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Giving News


Counseling Foundation

Counselling Foundation Grant

OCAD University will be able to strengthen existing programs and initiate new ones related to student success and career development, thanks to a recent grant from The Counselling Foundation of Canada.

The investment, to span the next three years, will go toward the development of an alumni mentorship program and a new database to facilitate graduates' transition into the creative economy.

"OCAD U graduates are an important part of Canada's burgeoning cultural sector," says Deanne Fisher, Associate Vice-President, Students. "They have tremendous entrepreneurial and wealth-creation potential - what they require are business skills, experience and a support system that helps them apply their ideas and talents in the market and build successful new ventures. This new money from the Foundation will greatly assist the university's efforts in this area."

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Call for Submissions

Face2Face Logo

OCAD U alumni are invited to join new and first-year students, upper-year volunteer student Peer Mentors and current first-year faculty in creating a self-portrait postcard.

Introduce yourself to new and first-year students through this special O-Days! exhibition. Attend a special evening reception, presented by Alumni Relations and join first-year faculty in welcoming new students to the OCAD U community face-2-face!

Submission Requirements
> Use card stock trimmed to 5” x 7”
> Use the medium of your choice
> Create a self-portrait
> Express your own unique style; how do you see yourself?
> Print your full name and the word “ALUMNI” on the back
> Enclose your postcard in an envelope
> Mail it or drop it off by Friday, August 24, 2012
> Attend a special opening/evening reception on September 6 during O-Days!, to
connect with new students, and see your postcard displayed in a special alumni section!
We look forward to receiving your postcard!

How to Submit

By Mail:
OCAD University
100 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1W1
Attn: Campus Life (Postcard Project 2012)

In Person:
OCAD U Student Centre
51 McCaul Street, Level 1
Attn: Campus Life (Postcard Project 2012)

The Exhibition
"Face2Face: Postcard Project 2012" will be exhibited on campus in Transit Space (Level 2, 100 McCaul Street), from September 4 to 14, 2012.

All postcards submitted become the property of Campus Life and OCAD University, which reserve the right to use them for promotional purposes on OCAD U’s website and/or printed materials.

Focus on Finance

Focus on Finance

Issue #5: Motivated Steps

By Diana Bahr, financial aid & Awards

Imagine financial planning is a flight of stairs. Ok, humour me. Your very first step is at the bottom: you’re determining your current financial fitness. In this place, you look up and are humbled by all the things you want to achieve. You’ve got goals to set, a budget to build, and a savings plan to make. Oy, those are a lot of stairs! At the top though, is the accomplishment of your financial goal, from which you look back on all the amazing strides you’ve made.

Really?! Why can’t financial planning be more like an elevator? You know, take one step inside and let it carry you, lazily and mechanically, all the way to the top? Unfortunately, life, Confucious and my mother all agree that you have to take things step-by-step. What you’ll need is a healthy dose of motivation.

So what are some ways to stay motivated while building your financial plan?

1. Visualize It
What do you want to accomplish? Specify your goal, choose your steps and draw it out (see image below). Post your vision, along with inspiring quotes and images, everywhere you look: bathroom mirrors, computer screens, your nightstand, the carton of milk in the fridge. Then, work your butt off.

2. Be flexible
The most achievable goals are usually intrinsically motivated (they come from what YOU value, not just external factors). Sometimes your values and priorities change. Be flexible enough to adapt your goals and steps as you go.

3. Seek support
There’s nothing better than a confidante or expert who knows your financial dreams and supports you in achieving them. Flatter your dad and ask for his advice. Visit a financial planner. Get saving strategies from your most money-saavy friend.

4. Keep moving
You will face obstacles and fall down a stair or two as you work toward your financial goals. Keep climbing anyway. It’s extremely motivating to know you can trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way.

5. Acknowledge accomplishments
Remember to consistently review the steps you’ve taken and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Update your net worth statement every month, for example. Being regularly accountable to yourself while applauding your achievements will propel you toward your goal.

How motivated are you right now? My advice? When you’re ready to increase your financial fitness, skip the elevator. Take the stairs

We’d love your feedback! Send me your questions or your best financial tip at dbahr@ocadu.ca for inclusion in a future issue of Focus on Finance.

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Events: Save the Date!


Alumni Day

Tuesday, September 4

6:30 PM - 7:30 pm | room 550, 100 McCaul

Alumni Lecture: The Renaissance

Join us at 100 McCaul for an engaging special guest lecture on the Renaissance by celebrated art historian Dr. Francis Broun.

tuesday, september 4

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm| young gallery, ago

Alumni Social at AGO

Enjoy cocktails and nibbles with other alumni in this private space at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Thursday, September 6

4:00 PM - 6:30 pm | 100 McCaul

Reception, face2face Postcard Project

A new opportunity for alumni to meet the incoming Class of 2016, view the exhibit of face2face postcards (see the call for submissions in this issue of the newsletter) and mingle with other alumni and faculty members.

tuesday, october 2

6:30 PM - 8:00 pm | room 284, 100 McCaul

Alumni Association AGM

All alumni are welcome to attend this meeting to learn about the activities of the Association and to get involved. Light refreshments provided.

