Right in time for the Holidays and launching on Black Friday, OCC is pleased to offer our seasonal "Best of" Box Sets for the Makeup Artist or Makeup Enthusiast in your life - or in your mirror!

This season, each set comes with a full-sized, artist-recommended brush for application of our Lip Tars and Loose Colours: our #010 Precision Lip Brush with our Lip Tar Sets, and our #008 Small Shader Brush for Loose Colour Sets! An $83.00 value, each set is on sale for over 40% OFF, priced at only $49.50 per set!

Expertly coordinated shade sets this year include Naturally Neutral, which features Lip Tars in Interlace (pale peach), Melange (terra-cotta neutral), NSFW (balanced red), Grandma (classic coral) and Femme (pale pink), and Nearly Neon a collection of vividly bright shades like Anime (neon pink), Hoochie (bright magenta), Queen (vivid pink/red), Beta (neon orange) and Harlot (neon red). These holiday favorites are already a cult sensation - get them now, while supplies last!

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