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Donor Report 2011-12

Our alumni and friends make a difference at OCAD U!

This past fiscal year, OCAD U donors combined to give more than 1.5 million dollars! Please see the new OCAD U Giving Report 2011-12 to see all the ways gifts have made a difference.

New Alumni Benefit:

Art Insurance

Art Insurance Image

We are pleased to launch a partnership with Canfinse Group to provide preferred group rates for OCAD U alumni for commercial art insurance. Canfinse Group understands the challenges and needs of artists and this program is designed for OCAD U alumni who create their own art/product.

Our Alumni Art Insurance Program is a fine example of unique commercial insurance program designed for artisans, crafters, visual artists, and bakers. Canfinse Group �offers flexible, tailored coverage, new lower premiums and less exclusions meaning flexibility to do more with your business. Policy premiums start at $300 per year for annual coverage, and our event insurance premiums start at $70 per event. Our Alumni Art Insurance program offers coverage for: home-based businesses; studios and work done at independent locations; retail locations; seminars and Classes; consumer and trade shows. Click here for more information.

New Alumni Benefit:

Financial Planning Workshops

Investors Group Logo

Alumni Relations is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Investors Group Financial Services to provide a series of free customized and interactive financial planning workshops exclusively for OCAD U alumni.

Founded in 1926, Investors Group is a part of IGM Financial, and a member of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies, one of Canada’s largest and most respected companies. Investors Group experts provide expertise and insight on a broad spectrum of topics including financial planning, strategic investment planning, mortgage strategies and investment management. Please click here for dates, details, and registration .

Focus on Finance

Focus on Finance

Issue #6: Why Worry About Debt Anyway? A Personal Story

By Diana Bahr, financial aid & Awards

Read more at CREATiveFund$

You may have been hearing a lot in the news lately about Canadians and their debt. The average person’s debt-to-income ratio is 152%. That means for every $1 earned, $1.52 has been spent. While there are inherent problems with this ratio, it still means we’re spending more than we earn.

But according to a recent article in the National Post, Canadian’s aren’t that worried. The message we’re giving with our financial behaviour is that spending feels good and having debt is normal; we’ll just work longer, retire later, and hey, what’s wrong with having a little debt, anyway?

I can tell you from personal experience that the problem with debt is that it forces you to put off your dreams. I learned the hard way that I couldn’t achieve my goals in the financial condition I was in. So I stopped, detoured and started aggresively paying down my debt. Just over a year ago, I had over $45,000 in debt and only $4500 in assets. Today I have just about $30,000 to repay and over $14,000 in savings. I will be completely debt-free in less than two years and back on track doing the things I love, and can afford, to do.

Here are the top 10 things I’ve done and recommend (there are more that I shouldn’t have done, but that’s a whole other article!):

1.�Complete a net worth statement to know where you stand. Use real numbers. To the penny.
2.�Calculate how long it will take to pay it all off if you pay only the minimum payments. Take another breath.
3. List at least five dreams. These are five reasons you’re going to be debt-free.
4. Make a debt-repayment plan. Use this amazing calculator. Make your debt-free date within three years or less so you don’t burn out. Make financial decisions financial, not emotional.
5.�Make more money and spend less. No more credit! Live on cash. Get a part-time job (or in my case, a really decent full-time gig). Increase your payments.
6.�Stay in touch with creditors. Tell them you’re sorry. Tell them your plan.
7. Check your credit score, before your plan and after. It’ll feel great.
8.�See a financial planner if you need more help. I did.
9.�Post your dreams in front of you somewhere - on a mirror, the fridge, at work. Track the increase in your net worth. Watch Til Debt Do Us Part. Talk to others. Stay motivated.
10.� When you’re debt-free, choose how you will live from now on. No more detours. Live simply and with meaning. Do what you love (and can now afford!) to do.

Read more about money management in OCAD U’s Do What You Love: Financial Planning for Artists & Designers and in Information Resources. Try these and other strategies, and get ready to let your cash flow!What do you do to organize your finances? We’d love your feedback! Send me your questions or your best financial tip at dbahr@ocadu.ca for inclusion in a future issue of Focus on Finance.

The Ultimate Design Project:� Your life

Bruce Sellery Headshot

Bruce Sellery, Moolala
I was in Toronto in early September to do two Moolala events for students and alumni at OCAD U. Many participants were wondering how to bring together their passion for creativity with the practicality of paying rent.� I have taken many artists through the Moolala Method over the years, and have seen time and again how quickly they grasp one of the key pillars of my approach: Creating a context for money.�

The very first thing you need to do to help you get a handle on your money is to answer the question "What is my money for?"� The answer I'm looking for isn't a literal description of what you spend it on, like groceries and smart phone data plans.� Rather, it is a creation of what you say your money is for: Adventure, choices, freedom, family, experiences - whatever inspires you. Creating context is a hugely important part of the Ultimate Design Project:� Your life.� And OCAD students know all about design projects.� So it was very gratifying to see the light bulb go on when they realized that money is simply a tool on the easel - one that can be very useful in designing their lives. I would encourage you to create a context for money by thinking about this question:� What is my money for?�

