a common fear.

To be fair, shark attacks make for exciting news. An attack is magnified, and reported globally. It connects with some deeply held fears. So it is, in dealing with issues surrounding careers. You may have fears in which there is some truth. For example, you might have a fear of the interview process, and worry that you will fail before you even step through the door. Your lack of confidence could be the very thing that keeps you from landing that big job. However, with a little coaching and confidence-boosting, the interview process could easily prove to be a rewarding experience.

Dealing with shark fears:

1. You are not the only one to suffer from this fear.
2. Fear of sharks is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger.

Dealing with career issues:

1. You are not the only one to suffer from fear of the job search.
2. There is little or no actual danger in your job search. In fact in a majority of cases you will end up in a better situation.

Dealing with fears about the job hunting process? Contact Career Joy today to begin their career counseling process and tap into their career coaching services.

Excerpted from CareerJoy.com under license.

Alumni Travel

Harrison Studio Image

Art & Life In Italy

November 7-18, 2012

Join a small group of art lovers, amateurs and enthusiasts on this art and architecture tour to Venice, Florence and Rome. Artist and Art Educator and alumna Maggie Broda (AOCA, 1972) leads this exploration, joined by local artists and art historians on site.

Days are filled with frescoes,paintings, marble and wood, and punctuated with espresso, gelato and divine food and wine. Whether this is a long-awaited first visit or a happy occasion to return to your favourite places, this trip will stimulate and revitalize. Andiamo!

This trip is limited to 16 participants. Open to OCAD U Alumni and Friends. Please contact Kerry to reserve your spot: 1-800-387-1483 or travel@WorldwideQuest.com.

Presented by the Alumni Association


Alumni Benefits

TD Insurance
Home and Car Insurance



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