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This Wednesday at NOON

Oklahoma History Center

This Wednesday





Occupy Wall Street is an Antifa organization which now operates as Indivisible. They are organizing to come to Oklahoma for the purpose of pressuring the Oklahoma legislature to overturn the will of the voters and impeach State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters.

The far left and the unions are outraged that Ryan was able to obtain video from last year's NEA/OEA convention in Chicago.

Portions of the NEA/OEA video from the Chicago conference were edited and spliced with materials from Oklahoma's classrooms and national news interviews of our Superintendent of Public Instruction for a 4-minute video revealing the nature of the teacher unions.

The video underlines Ryan Walter's commitment to Oklahoma families and their children as well as his support for teachers.

Clearly, the unions do not represent the inclinations of most of Oklahoma's teachers. The unions, with the assistance of the school boards, the superintendents, and administrators, do not allow the unbiased Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) access to the teachers.

POE offers twice the insurance for half the money as well as legal services which support the teacher and not the administration. This explains why there are any members at all in the NEA/OEA union.

Come to the Oklahoma History Center this Wednesday to hear Oklahoma's State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, talk about the coming east coast tsunami from the radical left.



Angel Myers manages three Oklahoma City businesses and her home was featured on HGTV.

More importantly, she is a God-fearing Christian who conducts study groups designed to teach the incompatibility of Marxism with Christianity and the present day cultural issues which must be addressed if we hope to regain the freedoms our forefathers bequeathed to us.

Bring your family and friends this Wednesday to the Oklahoma History Center. However, do not forget to bring your pastor and offer to buy his lunch!

The future of a nation depends upon its shepherds to guard, protect, and guide the people of God that we may perform our roles well in both family and state.


Please bring your friends, family,

church leaders, and your pastors!


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Restoring our National Soul


Matt Walsh



THIS MONTH! Thursday, June 22 9:00 am ODE Meeting


Restoring our National Soul

Wednesday’s luncheon will feature sections of the lost roadmap of America’s identity. To suppose that the road map of American history reflects archaic ideals would be defensible were there an ascendant alternative. History has none to show.

This Wednesday brings two leaders whose place on Oklahoma’s political stage is a timely reminder that the forces fueling America’s educational and cultural revolution only induce domestic atrophy.

The cultural revolution pressed on us by academia, media, entertainment, and financial elite draw from a history of failed political philosophy which has not only demoralized cultures but ravaged the hopes of millions.

Communism is the story of the 20th century and its crimes are nowhere better documented than in the massive volume published by Harvard University Press in 1999, The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.

Cataloged are the mass slaughter of 100 million of the world’s “politically incorrect” who lived in unfortunate places and in unfortunate times. This number is freely admitted to conceal the much larger true numbers.

Even today, international bullies forcibly keep their people from escaping Marxist beneficence. It is America’s soil to which freedom and opportunity seekers the world over flee. 



The world’s life boat, known as American opportunity, is taking on water and at risk of sinking. If our Republic sinks, it will be because its people lost the ideological core which begat freedom and productivity.

From the Puritans to the protagonists who signed the Declaration of Independence, Christianity was the understood underpinning of the American government.

U.S. President, John Quincy Adams wrote, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this, it connected one indissoluble bond. Principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”

In 1863, nearly one hundred years after the “Presbyterian Rebellion,” America’s War for Independence, Dr. Byron Sunderland, Presbyterian minister, wrote this:

The story of Christianity in America is one of the most astonishing chapters in the annals of the world.

Our growth in numbers, in territory, in wealth and power has long been an object of jealousy and fear to the oppressors of man.

All the kindreds of the earth have been welcome to repose beneath the shadow of our Tree.

Dr. Sunderland continues ...

However, our unparalleled liberty has degenerated into dissolute indulgence. We have proved ourselves unworthy of our inheritance, in our contempt of that virtue which alone affords protection to society, in our blind disregard of the Christian foundations on which alone the great interests of a nation permanently rest. The true life and soul of Christianity has been to a great degree emasculated.