Presented by Moolala

Career Services

Clint Eastwood's 16 Secrets to Great Leadership

Clint Eastwood Image

By Alan Kearns, CareerJoy.com

Every great company has a�great leader,�every lousy company, has a lousy leader. For movies there is 1 final leader & in 32 movies that has been Clint Eastwood the director. What does Clint have to teach us about leadership? A lot.
Well let's look at the facts of his career:�

� Acted in 51 movies
� Directed 32 movies
� He has been a star for over 50 years.
� He has won 4 Academy awards

Clint has served as a small town mayor. He delivers every movie on time & on budget. He does most shots in 1 take & he makes sure that his crew starts shortly after 9 A.M. & finishes by 5 P.M. so they can have dinner with their family. He has over 60 people who work in his production company & a majority of his employees have worked with him over many years. He loves to promote from within & will ease a more senior person out, to allow a younger professional to move up. He stands in the food line with his team; he helps move lighting & will take the bus with the rest of his crew. Oh yes, he also produces most of his own soundtracks & he pilots a helicopter.�
� What is the "secret" to Clint's success as a�leader?�
� Clint is smart
� Clint is a team player
� Clint hires based on gut
� Clint trusts his people
� Clint is fiercely loyal
� Clint promotes people when they are ready
� Clint replaces people when they have gone stale
� Clint is wise with resources, time, money & talent
� He makes quick decisions
� He expects the best from people
� Clint is a man of his word
� Clint trusts his own sense
� Clint will listen to others
� Clint is humble
� Clint is good guy
� Clint is comfortable with who he is���

Making your day, along the road with you.�

- Alan

Dealing with fears about the job hunting process? Contact Career Joy today to begin their career counseling process and tap into their career coaching services.

Don't forget to join other OCAD U alumni for Careerjoy's free webinars!

Excerpted from CareerJoy.com under license.

Aboriginal Visual Culture Event

On Tuesday, October 16, 2012 come celebrate the official launch of OCAD University’s ground breaking Bachelor of Fine Art in Aboriginal Visual Culture.

Events include The Aboriginal Visual Culture Symposium : A Critical Look at Aboriginal Education; Shelley Niro’s video "Robert’s Paintings", followed by Q & A with artist, curator, educator and writer Robert Houle and Barry Ace; and OCAD University’s Second Annual Pow Wow in Butterfield Park.

For more information about this event follow this link.




Alumni Exhibition

october 17 - november 10

exhibition runs october 17 to november 10 | ocad u student gallery| 52 mccaul street| exhibition |Free


The show looks at the current interest amongst select photographers in anonymity. The artists featured are interested in the figure and the traditions of portraiture, but also in the effect on our experience of these themes when the subject’s identity is obscured or removed.

Opening reception will be help on Thursday October, 18th from 6:00 - 8:00pm.

Curated by Matt Moreland.

Including the work of alumni Brendan George Ko (BFA, Photography, 2010) and Anthony Gerace (BDES, Graphic Design, 2012). Above image credit: Brendan George Ko

presented by ocad u student gallery

thursday, november 1

6:30-8:30pm | PHI Centre | Old Montreal

Private Tour + Reception
Ryoji Ikeda Exhibit, Montreal


PHI Centre Montreal Image of space

OCAD U Alumni Relations presents an exclusive alumni event in Montreal. A private exhibit viewing and reception at the stunning PHI Centre, the LEED-certified smart building for art, located in the heart of Old Montreal.

Register for this event by following this link.

presented by alumni relations and generously sponsored by td insurance

career webinars

Career Joy Logo

Thursday, october 18

12:00 - 1:00PM or 8:00 - 9:00PM | webinar |FREE

Get the Right Career Now!

You will learn to identify your key strengths and how to use them to achieve true career success.� Join other OCAD University Alumni to:
� Learn 3 effective ways to cope with career change
� Take our FREE 15-minute career test
� Developing your personal brand - Why? How? Where?
� The Digital Job Search 3.0 - How to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
� Expand your networking contacts across Canada- Join our invitation only group.

Register for this webinar by following this link.

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with CareerJoy

wednesday, november 21

save the date | webinar |FREE

Manage Your Personal Career Brand

What do you, Tim Horton’s, Starbucks and Stephen Harper have in common? All three have a personal brand. In a competitive market – where work can be done anywhere, anytime – learn how your personal brand is the foundation for success.

Invest in really understanding your unique strengths that make up your brand by attending this 90-minute presentation with Alan Kearns Canada's Career Coach and founder of CareerJoy Canada's career & leadership coaching company.

Registration coming soon!

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with CareerJoy

Financial Planning Workshops

october - december

various dates|6:30 pm -7:30 pm | Investors Group Regional Office, 2345 Yonge St, 6th floor (just north of Eglinton Ave)|workshops |FREE

Understanding your finances!