Looking to Volunteer?


Share Your Time and Talent

If you are wondering how you can give back to OCAD U as a volunteer we have some wonderful opportunities for you to consider:

O-Days (Orientation)
We are looking for enthusiastic alumni to volunteer for O-Days 2012, running September 4 to 7. Volunteers will help with set up, meeting and greeting, directions, crowd control, running events, O-Kit stuffing and distribution, leading campus and community tours, food prep/service and more! Please submit your Orientation Volunteer application before Friday, August 17, 2012!

Mentor a Student
We are looking for alumni who live and work in Toronto who have a minimum of 5 years experience in their field. You would be matched with a graduating student, maintain regular contact and build trust, listen and be a sounding board for ideas, share experiences, both positive and negative, share expertise and give constructive feedback, and attend program events. If you are interested please fill out the brief mentoring survey.



3 Ways to Deal With a Bad Boss

By Alan Kearns, Founder, CareerJoy.com

How good is your boss? Are you empowered, or frustrated by your manager? Do you ever find yourself wondering "Am I the only sane one working here?"

Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D, is author of the book Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Bernie is a psychologist and leading expert in workplace conflict resolution.

His book came about after years of research working with organizations and individual clients. It was particularly spurred on by the conversations that Albert and his daughter had after she started to work in her first professional role. She was profoundly confused by how bosses responded to issues within the work environment, and the undue stress created.

Research was conducted on the relationship between employees' health and leadership by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. 3,100 professionals were surveyed, recording their blood pressure, cholesterol readings, and their relationship with their boss.

The findings of the study are no surprise: a person with a poor manager was 60% more likely to suffer a heart attack or some other major health related affect. Employees with strong managers, were 40% less likely to suffer heart-related health issues.

This begs the question, how do you deal with a "bad" boss. According to Albert, there are a few things that you can do:

1. Ask yourself, "Why am I still here?"
You need to get to the heart of the matter, are you staying because of the money or too afraid to take next step in your career? If it's for the money, then you will need to accept this for now and in those dark times you will need to remind yourself of your "why." If the only reason you are staying is that you are afraid of looking for a new job, you need to face up to the reality that this is hurting you more than staying; face the fear.

2. Be realistic.
Don't expect changes in your boss as a result of you making changes in your own behaviour. Be prepared, observe carefully, and anticipate attacks that may come from your boss.

3. Become indispensable.
Develop an area of expertise that your boss lacks. This area of knowledge will give you more bargaining power, and make you more valuable in the long run.

Do you need help with your career? OCAD U alumni are now eligible for discounts for CareerJoy services.

OCAD U Talent Network

Locate Student Talent within OCAD U
The OCAD U Talent Network provides a way for students, faculty, staff and the external professional world to reach out, identify and/or locate talent among the OCAD U student body.

By taking advantage of this communication portal, you are alerting the Career Development and Experiential Learning offices to the possibility of connecting emerging talent with new and exciting opportunities in the wider community.

If you are an entrepreneur or representative from an external organization looking to fill a role or build a relationship, please join the OCAD U Talent Network. All information is held in strict confidentiality pending explicit permission for its release to other relevant parties. Connect into the Talent Network now!

OCAD U Talent to Shine During Nuit Blanche 2012

Michael and Janine

From sunset to sunrise on Saturday, September 29, 2012 more than 140 contemporary art projects will captivate audiences across Toronto during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

City-produced exhibitions are centralized downtown along the subway lines, while nearly 100 Independent Projects are located at various sites across the city

OCAD University will once again be hosting a Nuit Blanche independent project. This year's installation will be Night Kitchen Under the Tabletop, curated by alumna Lisa Myers (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2011). The installation will feature work by Cheryl L'Hirondelle (OCAD U Instructor and member of the university's Aboriginal Education Council), and alumni Sean Procyk (MFA, Media & Design, 2010) and Christina Zeidler (AOCAD, Integrated Media, 1997).

"Night Kitchen Under the Tabletop" will welcome the audience into the digestive process of the art institution after dark. Site-specific projects will become part of the infrastructure and offer immersive experiences that reflect on the institution as a kind of architectural alimentary canal.

OCAD U Associate Professor Michael Prokopow will be curating one of the city-produced exhibitions around the area in and south of City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square, along with Janine Marchessault, Canada Research Chair in Art, Digital Media and Globalization at York University (both pictured at right).

Prokopow and Marchessault are interested in issues of museum collections, systems of classification and the idea of curating a museum of the "end-times. Their "Museum for the End of the World" represents a critically sharp, vibrant and varied investigation of art and life under the veil of oblivion and possibility. Vancouver's Douglas Coupland and Dana Claxton, Christine Davis and An Te Liu of Toronto, and Tania Mourand of Paris, France are among their featured artists.

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