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Project 31

OCAD University's Project 31 Live Auction is back!

Join us for Project 31, an auction of works from faculty in support of OCAD University students!

Tickets are $95 and include a fabulous auction catalogue. Guests will enjoy cocktails, gourmet hors d'oeuvres and an exclusive Live Art Auction of works from OCAD University faculty
Artwork can be viewed online starting Monday, March 1, 2013.

This year's auction includes work from Sandra Altwerger, Barbara Astman, Phillippe Blanchard, Ian Carr-Harris, Jack Cassady, David Clarkson, Cathy Daley, Judith Doyle, Eva Ennist, Spencer J. Harrison, April Hickox, Daniel Izzard, Jesse Jackson & Tori Foster, Mark Jaroszewicz, Simone Jones, Chung-Im Kim, Anda Kubis, JJ Lee, Ginette Legare, Jennifer Long, Hugh Martin, Robert K.E. Mitchell, Iza Mokrosz, Linda Montgomery, Sarah Nind, Doug Panton, David Pellettier, Gord Peteran, Geoffrey Pugen, Diane Pugen, Nicholas Pye, John Scott, Rosalie Sharp, Vlad Spicanovic, Peter Sramek, Gary Taxali, Dannielle Tegeder, Natalie Waldburger and Sylvia Whitton.

All proceeds go to support programs, selected by the artist-donors, that enhance and support the student experience at OCAD University.

Project 31 - Video

Click on the above image to see a video about Project 31.

Visit this link to purchase tickets.

Visit this link to see this year's artwork.

Event highlight

Start your professional practice now!

March 25-26, 2013

100 McCaul St. Room 230

Start Your Professional Practice Now Image

Launched in 2012, Start Your Professional Practice Now! is a two-day symposium of professional-practice workshops, presentations and events developed for students and alumni to meet with and learn from practicing artists, designers and service providers.

Here is a preview of listed events:

  • The Power of Linked In!
  • Tax Planning for Your Business
  • Staying Creative - A Business Approach to Art, Design and Innovation
  • Building Your Community: Connect, Promote, Contribute
  • Internships
  • Budgeting for Artists & Designers
  • Alumni Panel: From Classroom to Career

Visit this link for upcoming updates.

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Alumni Travel

Alumni Travel Image

Join President Maggie Broda (AOCA, 1972) of the Alumni Association to discover "How the West was One" and the Wonder of Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico. The trip will be scheduled for the third weekend in May, 2013. For more information visit World Wide Quest online. Space is limited, non-alumni are welcome!

On the horizon! - Spring 2014 - A fabulous trip to Spain and Fall 2014 - The Venice Biennale!

Event highlight

Money Mondays

Do what you love! Free financial planning program for students and grads - alumni are welcome!

Mondays, January 28 - April 8, 2013
10 am - 12 pm
Learning Zone - 113 McCaul Street

This coming Monday!

Step 7. Avoid or repay debt (Mar. 18)
Step 8. Protect you and your money (Apr. 1)
Step 9. Get help (Apr. 8)
Step 6. Make a savings plan (Mar. 11)
Step 10. Stay financially fit (also Apr. 8)

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Old Image

march 2013

9 Life Drawing
13 Life Drawing
16 Life Drawing
20 Life Drawing
23 Life Drawing
25 Start Your Professional Practice Now
26 Start Your Professional Practice Now
27 Life Drawing
27 Project 31 Live Art Auction
30 Life Drawing

Please note: The life drawing winter semester room schedule has changed. Wednesday's session will be held in room 488 and Saturday's will be in room 615.

Go to our Alumni Events page for full details and registration for events

april 2013

1 Disrupting/Undoing Salon (runs April 1 to 5)
3 Life Drawing
6 Life Drawing
10 Life Drawing
13 Life Drawing
17 Life Drawing / Alumni Reception at Onsite at OCAD U Gallery (Save the date)
20 Life Drawing
24 Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Go to our Alumni Events page for full details and registration for events.

Event highlight

Disrupting Undoing

April 1 - 5, 2013

49 McCaul Street, Open Gallery

Disrupting Undoing Image

Take place at OCADU's Open Gallery at 49 McCaul in April 2013. Disrupting Undoing is a collaboration between OCAD U Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Diversity & Equity Initiatives, and the Inclusive Design Research Centre. The exhibition will form part of a week-long Arts Salon that dares to challenge the current constructs of disability. This exhibition is open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni & artists working in all media.

Please visit this link for more information.

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Event highlight

You have graduated, now what?

A financial workshop

thursday, march 21, 2013

Room 627, Level 6

6:00 - 8:00pm

Investors Group Image

Now that you have earned your degree at OCAD University what are your next steps as you emerge as a creative professional? During this evening session Don and Cheryl Bedard will help you develop the road map to your financial success in this interactive workshop where you will learn about setting personal financial goals, the details of debt consolidation and what comes after you are debt free!

Please visit this link to register today!

presented by Alumni relations & investors group

Event highlight

Save the date!

Alumni Reception at Onsite at OCAD U

230 Richmond street w

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ads for People Image

Join us for an evening of debate and discussion at Onsite at OCAD U.