And now the day of vindication and vengeance has burst upon us. The storm which uncovers the social and moral heart of the nation reveals the melancholy fact of a widespread demoralization amid the deepest corruption and the grossest profligacy of great multitudes of the people.

Men are everywhere found among us who leave no means unused to bring the religion of our fathers into contempt, and to cut the nation loose from all her moorings in the ancient faith of martyrs and apostles.

~Benjamin F. Morris, Published 1864

Christian Life and Character of the

Civil Institutions of the United States

Our nation’s Christian history has been eviscerated and rewritten by Marxists. Most recently, men like Howard Zinn, Paulo Freire and others have published the fake histories that are pushed on our youth by the teacher unions (NEA/OEA) and their fellow travelers.

Statues of our nation’s Christian heroes have been torn down with no resistance from governmental authority.

The eminent Russian writer, Dostoevsky, indicated that social systems which have no Christian basis inevitably become systems of violence and slavery. For Dostoevsky, man without God had no life. He wrote:

To live without God is nothing but torture.

Man cannot live without kneeling.

Political philosopher and former president of the Italian Senate, Marcello Pera states,

The apostacy of Christianity is exposing the entire West to the risk of a grave cultural and political crisis, and perhaps even to a collapse of civilization.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orbán, said:

The European crisis has come not by chance but by the carelessness and neglect of their responsibilities by leaders who have questioned precisely those Christian roots.


As French theologian, Henri de Lubac said, “Man is a ‘theotropic’ being. Western atheism will endure only for a time. For man cannot live without God.” De Lubac is correct.

De Lubac's optimism should be ours as well.

Our calling is to engage in the mission

begun by our Christian forefathers.

On Wednesday, Ryan Walters will articulate a vision of our children’s future restored to parental authority. He will discuss what parental choice means for Oklahoma’s families, the inner city, and the state in general.

Angel Myers will speak of how she is forming an army to help our state become a beacon of light to the nation.

American citizens are waking up!

Come join the movement this Wednesday.

T.S. Eliot wrote The Idea of A Christian Society to guide our thoughts as we contemplate the roles we play in building the next generation of civilization. He said:

The only alternative to a progressive and

insidious adaptation to totalitarian

worldliness for which the pace is already

set, is to aim at a Christian society.

If you will not have God,

you should pay your respects

to Hitler or Stalin.

A few thousand of you read this newsletter each week. I would challenge you to connect with us through our meetings, or by email and get involved in bolstering the Christian cultural foundations of Oklahoma that we may cast a light on our nation, the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Christianity is the very foundation of human thought.

It is the foundation of free & prosperous societies.

We are in desperate need of returning

our nation and our state to Biblical foundations.

Thank you for your activism.


This Wednesday's luncheon!

11:00 AM Doors open

11:00 AM Lunch Available

NOON to 1:15 PM Meeting

Oklahoma History Center

800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., OKC, OK 73105

God bless!


by Bob Linn

OCPAC Foundation Chairman of the Board, Wade Burleson, told me over the weekend that Jane and I absolutely had to watch one of the most hilarious movies in a long time: Matt Walsh's What is a Woman?

We found it not only hilarious and entertaining, but stunning in its revelation that the left cannot answer the question. In fact, they find it offensive.

I recommend each of you treat yourself to some enjoyable education!

Watch the movie here.




June 22, 2023


9:00 am

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, and the State Department of Education, invite you to attend their June 22nd public meeting.

Your comments and presence are sought as the foundation of the future of Oklahoma's children is being established. The SDE offices are on the northeast lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.


State Department of Education

Oliver Hodge Education Building

2500 N. Lincoln Blvd, OKC, OK

Thursday, June 22, 2023

8:00 a.m. Gather for fellowship and prayer.

8:30 a.m. Sign in for option to speak.

9:00 a.m. SDE meeting begins.

OCPAC FOUNDATION is a 501 (c) (3).

Gifts are tax-deductible.

Bring your checkbook this Wednesday!

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