This interactive workshop has been designed for Alumni who graduated more than 5 years ago. Topics that will be covered by the speakers include:

� Cash Flow Management to Maximize Savings and Debt Consolidation
� Good Debt/Bad Debt
� Understanding How Money Works
� Building Wealth for Retirement
� Managing Financial Resources to Save Taxes Today and Tomorrow
� Lifestyle Insurance to Minimize the Effects of Income Disruption
� Retirement Readiness
� Estate Planning and Leaving a Legacy

Note: Limited to 20 participants

Please click here for dates, details, and registration

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with investors group

Health and Wellness Workshops

Artists' Health Alliance Logo

Thursday, October 11

6:00pm-9:00pm | Al & Malka Green Health Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, Dundas West & Bathurst | Workshop |$20.00

Artists' Work and Well-Being: Make your Day Job Work for You

In this clinic, participants will determine the best day job options for their creative time and personal well-being. Through discussion of their daily needs, creative needs, strengths and transferable skills, they will: describe their ideal day job, evaluate recent employment and new job options, and plan for next steps.

Register for this workshop by following this link.

Limited to 20 participants. A $20 fee will be required at time of registration.

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with the Artists' Health Alliance

thursday, november 22

6:00pm - 8:00pm | Artists' Health Alliance, 250 The Esplanade, Suite 500 | workshop |$20.00

Taking the Strain Out of Art: Injury Prevention for Visual Artists

This interactive workshop combines basic theory, practical tips and exercises designed to assist visual artists with the specific physical challenges of their practice. Participants learn to identify potential ergonomic hazards, how to create healthy workflow environments and improve posture to minimize and prevent injury.

Register for this workshop by following this link.

Limited to 20 participants. A $20 fee will be required at time of registration.

Presented by Alumni Relations in partnership with the Artists' Health Alliance

Open Life Drawing Studio

Interested in drawing a model?

Focus on Finance

These open sessions are perfect for people looking for life drawing without instruction.

Life drawing sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Bring a board and materials - no reservation is required. Cost: $10 per session. Payment should be made to the monitor on duty.

Click here for the full schedule and location.

Presented by the Alumni Association

Alumni Travel

Art & Life In Italy

Image of Venice

November 7-18, 2012

Join a small group of art lovers, amateurs and enthusiasts on this art and architecture tour to Venice, Florence and Rome. Artist and Art Educator and alumna Maggie Broda (AOCA, 1972) leads this exploration, joined by local artists and art historians on site.

Days are filled with frescoes,paintings, marble and wood, and punctuated with espresso, gelato and divine food and wine. Whether this is a long-awaited first visit or a happy occasion to return to your favourite places, this trip will stimulate and revitalize. Andiamo!

This trip is limited to 16 participants. Open to OCAD U Alumni and Friends. Please contact Kerry to reserve your spot: 1-800-387-1483 or travel@WorldwideQuest.com.

Presented by the Alumni Association


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Alumni News

Mark Thompson (AOCA, 1985) makes a colourful discovery

Focus on Finance

While Mark Thompson (A.O.C.A, 1985) of Traditional Glass Works was recently working to restore a beautiful stained glass window in Kingston, Ontario when he made a wonderful discovery. The window was actually designed by the late OCA Instructor, Gustav (Gus) Weisman (1926 - 2000).

Weisman had a long history with the Ontario College of Art. His teaching experience begins in 1949 as assistant to Fred Varley, and includes sessional appointments throughout Ontario including the University of Guelph, Queen's University and McMaster University. Weisman was continually on faculty at the Ontario College of Art from 1953 to 1989 during which time he conducted classes in Murals, Drawing, Painting, Water Colour, Historical Techniques and developed and directed the Stained Glass studio. In 1973 he founded the department of Experimental Arts as a venue and place of focus for the study of contemporary experimental developments in the visual arts and an examination of their historical roots in Modernism and Post Modernism. In 1988 Gustav Weisman was awarded the A.J. Casson Award for his outstanding contribution to community of the Ontario College of Art.

Throughout his teaching career he found time to produce an enormous volume of work: commissioned stained glass windows in 18 churches and chapels nationwide and commissioned sculptures in several major Canadian and American Cities. He has exhibited since 1948 and is represented in the permanent collections of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Sarnia Art Gallery, University of Toronto (Erindale Campus), Tom Thompson Memorial Gallery (Owen Sound), McMichael Collection (Kleinberg), Pitney Bowes of Canada, Imperial Oil, English Electric (London, England), as well as numerous private collections. Weisman was elected an associate member of the Royal Canadian Academy and was also awarded a Canadian Centennial Medal.

There will be a dedication of the newly restored stained glass work in it's new home, Crossroads United Church in Kingston in October. Stay tuned to the Alumni News page on our website for further details.

A special thanks to Mark Thompson for sharing his news with us! If you have a story to share please contact us!

Alumni Benefits

TD Insurance
Home and Car Insurance



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