The exhibition Ads for People focuses on how public service announcements and non-profit campaigns have benefited dramatically from the Internet’s combination of flexibility and affordability. “Around the world, a fresh model of advertising has emerged allowing additional voices to join the conversations that both develop and reflect our cultural values,” says the exhibition’s curator, Lisa Deanne Smith.

Please visit the Alumni Events page for more information - coming soon!


Focus on Finance

Launched in the February 2012 Alumni Newsletter, Focus on Finance is a series of articles on financial literacy written specifically for OCAD U alumni by Diana Bahr.

Diana Bahr is the Projects Officer with Financial Aid & Awards and a mature student at OCAD U. She is as passionate about personal finance as she is about art. She believes that artists and designers can create any career they want, with a great plan and some basic financial management skills.

Now it's time for your feedback! Tell Diana what financial topics you would like to read about by following this link to our simple survey or emailing Diana directly!

Thanks for your feedback!

Alumni Profile: Andy Chiang (BDes, 2008) User Experience Lead at Polar Mobile and Owner of Breakfast Creative

Graduating in 2008 from the Graphic Design program at OCAD University the multifaceted Andy Chiang reveals why he chose an education in design over studies in engineering. He also tells us about the exciting journey this initial choice has taken him on in the past few years. Sensing the potential growth that was about to explode in the realm of interactive design and user experience he encountered Polar Mobile at the 2008 International Android App competition and the rest has been history (his design can be seen here). Chiang has lived in the exciting start-up culture of Toronto and more recently in Boston as part of TechStars Boston Winter 2012 Cohort. In this interview Chiang shares with us some reflections of his time at OCAD U while giving us a sneak peek of what is next for him. Andy sat down with Alumni Relations at his home base of Polar Mobile in Toronto and gave us a tour of their open space offices, the meeting rooms named after everyone's favourite Game of Thrones characters and shared his insights and experiences he would love to share with current students and newly graduated alumni. The future looks bright and full of possibility through the eyes of this OCAD U alumnus.

Andy Chiang Headshot

Alumni Relations (AR): Who were your most influential instructors?
Andy Chiang (AC): I was most influenced from taking the Think Tank and Design Process classes with Keith Rushton and Lewis Nicholson. They are both masters at synthesizing problems and developing sensible solutions. Thinking back, one of the key take always is I learned to become a critical problem solver. I was pushed hard by both instructors to look at and understand issues from different perspectives. I feel that they were also instrumental in my personal growth not only a designer, but also the enjoyment of learning.

AR: What led you to pursue a career in user experience and interface design?
AC: The first computer I used was an Apple II back in grade school, I was fortunate enough to be given a top of the line PC shortly after. Ever since then, I became fascinated with software, user interfaces, and the web. Although I did not know at the time, eventually my passion for technology and skills in visual design would merge into my career. Part of the attractions of being a User Experience designer is to be able to create software used by thousands if not millions of users.

AR: Looking back, what was most resonant or pertinent from your OCAD U experience?
AC: Most creative professionals would agree on the importance of creativity through process, and OCAD U is very successful in driving a culture of process. Personally, being able to take critiques and the ability to give constructive criticism is one of the most important takeaways for me.

AR: What advice would you give newly graduating students (young alumni) as they approach starting a professional art or design practice?
AC: I’ve interviewed numerous fresh grads in the past. In most cases, many are accustomed to winning and don’t consider failure as an option. It’s critical to strive for excellence but it is near impossible for most people to be successful 100% of the time. Especially in the tech space, there are typically more failed products versus companies who are able to have a profitable exit.

AR: Can you tell us a little more about User Experience Design? What is the most exciting development you predict for the next two years?
AC: In a nutshell, a user experience designer must be able to understand and execute on all aspects of a product. In my case, I have to constantly be on top of the latest technological trends and gadgets. Most UX Designers must also have a good selection of expertise such as information architecture, branding, visual design, psychology, copywriting and so on.

There’s currently an exciting group of visual designer & engineer hybrids – more commonly known as ‘unicorns’ in the tech space. There’s also an emerging class of industrial designers & engineers. I believe this is the start of a trend that’ll continue to grow and we’ll soon see a spread to other disciplines. Most companies expect hires to take on more than their job description, so it is important to condition yourself in becoming the Renaissance man!

AR: Since graduating what was the most exciting (and possibly intimidating) project you have taken on?
AC: In my first year at Polar Mobile in 2008, I’ve had the opportunity to design and help pitch mobile apps for some of the biggest corporations globally. It was incredibly intimidating and gut-wrenching to know my design proposals are viewed and scrutinized by executives at TIME Magazine, Sports Illustrated, CNNMoney, BusinessWeek, CBSSports to name a few. But it was also equally rewarding to see the pitches go through and be able to be part of the team that built and delivered to the hands of millions of users.

AR: Any final comments on your career? What do you see on the horizon?
AC: I’m extremely grateful to be where I am in such a short amount of time and I enjoy every moment working. I’ve made it my objective to always work with talented and driven individuals. This alone has helped me to constantly push my boundaries and break through comfort zones. My long-term goal is to be able to work in the top startup hubs in the world, maybe even start my own company!

Thanks to Andy for sharing his story with Alumni Relations!

Thanks to Andy for sharing his story with Alumni Relations!

If you have a story to share please contact us!

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